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30 September 2013

How doing more with less is hurting sailors - and the Navy

Israel Navy to receive 3 new Super Dvora fast patrol boats

Australian navy rescues two French yachtsmen

29 September 2013

Secretary of Navy Ray Mabus: Littoral Combat Ship program is future of Navy

Naval officer stripped of control over nuke command for gambling

Naval officer stripped of control over nuke command for gambling

Navy Siblings Reunited After 30 Years Apart

28 September 2013

US Says Iran Hacked Navy Computers

Eyeing Gulf Shipping, Iran's Mass Producing Submarines

Shipyard Chief to Be Sacked After Submarine Fire

27 September 2013

Admiral: Navy Must Shrink Submarine Development Costs

Taiwan Receives First US Anti-Submarine Aircraft

Collins one of the most capable conventional submarines

Billionaire Yachts Are Passe as Monaco Peddles Luxury Submarines

26 September 2013

Nuclear submarine option should be considered (AUS)

Torpedoes and sandals: The daily life of an IDF submarine's crew

25 September 2013

The Questionable Security System That Gave Felons Access to Navy Installations

Development of China's fourth-generation nuclear submarine completed

Taiwan takes delivery of 1st P-3C anti-submarine aircraft

24 September 2013

'Submarine' Superyacht Arrives in NZ

Storm delays arrival of P-3C anti-submarine aircraft to Taiwan

Remembering submarine veterans lost in WWII

22 September 2013

Development of China's fourth-generation nuclear submarine completed

21 September 2013

Royal Navy names latest nuclear submarine HMS Artful

Allegedly Crooked Navy Commander Once Star in American Dream Tale

20 September 2013

Security officers reject union at submarine maker

Navy's probe into submarine INS Sindhurakshak tragedy nowhere near completion

19 September 2013

The Writer Who Built the World's First Engine-Powered Submarine

Police warned Navy officials about Aaron Alexis

18 September 2013

Russian Officials Admit Injuries In Submarine Fire

U.S. Navy Worried About Submarine Gap In The Coming Years

Kansas man builds submarine

Navy Yard shooting: Victims included avid pilot, mother of two

17 September 2013

Authorities identify seven of the 12 people killed in Navy Yard shooting

Madness in Washington, D.C.

Costa Concordia in Italy freed from rocks

Navy Yard shooting: What we know and don't know

16 September 2013

Police say 2 shooters have killed 4, injured 8 on grounds of Washington Navy Yard

Fire breaks out on Russian nuclear submarine

Four reported people killed at Washington Navy Yard

15 September 2013

Navy sunk $71M on submarine fix…then abandoned it

14 September 2013

Navy opens its hatches to China

Navy spent $71M on submarine Miami repairs

Defense Cuts: Four Navy Programs To Watch Closely

Admiral: US submarine forces decline as forces of China, Russia, Iran advance

13 September 2013

Russia to expand Mediterranean fleet to 10 warships

Top China General Orders Navy to Speed Improvement

Funding cuts would weaken US submarine readiness: Navy

Stunning Civil War Medal, 120 Years Old, Returned By Secret Donor To 'Honor All Veterans'

12 September 2013

US Navy says all weapon programs under budget reviews

Navy's message to Assad: We're not going anywhere

11 September 2013

Attack submarine Minnesota designed with upgraded warfare capabilities

Navy's top officer: Ready on Syria, for now

Navy releases list of 'automatic' re-up ratings

10 September 2013

Navy to study noise from new EA-18G Growler jets at Whidbey Island Naval

Marine expert makes saving the seas his mission

09 September 2013

Head of Chinese Navy visits San Diego

3 Chinese ships, 680 officers and sailors visit Hawaii for rare exercise with US Navy

Philippines rebels clash with navy and take hostages in key southern town

08 September 2013

If given go-ahead in Syria, US Navy would face complex mission

'USS Minnesota' returns to Navy's fleet with submarine's christening

07 September 2013

A rare look inside a submarine, the Minnesota

06 September 2013

Navy faces possible layoffs, fewer ships

Russia sends another navy ship towards Syria

Navy to Commission 10th Virginia-class Submarine

Take a look inside the Navy's newest submarine

GAO report savages Navy's new aircraft carrier

05 September 2013

Quay concerns delay launch of UK submarine

Solatium for victims of submarine explosion

First look at proposed Spaceport in Houston

04 September 2013

Navy to Commission 10th Virginia-class Submarine

USS Cod Submarine Memorial in Cleveland starts engines after more than 40 years

Sailor found dead on Navy patrol boat in San Diego

03 September 2013

USS Cod submarine starts engines, fires its cannon

US Navy did not fire missiles from ships in Mediterranean: spokesman

02 September 2013

Navy ships on hold; still ready to attack

Second Vietnamese creates mini submarine