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31 March 2020

USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: March 30, 2020

Crowds Gather to See Navy Hospital Ship Dock in NYC Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Coronavirus: Submarine captain’s advice on social isolation

29 March 2020

The U.S. Navy Eyes A Shock Trial-Free Future

Entire crew of nuclear submarine in coronavirus quarantine

Commissioning ceremony for Navy's newest submarine postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic

28 March 2020

Nearly 4 years after commissioning, the US Navy is about to get a fully working stealth destroyer

A Look Inside the Navy Hospital Ships Fighting COVID-19

‘Choppy waters’ await Navy as virus strikes aircraft carrier

27 March 2020

USNS Comfort Will Depart for New York on Saturday with Trump, Modly in Attendance

Found: The Cold War Wreck of a World War II Submarine

Spanish shipbuilder reaches out to Indian companies as part of submarine bid

26 March 2020

The Navy is locking down staff at boot camp for up to 90 days

Navy ships need $400K 'flushes' to unclog toilets

Russian Navy to receive new and overhauled submarines

25 March 2020

First modernized Akula attack submarine returns to Northern Fleet

Russia designs fifth-generation nuclear submarines

Coronavirus Spreads On U.S. Navy Ship In Pacific Ocean

24 March 2020

Report to Congress on U.S. Navy Destroyer Programs

Eerie Image Of A Navy Special Ops Seahawk Raiding A Ship In The Dead Of Night

First modernized Akula attack submarine returns to Northern Fleet

23 March 2020

Hospital Ship Mercy Leaves San Diego Today for Los Angeles

Why Australia's Attack-Class Submarine Program Is in Trouble

Sonar Equipped Drone Fleets Could be Key to Future Submarine Warfare

21 March 2020

VIDEO: Pentagon Test Launches Prototype Hypersonic Weapon

With Coronavirus on 3 Ships, Navy Leaders Are Told to Cut the Mass Gatherings

Future Virginia-class submarine USS Vermont completes alpha sea trials

20 March 2020

Navy Hospital Ship Mercy Expected to Head to Seattle as Part of Pentagon Response to Coronavirus

Navy Eases Grooming Standards Over Coronavirus Concerns; Selection Boards, Graduation Ceremonies Suspended Indefinitely

Submarine warfare played major role in World War II victory

19 March 2020

Congress Pushes Back on Virginia-Class Submarine Cut

Explorers find Cold War-era submarine wreck off the coast of Oahu

Submarine electro-optical surveillance

18 March 2020

Future USS Delbert D. Black Completes Acceptance Trials After Damage Delay

The Navy and Air Force Just Teamed Up to Send a Warning Message to Iran

New York lawmakers call for deployment of Navy hospital ship to NYC amid coronavirus outbreak

17 March 2020

US Navy Ship on Italy's Waters Plays Italian National Anthem Amid Coronavirus Crisis

After Discovering a Sailor With Coronavirus, the U.S. Navy Crowded Dozens Into One Room

Submarine USS Stickleback Found

16 March 2020

US Navy and special operations telegraph message to Tehran

Navy Has 1st Coronavirus Case on a Ship Days After Family Event Onboard

Naval Group Australia signs subcontracts for Attack-class submarine batteries

14 March 2020

Russian Subs Getting Countermeasures That Jam Sonobuoys Dropped By Enemy Aircraft

The New Build Australian Attack Submarine: Convergent Forces and Expectations

DARPA awards contracts for Manta Ray autonomous submarine program

13 March 2020

The goal of a 355-ship Navy is elusive, especially when the world keeps changing

Parallel Fleet Studies Could Reshape Future of Aircraft Carriers

Navy Considers Reversing Course on Arleigh Burke-Class Life Extension

12 March 2020

Sailing down 'Satan's Throat': Go inside the Navy's $20m combat simulator

Navy Filmed Russian Maritime Patrol Planes Buzzing Their Arctic Submarine Base Camp

Russia to Test Fire Tsirkon Hypersonic Missile From Yasen-Class Submarine

11 March 2020

Video: Norway's new F-35 filmed from Russian anti-submarine plane

French submarine program 'dangerously off track' warns report urging Australia to consider nuclear alternative

Lost Cold War submarine discovered

10 March 2020

Sonar Equipped Drone Fleets Could be Key to Future Submarine Warfare

Pilgrim: Behold Russia’s monster submarine

Destroyers left behind: US Navy cancels plans to extend service lives of its workhorse DDGs

09 March 2020

US Navy robot submarine would be able to kill without human control

USS Connecticut returns to the Arctic for 'ICEX 2020' exercise

Development of S80 Submarine's AIP System Completed

07 March 2020

China rejects report it fired laser at US Navy plane

Submarine Veterans - honored through SD highway

A submarine in downtown Salisbury

06 March 2020

Royal Navy to develop 100-foot long unmanned robotic submarines

Here's how much the US Navy saves by cutting the first 4 LCS more than a decade early

U.S. Navy kicks off ICEX 2020 in Arctic Ocean

05 March 2020

Army, Navy, Air Force screening recruits for coronavirus

Palantir seals its first major U.S. Navy deal as Raytheon is passed over

Japan commissions first Soryu-class submarine equipped with lithium-ion batteries

04 March 2020

NAVIFOR Boss: Virtual Training for ITs Soon to Go Fleetwide

Submarine acquisition among Philippine Navy's priorities

Australia 'captured' by submarine contract

03 March 2020

WWII submarine to go on ‘eternal patrol’ off SC coast as part of artificial reef

Navy veteran Vance Combs looks back on time in submarine during World War II

NATO Trains For Submarine Warfare As More Attack Boats Prowl the Med

02 March 2020

Report to Congress on Precision-Guided Munitions

SECNAV Modly Says Nation Needs Larger, Distributed Fleet of 390 Hulls

Coronavirus Concerns Prompt PACFLEET to Impose 14-Day Gap Between Port Visits

01 March 2020

The U.S. Navy’s Future Fleet Will Run Aground In Heavy Weather

A Chinese Destroyer Fired a Laser at a U.S. Navy Patrol Aircraft

Navy, Military Sealift Command practice convoy operations in Atlantic