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31 January 2017

When Will Thailand's First China Submarine Arrive?

Lockheed Martin Wins $46Mln to Produce Anti-Submarine Periscope Detection Kits

Navy SEAL Killed in Yemen Raid Identified

30 January 2017

K13 submarine disaster victims remembered at cenetenary service

Navy Shipbuilder Hosts Ceremony for Final Stealth Destroyer

29 January 2017

Why China and Russia Fear America's Killer Cruise Missile

Re-train workforce to boost submarine production

Nigerian Navy vows to rid Niger Delta of criminals

28 January 2017

Russia Is Set To Launch Its Quietest Submarine Yet

Trump wants more submarines, but seeks a better deal

USS Olympia crew coming to town Saturday, but without their sub

27 January 2017

Why China Should Fear Japan's Soryu-Class 'Stealth' Submarines

An Indian Submarine, Its Crew, And Its Top Secret Mission

The US Navy is engineering hagfish slime to stop missiles and sharks

26 January 2017

Navy tries to foster that 'X factor' in new leaders

New London Submarine Base to conduct annual drills

Worried about the Size of the US Navy? Rearm the Coast Guard

25 January 2017

The US Navy plans to fire laser weapons off of ships within a year

Russia delivers submarine for Vietnamese navy

Trump nominates businessman Philip Bilden as new Navy Secretary

24 January 2017

Russia's 4th Yasen-class submarine completes hydraulic tests

India’s Submarine Choice

Navy Struggles to Balance Maintenance Needs, Operational Requirements

23 January 2017

Taiwan's Ancient Submarine Will Reach an Astounding 80 Years in Service

British PM Theresa May probed after missile 'misfires' from nuclear submarine

Why China and Pakistan Should Fear India's Arihant-Class Submarine

22 January 2017

The Navy Tried To Force Uniform Changes On Women. The Women Fought Back And Won

This Tiny U.S. Navy Warship Sank the Most Submarines in History ...

21 January 2017

Why Russia and China Fear America's Ohio-Class Submarines

India steps up submarine induction as Chinese presence grows in region

We Need a Two-Ocean Secretary of the Navy

20 January 2017

Why China's Submarine Deal with Bangladesh Matters

Watch the Navy Launch Its Newest Missile in 360-Degree Video

When Are China's Submarines Coming to Thailand?

19 January 2017

Submarine USS Topeka visits Japan

The US Navy's $13 Billion Answer to China and Russia

Navy Creating 'Smart Bullets' To Defend United States' Shores

18 January 2017

In the 1970s, the U.S. Navy Tried to Talk Like Whales

India Launches New Attack Submarine

Indonesia hints at submarine fleet mix that includes midget boats

17 January 2017

Columbia-Class Submarine Project: US' Way to Kickstart 'Undersea Race'

Malaysia bolsters submarine rescue capabilities with USN certification

China's Very First Nuclear Attack Submarines Had Some Major Fatal ...

16 January 2017

The US Military Made a Big Mistake When It Came to Russia's Cold War Navy (And Might Repeat It with China)

China Assigns 2 Ships To Pak Navy To Guard Gwadar Port

Russia's First Nuclear Attack Submarine Was a Real Killer (Of Lots of Russian Sailors)

15 January 2017

WWII Navy Seabee awarded high school diploma at 90

How I trained like a Navy SEAL for 4 minutes

14 January 2017

Submarine project essential: defense minister

13 January 2017

China's new secret 'humpback' stealth submarine which carries 12 nukes capable of reaching US mainland

Submarine veterans welcome crew of USS Indiana to New Albany

China adds spy ship to Navy fleet

12 January 2017

US Navy's Sub-Hunting Ship Will Also Launch Surface Warfare Missions

Navy wants Trump to prioritize readiness over building fleet

Khanderi, second indigenous Scorpene submarine, launched

11 January 2017

Taiwan scrambles jets, navy as China aircraft carrier enters Taiwan Strait

China's new ballistic missile submarine could change its prospects in nuclear war

Pakistan Likely To Acquire Chinese Nuclear Attack Submarines

10 January 2017

Electric Boat says it can meet Navy goal for adding subs

Pakistan Reveals Test of Submarine-Launched Missile

U.S. Navy ship fired warning shots at Iranian vessels

09 January 2017

Navy, Trump planning biggest fleet expansion to deter Russian, Chinese threats

Chinese nuclear submarine's presence in Pak worries India

Navy's Autonomous Swarm Boats Move Closer to the Battlefield

08 January 2017

Pentagon approval will advance submarine work

The Navy's New Robot Boats Swarm the Enemy on Their Own

Chilean navy declassifies inexplicable UFO footage after 2yr investigation (VIDEO)

07 January 2017

Chinese Submarine, 'Fighting Pirates' In Indian Ocean, Shows Up In Malaysia

Navy SEALs: 10 Key Missions

Chilean officials can't identify a strange IR signal seen by its Navy

06 January 2017

Cold War submarine to become Florida's first sub artificial reef

Chinese Nuclear Submarine Seen At Karachi, Too Close For Comfort

Columbia-class Submarine Program Passes Milestone B Decision, Can Begin Detail Design

05 January 2017

New Nuclear-Armed Subs Win Pentagon Approval Before Obama Leaves

The real German submarine scandal

Trump's Navy buildup would cost $25 billion per year, CBO says

04 January 2017

Fact: America's New Nuclear-Armed Submarines Must Serve for 42 Years (Until the 2080s)

Russia will complete a new advanced nuclear missile submarine and an improved attack submarine in 2017

Thailand progresses Chinese submarine procurement

03 January 2017

U.S. Tests Upgraded Nuclear-Armed, Submarine-Launched Trident ...

Russia developing carrier-based drones, will get 100

China navy confirms carrier conducted drills in South China Sea

02 January 2017

Russia Has a Super Torpedo That Kills Submarines at 200 Miles Per Hour (And America Can't Match It)

Pentagon Wants a 355-Ship Navy. But Who Will Build It?

New in 2017: Navy fleet to add nine ships

01 January 2017

30 Year Old French Nuclear Sub 'Sank' a U.S. Aircraft Carrier

Give the Ling more respect

General Dynamics Unit Wins $35M Nuclear Submarine Deal