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31 May 2016

How the U.S. Navy Would Destroy a Chinese Aircraft Carrier

The Obama Navy as Farce

Canada months away from having battle-ready submarines on East and West coasts

30 May 2016

Former Navy chief Admiral Lord West slams coastal security over lack of boats

USS Colorado submarine Sailors honor vets, men who served on former USS Colorado Battleship

29 May 2016

First look at Navy's experimental railgun that can fire at 4500 mph

Navy not out of its depths in joint drill with US

Kansas man rebuilds a deep-sea submarine

28 May 2016

US sailor pleads guilty to taking photos inside nuclear submarine

What Silicon Valley wants from Navy SEALs and Army Rangers

Spring 2016 petty officer selectees: Navy's complete list

27 May 2016

World War II Submarine Found With 71 Dead Bodies

Sailor led others in capture of German submarine

Navy evacuates ill South Korean sailor from submarine

26 May 2016

Secretary of defense: Budget's 'all-in for submarine force'

China to send nuclear-armed submarines into Pacific amid tensions with US

Lost World War Two submarine claim investigated by Royal Navy

25 May 2016

Australia's First New Anti-Submarine Warfare Plane Completes Maiden Flight

1 Dead, 4 Nearly Drown During Navy SEAL Training In 2016

Legendary wreck of British Second World War submarine found off Sardinian coast

24 May 2016

The US Navy's Dangerous Nuclear Attack Submarine Shortage

US, Thailand focus on anti-submarine drills at Guardian Sea

Textron, Navy 'Finalizing' Details Of CUSV Contract For Mine Hunting Mission

23 May 2016

Shipbuilder Turns Over Stealth Destroyer Zumwalt To Navy

Want to Eat and Train Like an Elite Navy SEAL?

Egypt deploys submarine in EgyptAir Flight 804 search

22 May 2016

Former Navy vet one of many working on new Plant Vogtle reactors

Murtha ship delivered to Navy

21 May 2016

Here's what the US Navy will look like in the future

New stealth destroyer turned over to US Navy, Capt. James Kirk

Russian Navy Ships' Time Spent at Sea in Winter Stands at 4000 Days

Everett submarine team heading to famous shipwreck off Nantucket

20 May 2016

Chuck Heavy t-shirts honors Navy SEAL killed in Iraq

The Navy wants to hire chiefs and captains – off the street – to fill cyber roles

Norway Reviewing Submarine Base Infrastructure, Capacity

19 May 2016

Portsmouth's Albacore Submarine museum opens for season Friday

Navy releases video of Russian fighter jets buzzing destroyer

Submarine to dive on wreck of Andrea Doria

18 May 2016

Detail design contract for USN's Ohio replacement submarine to be awarded in fourth quarter 2016

US Navy to Deploy Submarine-Launched Drones

This Is How the US Navy's Submarine Force Dominates the World's Oceans

17 May 2016

Korean Navy assembles first homegrown submarine

China proposes 'Underwater Great Wall' that could erode US, Russian submarine advantages

Navy Orders Submarine-Launched UAV

16 May 2016

Navy SEALs secret medals reveal heroism during past 15 years

Navy may resume port calls to New Zealand this year

US navy to take charge of largest destroyer – the $4bn USS Zumwalt

15 May 2016

The US Navy's Lethal New Precision-Guided Artillery

O'Hara man to receive award for contributions to nuclear submarine program

US Navy Poised to Take Ownership of Its Largest Warship

14 May 2016

Submarine Project No Solution for South Australia’s Employment Crisis

The Chinese Navy Is Behind America in One Key Area (But Not For Long)

'Top Gun' turns 30 today, and the Navy Blue Angels are inviting Tom Cruise for another ride-along

13 May 2016

A Look Into A U.S. Nuclear Attack Submarine

Unknown Submarine Spotted in Western Norway

New Unmanned Submarine

The Navy's Smallest Ship Is Getting New Missiles

Navy Fires Commander Eric Rasch Over Iran's Detention of Sailors

12 May 2016

BAE Systems' $163M propulsor contract points to more submarine work

Navy fighter jet crashes in eastern China

Former Navy research ship sailing for new home in Philippines

11 May 2016

Submarine veterans host 'Spring Fling Fundraiser' May 21

China says repeated US Navy patrols in South China Sea justify defense boosts

10 May 2016

Why the US Navy Could Be in Big Trouble: China Plans 351 Ships by 2020

US destroyer sails near disputed Chinese island

US Navy dings Lockheed on its littoral ship quality controls

Can India Counter China's Submarine Force?

08 May 2016

Why India Needs Both Nuclear and Conventional Submarines

U.S. Navy names combat ship after New Hampshire's largest city

07 May 2016

Chinese Navy to Join US in Military Exercises

Russian submarine launches Kalibr cruise missile during Barents Sea trials

Why India Needs Both Nuclear and Conventional Submarines

06 May 2016

Video purportedly shows battle in which Navy SEAL was killed

Why were Navy SEALs on front line in ISIS fight?

Video Offers Rare Look Inside a US Nuclear Attack Submarine

05 May 2016

US Navy Combining Mine Efforts

Connecticut Celebrates A Century Of Submarine History

Royal Navy fires warning shot at Spanish patrol boat 'hassling' US submarine near Gibraltar

04 May 2016

Australia's $39 billion submarine deal heralds new era of super-subs

China to U.S. Navy: Buzz Off Here Too

North Korea May Be In Advanced Stage Of Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Development

03 May 2016

U.S. military tests self-driving submarine hunter

Submarine lacks key weapon systems

Islamic State kills US Navy SEAL in northern Iraq

02 May 2016

Nuclear submarine fire in Russia Far East again raises questions surrounding safe dismantlement

Wary of China's Indian Ocean activities, US, India discuss anti-submarine warfare

Navy warship parade is back on in San Diego

01 May 2016

Navy holds ceremony for newest attack submarine

Jil Biden helps lay keel for new submarine

US Navy will name combat ship 'The USS Manchester'

India's Kalvari stealth submarine starts sea trials