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30 June 2016

Submarines Beware: Here Come Tiny Robot Boats Armed With Torpedoes

How a Nuclear Submarine Captain Challenged Conventional Leadership and Won

29 June 2016

The Navy Just Got A SUPER Explosive New Toy [VIDEO]

Russia's newest diesel-powered submarine enters Black Sea

US officials say Russian warship came dangerously close to Navy ship

28 June 2016

Why the US Navy Should Fear China's New 093B Nuclear Attack Submarine

What tensions? Chinese ships join US Navy in massive Pacific exercise

Russia's Latest Non-Nuclear Submarine Kalina to be Laid Down in 2018

27 June 2016

Russian Sub Hunter to Receive a Guided, Anti-Submarine Weapon

26 June 2016

Show of force: Navy submarine docks in Gibraltar as Spain try to claim sovereignty after Brexit vote

Russia, China or Iran vs. US Navy: Who Wins? (A Sea Control Showdown)

US Navy veteran paints ships and seas

25 June 2016

US Navy keeps electromagnetic cannon in its sights

Navy fires 2nd officer in Iran captured ship incident

General Motors developing hydrogen-powered submarine drone with US Navy

24 June 2016

First photo of China's secretive new nuke submarine

Memoir Describes Harrowing Moment Soviet Submarine Readied Strike Against U.S. During Cuban Missile Crisis

The US Navy Could Turn the Littoral Combat Ship into a Submarine Killer

Turkey to Modernize Pakistan's Attack Submarine Fleet

23 June 2016

Turkey & Pakistan ink Agosta 90B submarine upgrade deal

US Navy Officers in Crosshairs Over Iran Debacle

US submarine sunk by Japan in WWII found by Russian expedition

22 June 2016

The US Navy just flexed its muscles in the world's most contested region

New London Naval Submarine Base celebrates 100th anniversary

Augmented-Reality Diving Helmets Join the US Navy

21 June 2016

"Acoustic Superiority": US Navy's Secret Submarine Plan to Dominate the Seas

Sweden Seeks UK Assistance With Submarine Warfare

NATO launches anti-submarine warfare exercise in Norwegian Sea

20 June 2016

Coast Guard, Navy chopper squadron help rescue fishermen off Tinian

NATO launches anti-submarine warfare exercise in Norwegian Sea

19 June 2016

Navy warship to trade some speed in firepower, heavier armor

US Navy's newest stealth destroyer christened

Indonesian navy fires on Chinese boat, Beijing says one injured

18 June 2016

Ship-Killer: The US Navy's New Precision-Guided Missile Is a Big Deal

How China's navy rapidly modernized to rival the US's

17 June 2016

Anti-ISIS airstrikes flown from Navy ships in 2 regions

Why the Navy is making a major change in its approach to PTSD

N. Korea calls arrival of nuclear-powered US submarine a direct threat

16 June 2016

Submarine Production Poised To Outpace Other Pentagon Programs Through 2030

New Attack Submarine SSN 800 to Be Named USS Arkansas

Russian spy ships 'shadowing' US Navy during large NATO exercise, Navy admiral says

Air Force Welcoming Navy Input On Sixth-Generation Fighter Plans

15 June 2016

Mabus Names Arleigh Burke Destroyer After Higbee, First Woman Awarded Navy Cross

Navy weighs radical changes to littoral combat ship crews, modules

South Korea Receives Four New 'Submarine Killer' Helicopters

14 June 2016

US nuclear-submarine arrives in South Korea

China Commissions New 'Submarine Killer' Warship for South China Sea

Second US aircraft carrier enters Mediterranean: US Navy

13 June 2016

Keeping a navy's data in shipshape condition

The US Navy's New 'Frigate': A Complete (And Obsolete) Mess?

ThyssenKrupp to support Peruvian Navy's submarine modernisation work

12 June 2016

The US Navy's New Super Frigate: Armed to 'Sink' Russia and China

11 June 2016

Navy Pushed Too Hard, Too Fast To Get LCS Frigate: GAO

Navy SEALs Mini-Attack Submarine

Russia Unveils New Navy Icebreaker in Arctic Military Focus

Chinese woman in Orlando pleads guilty in submarine parts smuggling case

10 June 2016

US Submarine in Mediterranean to Support Security Interests in Europe

Hackensack Submarine Memorial Forced To Relocate As Land Owner Looks To Develop Property

Submarine owner blames Queen Mary leaseholder for rust, grime and raccoon infestation

09 June 2016

British Royal Navy Shadows Russian Submarine Near UK Waters

US Navy Sends Two Aircraft Carriers to the Med

New Footage Appears To Show Deadly Navy Blue Angels Crash

Was there another submarine in Swedish waters this year?

08 June 2016

Russia and China Have Big Naval Dreams—And the US Navy Just Responded

US Navy boosts presence in Mediterranean ahead of NATO summit

British navy intercepts Russian submarine on way to Channel

07 June 2016

Submarine Houston bids farewell to Hawaii

US Navy Deploys Most Carrier Strike Groups Since 2012

Breathtaking images from the Royal Navy's annual photo competition capture life at sea

US Navy Bans Alcohol For All Sailors In Japan, Citing Recent Incidents

06 June 2016

The US Navy's New Long Range Anti-Ship Missile Just Got Even Deadlier

US Navy slaps drinking ban on 18600 sailors in Japan

Border Force appeals to Royal Navy to send vessels to patrol English Channel for migrants

05 June 2016

The US Navy created a futuristic diving helmet that gives divers Ironman-like vision

04 June 2016

Admiral Warns: Russian Subs Waging Cold War-Style 'Battle of the Atlantic'

Carrier Truman jets strike ISIS from the Mediterranean

03 June 2016

HMCS Windsor submarine spends up to 1 month without surfacing

China's Plan to Deploy Nuclear-powered Submarine Is for a Greater Purpose

Pilot killed after US Navy Blue Angels jet crashes in Tennessee

02 June 2016

Russia launches sixth and final improved Kilo-class submarine

South Korea to Develop Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

Navy says this year's CARAT series most complex to date

01 June 2016

Navy's Railgun Push May Reshape Global Military Power

Contract for 98 Black Shark torpedoes scrapped, Indian nuclear submarine programme further delayed

Philippine Navy Commissions Its First Landing Dock Vessel