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30 June 2018

Beneath the surface, a quiet superpower race for nuclear supremacy

Australia is spending $26 billion on new warships—with Chinese submarines in mind

Carrier USS Harry S. Truman Operating in the Atlantic as Russian Submarine Activity is on the Rise

29 June 2018

House OKs Pentagon spending bill with dual-carrier buy, sinks submarine proposal

BAE wins multi-billion pound Australian warship contract

China looks set to deploy a railgun on a destroyer by 2025 — and humiliate the US Navy in doing so

28 June 2018

Trust, brotherhood and pink underwear: USS Phoenix submarine vets reflect on life at sea

Drone Swarms Being Tested by U.S. Navy May Soon Have 'Explosive Capabilities'

The Last World War II U-Boat Commander Has Died at 105

US Navy funds underwater drone swarms

27 June 2018

Virginia-class attack sub delivers late as US Navy aims to get program back on course

Electric Boat breaks ground on $800M submarine site

Nato Warships Start Submarine Hunt Drill As a 'Strong Signal' to Russia

26 June 2018

China Just Blew The US Navy's Electromagnetic Railgun Out Of The Water

Sailor Killed in 'Mishap' on Helicopter Flight Line

Photos used to digitally rebuild Australia's first submarine

25 June 2018

Collisions reveal a Navy tragically undone by its can-do spirit

We need to scrap Trident, says former nuclear submarine commander

Step Aboard the Seawolf: The Secret Submarines the Navy Doesn't Want to Talk About

24 June 2018

Future Navy weapons will need lots power. That's a huge engineering challenge.

New Carlisle plant unveil a replica of USS Indiana submarine

Is the Navy's Best Submarine in Danger of Becoming Obsolete?

22 June 2018

Shot 5 Times by Afghan Soldier, Navy Master Chief Refused to Quit

Upgrading US Navy ships is difficult and expensive. Change is coming.

The Navy's deadliest new submarine tech isn't a weapon, it's a propulsion system

Tour Historic Submarine With Veterans

21 June 2018

Image May Confirm Advanced Anti-Ship Capability of China's Type 093 Submarine

Here Is the Advanced Attack Submarine the U.S. Navy Never Built

Sweden's Notorious Little Carrier Killing Sub Just Got Some Major Upgrades

20 June 2018

Why the Navy's latest submarine could be the quietest ever

Navy fires commanding officer of sub Montpelier

How a Very Deadly Submarine Did the Unkthinkable to Japan During World War II

19 June 2018

If You Still Don't Think China's Navy Is A Serious Threat, Watch This Video

Submarine horror

Navy Changes Career Sea Pay Guidelines

18 June 2018

Navy takes delivery of future USS Hudner

Search for Titanic was cover to find 2 Cold War submarines

Latest Details on Russia's Husky Fifth-Generation Submarine

17 June 2018

Navy Accepts Delivery of Future USS Thomas Hudner

The US Navy is fed up with ballistic missile defense patrols

Coshocton native is nuclear reactor operator with Navy

16 June 2018

Putin’s Navy Acquires Massive Amphibious Assault Ships Carrying Battle Tanks

Navy Wants Experimental Tech to Streamline Operations in Port and at Sea

Navy Accepts Delivery of Future USS Thomas Hudner

15 June 2018

US Navy pushing ahead with bid to extend the range of its sub-killer torpedo

Navy Secretary Says Service Needs to Boost Recruitment Efforts

Russian navy put on high alert off Ukraine coast

14 June 2018

Veteran of UK’s first nuclear-armed submarine says firing its missiles would have ‘ended everything’

India Looks to Sikorsky MH-60R for Counter-Submarine Capability

What's in Vietnam's New Submarine Vessel?

13 June 2018

China's Navy Saves the World in 'Operation Red Sea'

US Navy leaders looking to light 'a fire in our gut'

Is the Philippines Moving Closer to New Submarines Under Duterte?

12 June 2018

What Is the Navy’s Secret 'Sea Dragon' Weapon?

Navy scientists to discuss history of sub-launched missiles

Sailors share, volunteer during Navy Week in Chattanooga

11 June 2018

Robin Beres column: The Navy needs real top guns right now

Navy Report Cites Lack of Nuclear Employees at Shipyard

Could South Korea's Submarine 'Sink' North Korea in a War?

10 June 2018

What Secretive Anti-Ship Missile Did China Hack From The U.S. Navy?

Navy cites concerns with nuclear work at Newport News shipyard

Chinese hackers reportedly stole data related to secret projects from a US Navy contractor

09 June 2018

All the Nuclear Missile Submarines in the World in One Chart

China hacked a Navy contractor and secured a trove of highly sensitive data on submarine warfare

This Tech From America's Navy Is Truly Mind-Blowing

08 June 2018

The US's most decorated warship is also one of its least well-known — and that's the way the Navy wanted it

You Can Stay Overnight In A Historic Submarine In Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Step Aboard Britain's Astute-Class Submarine, the Russian Navy's Worst Nightmare?

07 June 2018

To deter China, send a US submarine — not an aircraft carrier — through the Taiwan Strait

Brazil starts testing laboratory generators for nuclear submarines

State-Owned Firm May Implement Navy's Submarine Project

06 June 2018

Troubling U.S. Navy review finds widespread shortfalls in basic seamanship

The US should send a submarine and the deputy secretary of state to Taiwan

Robot submarine flaps its fins to swim without power

05 June 2018

US Navy building robotic 'drone battleships' that can launch from the air and sea to protect coast

Navy Testing New Two-Piece Work Uniforms as Alternative to Coveralls on Ships

Navy submarine commands underreported time spent at sea

04 June 2018

Have you seen the uniforms the Navy is testing? Tell us what you think

The Question the Navy Doesn't Want to Ask: Is the Aircraft Carrier Obsolete?

Spanish company joins search for Argentine submarine

02 June 2018

The US Navy has a new ship killer missile

Latest US Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine Completes Initial Sea Trials

In 1968, the Navy Sent a Nuclear Submarine to Spy on Russia. It Never Returned.

01 June 2018

It's Official, The Navy's Next Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Will Be The Naval Strike Missile

India’s conventional submarine under upgrade in Russia to be floated out in coming days

UConn Researchers Advance Submarine Power