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31 May 2013

Navy Going Flame-Resistant for Sailors at Sea

Submarine veterans attend USS Mississippichange-of-command ceremony

30 May 2013

New Phl warship to have anti-submarine gizmos

Chinese navy seaplane crashes off eastern port city

Navy ships growing in capability amid missile threats from Iran, North Korea

Unmanned Submarine

28 May 2013

Navy Reserve squadron makes final Md. flight

27 May 2013

Dolphins Swim with the newly christened USS Minnesota nuclear sub

Retired Veteran Recalls Life on a Submarine During the Vietnam War

World Peace Bell tolls for submarine veterans of past and present in Newport

25 May 2013

Navy Names Destroyer After Inouye

Worcester Navy vet witnessed treaty that ended WWII

Chilean navy detects foreign submarine off northern coast

24 May 2013

Through a Submarine Periscope
Is the Best Way to View San Francisco

Obama's day: Graduation at Navy

A Teenager Built His Own Working Submarine

23 May 2013

Navy's High-Flying Spy Drone Completes Its First Flight

San Francisco in 1951 as seen from a US Navy submarine

Spain spent $680 million on submarine that 'can't resurface'

22 May 2013

Japan used sound waves to detect and monitor Chinese submarine

Parade apologizes for Nazi warship image used in Navy chef feature

21 May 2013

Lockheed Wins Contracts for Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Missile Defense

Navy dolphin finds 130-year-old torpedo

20 May 2013

WWI German submarine has underwater Lake Michigan grave

Submarine spotted in Japan's contiguous zone off Okinawa

19 May 2013

Landlocked Dallas to be site of major maritime museum

Does Navy drone spell end of the Super Hornet?

Capability of Russia's Ballistic Missile Submarine Force Questioned

18 May 2013

Navy dolphins discover rare old torpedo off Coronado

Plan aims to turn Navy Pier into more of a park

17 May 2013

Mystery of French submarine disasters can never be unveiled

ThyssenKrupp Submarine Unit Wins Access to Australia Bid

16 May 2013

U36: Another Fuel Cell
Submarine for the German Navy

Australia, Sweden sign agreement on submarine technology

US Navy tests anti-mine drones in Persian Gulf drills

Indian Navy inducts Boeint P-8I aircraft for anti-submarine operation

15 May 2013

Navy launches unmanned aircraft
from carrier for first time

Singapore and Australia sign submarine rescue arrangement

The Mission Continues

14 May 2013

Navy Catches the Drone Bug

Navy to launch unmanned aircraft from aircraft carrier for first time

Foreign submarine spotted near Japanese territorial waters

13 May 2013

Crew of first Vietnamese submarine to make five 10-days sea voyages

The Rising East: New Submarine Rivalry In Pacific, Indian Oceans

12 May 2013

Russian Navy Begins Staffing Mediterranean Group Of Warships

US Navy's liquid hydrogen drone flies for record 48 hours

Minnesota successfully completes sea trials

10 May 2013

Navy $37 Billion Ships Seen Unsuitable Have 2-Year Window

USS Mississippi submarine to see change of command

09 May 2013

US Littoral Combat-Ship Delays Extended, Navy Reports

Tall Ships Chicago returns to Navy Pier in August

Commander of Navy unit with two divers who drowned at APG relieved of duty

08 May 2013

One Tank Trips: The Submarine Nautilus In Groton, Conn.

Launch of Navy's newest aircraft carrier delayed

Navy Ship Can't Meet Mission, Internal US Report Finds

First sea trials completed Virginia-class submarine Minnesota

07 May 2013

Watch This Navy Robot Make a Top-Gun Move

Navy Ship Can't Meet Mission, Internal US Report Finds

Submarine 'Minnesota' successfully completes sea trials

06 May 2013

Nuclear submarine INS Arihant
nuke reactor activated in 3 weeks

Navy honors crew killed in 1967

Australia's Submarine Folly

Iran manufactures new indigenous submarine

03 May 2013

Does the Navy Need Fleet Week?

SA welcome submarine design options

02 May 2013

Submarine prowls waters off Fort Lauderdale beach

Navy Unveils Squadron of Manned, Unmanned Craft

Navy cruise unites families with sailors returning home

Israeli Submarine Named in German Shipyard

01 May 2013

Submarine HMCS Windsor hobbled after $209M refit

Navy report outlines errors that led to Guardian's grounding

Navy to Combat Drug Smuggling With Balloon on Really Long String

RSS Swordsman enhances submarine capability of RSN: Tharman

Israel Navy's Fifth Dolphin Submarine