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31 December 2012

RSS Swordsman returns to Changi Naval Base from Sweden

WWI US Navy Anti-Ship Mine Transported for Safe Disposal

US$150 million for submarine yard in Surabaya

30 December 2012

Silent sub: Russian noiseless Borei class nuclear submarine tested

Latest nuclear submarines to join Russian Navy

29 December 2012

Iran: Navy Begins War Games Near Vital Waterway

Russia's new nuclear submarine to be commissioned soon

SAIC shows how DARPA's submarine-tracking drone ship finds its silent targets

General Dynamics, Huntington Ingalls Win $4.5 Billion Submarine Contracts

US nuclear submarine to dock in Philippine port

28 December 2012

General Dynamics, Huntington Ingalls win huge US submarine orders

How DARPA's submarine-tracking drone ship finds its silent targets

27 December 2012

We're learning from Astute submarine flaws, admiral promises

Navy Vets Celebrate Submarine Name- USS South Dakota

Local submarine veterans enjoyed Panama City Beach

26 December 2012

NOAA, Navy to dedicate USS Monitor memorial

Iran navy says its subsurface capabilities enhanced

Navy college football team serves Christmas meals

25 December 2012

Trailer for Submarine Thriller 'Phantom' with Harris, Duchovny

Nigerian navy hunts pirates who seized four sailors

INF submarine 'sinks enemy ships'

24 December 2012

Nuclear sub INS Chakra facing problems with critical components

Navy SEAL commander in Afghanistan dies in apparent suicide

22 December 2012

Russia builds deep-sea research submarine

Submarine Design Effort Gets $2B Boost

21 December 2012

Small Navy, Strong Navy

Panama abandons plan to pull up sunken submarine

7 win $900M Navy contract for submarine C5ISR capabilities

20 December 2012

Dutch Naval Submarine arrives in Canary Wharf

Russia prodcues 3rd 'Borey-class' nuke sub, the 'Vladimir Monomakh', at year's end

Navy Cross recipient to get Worcester fete

Submarine explores off the coast of Miami

19 December 2012

Navy's experimental unmanned drone passes tests aboard USS Truman

Russian warships sail for Syria, large anti-submarine ship for waters near Iran

Submarine San Francisco leaves on deployment

Submarine explores off the coast of Miami

18 December 2012

WWII Soviet Submarine Found In Baltic Sea

Russia sends navy squadron to Mediterranean

Navy conducting landing practice demonstration on Wallops Island

17 December 2012

Navy red-faced as nuke sub
stranded in the USA
British nuclear sub stranded in USA.jpg

Rolls-Royce wins Finnish Navy water-jets contract

HMS Vigilant limps back to port

16 December 2012

UN tribunal orders Ghana to release Argentine navy ship seized in debt dispute

Iran Navy ready to extend presence to Atlantic Ocean

Brothers perished in Thresher submarine disaster

15 December 2012

End to Cubans commuting to U.S. Navy base

Barrow memorial tribute for submarine crews planned

14 December 2012

US anti-submarine capability eroding, & it may be too late to turn it around

Top-secret submarine may settle Russia's claim in the Arctic

Russian submarine passes Arctic trials

Naval Submarine Support Center Sailor honored as Service Person of the Month

13 December 2012

Subbing with the enemy: Nucleur submarine spy jailed for eight years

The bizarre amphibious vehicle inventor claims is driven by perpetual motion

12 December 2012

Collins Class submarines set for a longer life

Report: Fire can melt NWUs to your skin

Submarine test site to be built in SA

Tweeting submarine spy to be sentenced

11 December 2012

India expanding submarine force to meet China threat

£1.2 Billion Contract Awarded for New Attack Sub

Navy SEAL who died in doctor rescue ID'd - Video on

Submarine propulsion test site augurs well for Adelaide

10 December 2012

US Navy SEAL killed in operation to rescue American doctor in Afghanistan

09 December 2012

First women qualify as submarine officers

U.S. Navy sub warfare specialist allegedly involved in espionage

08 December 2012

Submarine with new design nears completion

A Submarine Thriller's Voyage Into Doomsday

West Point Cadets visit Submarine Capital of the World

07 December 2012

Boulder-born female sailor makes history on submarine

Pearl Harbor's submarine “Avenger” at 70: USS Bowfin photo gallery

US Navy positions ships to monitor North Korea launch

Pearl Harbor attack frozen in time for 91-year-old Navy veteran

Ex-sailor arrested, accused of attempting to hand over sub secrets

06 December 2012

Sea trials for nuke submarine INS Arihant set to begin soon

Good news for Portsmouth shipyard: Senate passes defense bill

05 December 2012

Three female submariners make history

One of first female submarine officers pinned at Kings Bay

India okays Rs. 55000-cr submarine purchase

Indian navy prepared to deploy to South China Sea

Navy officials poke holes in Iran's drone story

Submarine flotilla here in 1919

04 December 2012

Gunboat diplomacy: Indian navy ready to set sail to South China Sea

Marine special operations team member awarded Navy Cross

Navy Will Have to Wait Before Amassing Its Robo-Copter Fleet

03 December 2012

Navy launches world's most advanced nuclear aircraft carrier in the world

Ahoy me hearty! Jolly Roger flag flown atop Second World War submarine

SECNAV Leaving Chinese Submarine

02 December 2012

Navy: America's next carrier will be named Enterprise

USS Enterprise carrier taken out of active service

New Russian Attack Submarine Successfully Fires Cruise Missile

Iran unveils unusually colored blue submarine

01 December 2012

William Shatner to skip USS Enterprise retirement

Quincy man ready to watch Big E sail into sunset

Milestones of Big E’s 51-year career

Navy dolphins losing out to robots

Submarine for the Luxurious Crowd