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31 October 2016

Petition to restore Navy ratings reaches goal, White House....

Sub for the Cup: Hush-hush mission sees submarine sneak into Port Phillip Bay

Russia Has a Dead Nuclear Submarine (Armed With Nuclear Weapons) Sitting at the Bottom of the Ocean

30 October 2016

Why China and Russia Still Fear America's Los Angeles-Class Submarines

Singapore Navy Ship Reaches Vishakhapatnam For Joint Exercise

Michelle Obama Helps Navy Commission Newest Attack Submarine

29 October 2016

The Internet has some wild ideas about this newly discovered submarine wreck

Back in business: Sweden's submarine builder re-engineers for A26

New Navy rule: 'Sailor hats' for women

28 October 2016

China becomes first country to display nuclear submarine to public ...

Vladimir Putin unleashes his SUPER-STEALTH submarines

Malaysia to buy navy vessels from China in blow to US

27 October 2016

The US Navy Wants to Put Missiles on Everything

The Verdict Is In: The US Navy Needs to Get Bigger (And Needs More Submarines)

Iran's navy touts 'suicide drone'

26 October 2016

Russian warships: Spain says refuelling request withdrawn

Is the US Navy a Sitting Duck?

Russian fleet withdraws refuel request to Spain after NATO outcry

US Nuclear Submarine Columbia Docks in Japan Amid South China Sea Tensions

25 October 2016

Secretary of Navy stresses importance of new ships coming to Mayport

Russia's Super Secret Spy Submarine Returns to Sea

DARPA's Submarine Hunting Drone Ship Test's New Sensor

24 October 2016

South Korea launches second Indonesian submarine

The Kilo-Class Submarine: Why Russia's Enemies Fear "The Black Hole"

Submarine rescue drills

23 October 2016

The Royal Navy Just Tailed Russia's Only Aircraft Carrier On Its Way to Syria

US Navy Commissions Newest Littoral Combat Ship

It's Getting More Dangerous for US Navy Ships in the Gulf

22 October 2016

US destroyer challenges China's claims in the South China Sea

Navy chief petty officer killed in Iraq identified as Anaheim native

Aberdeen plays host to Norwegian submarine and other navy vessels

21 October 2016

New RN nuclear submarine given famous naval name

US Navy destroyer conducts operation in South China Sea

Russia's Navy Deployed to Syria in Show of Force

20 October 2016

The myth of the submarine “arms race” in Southeast Asia

The One Important Fact About the US Navy's New Stealth Destroyer Everyone Forgets

Visitors mob new USS Detroit Navy ship but not all can get aboard

19 October 2016

Why Japan has the best navy in Asia

UK Navy's old nuclear submarines 'will not be finally disposed of until after 2040

Wreck of German U-boat found off coast of Stranraer

Iran-Backed Yemen Fires on U.S. Navy

18 October 2016

Largest-Ever Destroyer Just Joined US Navy, and It Could Fire Railguns

USS Boise crew visits schools in submarine's namesake

US Navy commissions the Zumwalt, a destroyer like no other

UK Navy's old nuclear submarines 'will not be finally disposed of until after 2040

17 October 2016

China confirms submarine sale to Pakistan

Navy is retrieving damaged artifacts from New Jersey museum facing eviction

The U.S. Navys Expensive New Warships Are Breaking Down at Sea

16 October 2016

US Navy's stealth destroyer joins the fleet

Royal Navy set to intercept Russian warship in English Channel as it heads to Mediterranean

China's first nuclear submarine decommissioned - Xinhua

15 October 2016

The Navy Is Researching "Acoustic Superiority" to Keep Its Submarines Alive

On board the USS Zumwalt, the Navy's brand new, $4 billion battleship

Navy secretary: No apologies, plus zingers on SEALs, new carrier

14 October 2016

Israel to Purchase New German Submarines Targeting Iran, Syria

Cruise missile attacks on Navy ships will likely warrant rare combat ribbons

Some Of The Numbers Behind The US Navy's New Zumwalt-Class Destroyer

13 October 2016

US strikes radars in Yemen after missiles target a Navy ship

Royal Navy submarine endangered lives of trawlermen after dragging their vessel backwards at high speed

Missile again fired at US Navy from Houthi territory in Yemen

12 October 2016

US weighs response to attack on Navy ships by Yemen rebels

US Navy Successfully Thwarts Attack With First Engagement Of Missile Defense System

Russian Pacific Fleet's Submarine Successfully Launches Ballistic Missile

11 October 2016

Nuclear-powered submarine can help S. Korea: navy chief

America's Nuclear Powered Attack Subs Are Getting a Powerful New Weapon

USS Holland, future USS Illinois demonstrate evolution of ...

10 October 2016

Yemen: Missiles target US warship, Pentagon says

The inside story of how the Navy's top brass eliminated ratings

Dutch navy delivering aid to hurricane-battered Haiti

US Navy ship targeted in failed missile attack from Yemen

09 October 2016

Navy Greenlights 2 War Drone Prototypes for its Aircraft Carrier Fleet

Upstate NY highway named in honor of US submarine veterans

Route 9 in Saratoga County honors submarine veterans

08 October 2016

US Ballistic Missile Submarine Docks in Scotland

UK to Deploy Wildcat Helicopters on German Navy Frigate

Navy Commissioning Honors Ship's Pennsylvania Namesake

07 October 2016

Russia's Next Submarines Will Be Small, Super Stealthy and Multirole?

Tug collides with LCS Montgomery, cracks the hull

Delivery of Navy's costliest aircraft carrier delayed again

06 October 2016

Fallon says £41bn new nuclear submarine programme 'cannot be late'

Guantánamo Navy base weathers Hurricane Matthew

'Look my hands are shaking!' Russian submarine surfaces beside fishermen (VIDEO)

05 October 2016

WWII German Submarine Explored Off Coast of North Carolina

Iran tells Saudi navy vessels to avoid Iranian waters

Here's Why the Navy Won't Talk About 'A2/AD' Anymore

04 October 2016

Steel to be cut on first new Trident submarine

Watch a Russian Submarine Break Through Arctic Ice to Launch a Dummy Warhead

White House petition to restore Navy job titles near halfway mark

03 October 2016

WV Navy veteran faced uncertainty during Cold War

North Korea Building Massive New Ballistic Missile Submarine For Nuclear Strikes

Navy overhauls enlisted personnel system, upsetting many of its sailors

02 October 2016

Why Japan's Soryu-Class Submarines Are So Good

BAE gets funds to start building new submarines

New USS Colorado, a submarine, will launch with taste of the Rockies

01 October 2016

PC police's latest move neuters Navy

Trident nuclear submarine officers destroy Navy bar in drunken riot after 3 months at sea

Is North Korea Building a New Submarine?