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29 September 2012

US Navy Just Showed Iran Who Really Controls The Strait Of Hormuz

US Navy Defends Boomer Submarine Replacement Plans

Submarine chief sailed solo around the world in self-built vessel

28 September 2012

Egypt-Germany submarine deal on track despite Israeli objections

Thai navy officers dance in “Gangnam Style” on YouTube video

27 September 2012

Trident submarine missiles review to suggest 'stepping down nuclear ladder'

Last Reoort: complex submarine drama

Defending Japanese Waters From China's Navy (Video)

26 September 2012

China Navy's First Aircraft Carrier Launched

Fewer submarines planned in Groton

Sherlock Holmes goes modern, and a submarine takes on water

25 September 2012

Engine fire aboard Collins submarine

24 September 2012

Navy research vessel to be named after Neil Armstrong

World War II submarine veterans make plea: Remember us

World War II submarine veterans forced to disband national group

US Navy's new floating base gets a workout in Gulf

23 September 2012

Bulava tests postponed due to software glitch

US Navy's New Floating Base Gets a Workout

TV account of life on big Navy sub is full of exaggeration

22 September 2012

Navy submarine sailors help renovate Connecticut's historic Ledge Lighthouse

Iran's navy plans to extend its reach from North to South Poles

21 September 2012

US ending ban on New Zealand Navy ship visits

Iran deploys Russian-made submarine in Gulf

Submarine Commander Faked Own Death to Escape Lover

South Korea's navy fires warning shots toward North Korean fishing boats

20 September 2012

Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette helps on 'Medal of Honor' game

Navy must settle radiation issues on Treasure Island

19 September 2012

Navy's Fort Worth arrives in Galveston - Western-style

USS Fort Worth opens for public tours

Iran deploys Russian-made submarine in Gulf

18 September 2012

Iran launches Tareq 901 submarine, Sahand destroyer

Air Anti-Submarine Warfare Systems Program Office Welcomes New Commander

17 September 2012

Navy's £1.6bn submarine Ambush sets sail from Barrow

Father of Navy SEAL killed in Libya: 'He was my hero'

Panetta to meet with China leaders, tour navy base

16 September 2012

Iran Watching as U.S. Military Launches Exercise in Strait of Hormuz

New Navy ship christened in Mobile

15 September 2012

UK sailor found dead on sub after it leaves Scotland for US

Electric Boat Awarded $94 Million To Repair Burned Nuclear Submarine

UK nuclear sub sails for sea trials

14 September 2012

Britain's newest nuclear attack submarine: the Ambush

'Last Resort' co-creator Shawn Ryan on submarines

Attack submarine returns to Groton base

China's naval show of strength raises stakes in island dispute with Japan

13 September 2012

US Navy ships sent to waters off Libya coast

Mexican navy captures leader of weakened Gulf cartel

CIA Reveals Secrets Of Deep Sea Submarine Mission In Raleigh

The Cocaine Boats Head For Europe

12 September 2012

Divers use sonar scanners to map Civil War wreck in 3-D

Navy uses humanitarian aid to build relationships, boost US image in Asia

Shawn Ryan's Submarine Thriller Last Resort Surfaces Early Online

11 September 2012

The Next Generation of Cocaine-Smuggling Drug Submarines

Guantanamo detainee found dead, Navy investigating

Judge: Navy can build submarine training range near Georgia waters

10 September 2012

Navy Week ships awesome and awe-inspiring

Navy SEAL: Osama bin Laden killing 'not like the movies'

USS Miami fire shows dangers subs face in dock

09 September 2012

Israel seeks German coordination on arms sales to Arab states

Navy installs new commander in charge of its submarine force during ceremony

08 September 2012

Navy submarine force welcomes new commander

Australia Commits to New Fleet of 12 Submarines

Navy cited by OSHA for mishandling toxic materials

07 September 2012

Ministers: Australia Committed to Procurement of 12 New Submarines

US submarine 'on goodwill visit' docks in Subic

SUBMARINES: An Indian Tale Of Woe

06 September 2012

Mexican navy captures 'El Gordo,' alleged head of Gulf Cartel

Navy Seals: A battle for the conscience

Submarine forces to have change of command in Norfolk

05 September 2012

Nigeria navy: Pirates seize oil tanker off coast of Lagos

Indian Navy Submarines Delayed Until 2015

04 September 2012

How Russia Disposes Of Its Dated Nuclear Submarines

Vietnam's New Kilo-class Submarines: Game-Changer In Region

Berlin Silent on Report of U-Boat Sale to Egypt

Iran's navy aims to sail off US shores soon

Egypt buying Type 209 submarines

03 September 2012

Russell Crowe Gets a Lift from Coast Guard After Getting Lost Kayaking

Our German subs are none of your business, Egyptian navy tells Israel

Cleveland officials assure that future is secure for WWII sub

02 September 2012

Delay in Construction of Six Indian Submarines

01 September 2012

Navy destroyer CO removed from job after collision

Navy pioneers military 'career intermission' concept

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming