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31 March 2017

Another Yasen nuclear submarine launched in northern Russian town

Navy looking to shell out big bucks to keep pilots

Navy would pay 20 percent more sending submarine to private yard for maintenance

30 March 2017

First civil nuclear-powered submarine designed in Russia

Navy Week, Seabee Day will bring music, skydiving, honor to Coast

Navy concerned about F-18 pilots experiencing oxygen loss

29 March 2017

Navy vet served aboard diesel subs

Iconic story of Albatross: Indian Navy's anti-submarine plane

Egyptian Type 209 submarine heading home

28 March 2017

Israel Navy to double Iron Dome defenses on new surface ships

After lackluster results, Navy revises processes for its 'Innovation Cell'

UK, France and US Agree to Increase Submarine Warfare, Aircraft Carrier Cooperation

27 March 2017

This small Navy unit is the seaborne terrorists and smugglers worse nightmare

Russia designing submarine that will use composite materials for the hull and fire hypersonic Zircon ...

26 March 2017

Russia's 'Scorpion' submarine in Long Beach: A timeline

‘Scorpion’ submarine near Queen Mary in Long Beach snarled in lawsuit, disrepair

Navy Museum's World War II Bomber Honors Doolittle Raid

25 March 2017

A Navy SEAL explains what to do if you're attacked by a shark

Navy Announces Launch of Task Force Ocean

How the 1.5-crore-rupee massive submarine was built for Ghazi

24 March 2017

Watch the U.S. Navy Test Fire Its Much Touted Railgun

An interesting 19th century Navy officer

How US Navy could bridge missile gap with Russia and China

23 March 2017

Cost of New Submarine Could Threaten Navy Fleet Expansion

US Navy test fires futuristic railgun (VIDEO)

Navy May Add Strike, Surveillance Back To Carrier-Based Drone

22 March 2017

Japanese navy boosts overseas force projection capability

The Russian Navy's Submarines Are Getting New Torpedoes (And America Should Worry)

Taiwan President Announces Start of Domestic Submarine Program

21 March 2017

The US Navy Has a Crazy Plan to Make Sea Mines Totally Obsolete

Russia to Float Out 2nd Yasen-Class Project 885 Submarine on March 31

Taiwan to build its own submarine, president vows on visit to 50-year-old vessel

20 March 2017

He was behind moving cocaine under water on a drug sub.

Navy replacing iconic peacoat more than end of tradition

19 March 2017

A Closer Look at China's Critical South China Sea Submarine Base

Navy yard, bases not greatly affected by hiring freeze

Chief wants Coast Guard recognized alongside Army, Navy

18 March 2017

How a North Korean Spy Submarine's Mechanical Meltdown Ended in Shocking Tragedy

Coming Soon: Russia's New Stealth Ballistic Missile Submarine

17 March 2017

Russia to float out 4th Borey-class submarine in second quarter of 2017

Navy won't disclose cost overruns for USS Milwaukee

Russian spy ship spotted near Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base

16 March 2017

Japan Commissions New Attack Submarine

Why Russia and China Should Fear America's New Columbia-Class

Navy Destroyer Seizes 600 Pounds of Heroin on Arabian Sea

15 March 2017

Taiwan receives two US Navy frigates

Kawasaki delivers Japan's eighth Souryu-class submarine

Why Is Australia Building Such Big Submarines?

14 March 2017

SEAL Team 6 is reportedly training for a decapitation strike against North Korea's Kim regime

Russian Pacific Fleet Holds Anti-Submarine Drills in Sea of Japan

Japan's largest warship to train with US Navy

Second Yasen-class nuclear submarine to be put afloat on March 30

13 March 2017

Sweden Dives Deep in Hunt for Submarine Buyers

Wary of China, Duterte tells navy to build 'structures' east of Philippines

China, Russia to develop first ever submarine for underwater tourism

12 March 2017

Two of Russia's Most Powerful Nuclear Submarines Fired Torpedoes At Each Other

How One Very Special US Submarine Ravaged Japan During World War II

Virtual Warfare: US Navy Tests Technologies in 3-D Aboard the USS Dahlgren

11 March 2017

Decommissioned Carrier Independence Leaves for Texas Scrapyard Saturday

Navy Advocates Slam Proposed Coast Guard Cuts

US nukes just got a lot deadlier — and experts say it could cause Russia to attack

10 March 2017

China stealth jet enters service, navy building 'first class' fleet

Antey submarine cruisers to be rearmed with new Caliber missiles ...

Norwegian, German companies team for submarine systems - UPI ...

09 March 2017

Russia's developing 100 megaton dirty Tsunami Creating submarine drone bomb

The Navy's 5 most dangerous at-sea deployments

US Navy Littoral Combat Ship Test Fires Missile

08 March 2017

Navy Subs Can't Stop Losing Their Noise-Dampening Skins

US ship changed course toward Iranians on Saturday: Iran commander

VIDEO: Navy Tests Anti-Swarm Boat Missile on Littoral Combat Ship

07 March 2017

Malaysia eager to provide submarine training support to Saudi Arabia

Trump Wants a Fleet of 12 Aircraft Carriers and the Biggest Navy in History

Iranian ships 'force' US and Royal Navy vessels to change course

06 March 2017

Navy Subs Still Show Issue with Stealth Coating

Navy SEAL explains what to do if someone tries to mug you

05 March 2017

Why the US Navy Fears Russia's Akula-Class Submarines (Stealthy with Lots of Firepower)

Plans for HMS Trafalgar nuclear submarine found at a charity shop

Sabotage on Turkish submarine prevented

04 March 2017

How to become a submarine engineer

'Black Holes' in the South China Sea: Vietnam Commissions 2 New Attack Submarines

03 March 2017

Malaysia offers submarine training facilities to Saudi Arabia

Navy's Third Fleet splashes through the South China Sea

02 March 2017

Russian spy ship spotted southeast of Navy installation in Florida

Unidentified country orders Saab target vehicle system

Navy successfully test-fires anti-ship missile from Kalvari submarine