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31 August 2011

Tactical Laser Weapon Demonstrates Counter-Swarm Techniques

Meet the 'Ghost' - the stealth ship radar can't see

Iran sending submarine, warship to Red Sea

30 August 2011

ran Unveils New Marine Missile, Torpedo

Divers survey Scottish graveyard of first world war submarine disaster

Fourth Type 45 Destroyer Roars Home
T-45 Dragon

U.S., Singaporean Navies Complete Sea Phase of CARAT Singapore 2011

Iran manufactures maritime patrol aircraft

29 August 2011

Russian Navy rotates ships in Gulf of Aden

Successful Bulava launch at maximum flight range

Swedish Couple Retires To The Tropics

28 August 2011

US Navy Girds for Sea Control

Yemen Navy Stops Suicide Attack

27 August 2011

Russia test fires troubled missile

Submariners take to sea to wait out hurricane

26 August 2011

The Man Who Ate His Boots: the doomed quest for the Northwest Passage

China Has ‘Workable’ Anti-Ship Missile Design, Pentagon Says

The Tech That Took Out Gadhafi

Parlez vous torpedo? Navy wants to know

India commissions second stealth frigate

25 August 2011

P-3 U.S. Customs and Border Protection (video)

DM: Carl Zeiss Optronics Periscopes for U212A Class Submarines

Singapore Navy’s Upgraded Corvette Test-Fires Barak Missile

RAN: Collins-class submarine forced to surface after engine failure

24 August 2011

Russia to do another test of “Bulava” missile

Collins-class submarine forced to surface after engine failure

23 August 2011

Red Sea pirates now operating in packs

US Navy Working On Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Vietnam boosts naval power with "new" frigate

UK 'may keep both aircraft carriers'

China threatens US blue waters

Building India's submarine fleet

New ships to boost Indian Navy's blue-water ambitions

22 August 2011

Russia Delays Test Launch of Bulava Missile due to a malfunction on the nuclear submarine supposed to fire it

Construction Commences on Fifth Littoral Combat Ship LCS-5

First keel block delivered for new Australian warship

USN: LPD 18 Preps for Marine Attack Helicopter’s First Deployment

RN Uses AEW Helicopters for ISR

20 August 2011

A new kind of missile makes for even bigger explosions

Royal Navy warship fires on 'suicide bombers' speedboat

19 August 2011

China's plans to shield Mideast oil routes

The Horribly Tacky Interior of China’s Aircraft Carrier

Indian navy pumps up eastern muscle

18 August 2011

World War II B-17 comes to Leesburg Executive Airport

USN: LPD 18 Preps for Marine Attack Helicopter’s First Deployment

RN: MS Queen Elizabeth midsection to be assembled

US Navy: Replacing EP-3 Aries With Drones

PLAN: Carrier Shi Lang At Sea
Shi Lang

17 August 2011

20000 Leagues Under

A home modeled like the retro-futuristic world of a Jules Verne novel

Navy welcomes home upgraded submarine from Sweden

Norfolk-based sub Scranton due home today

Cheaters on more Navy submarines?

15 August 2011

RN: Warship to get female commander

Australia Navy: 8 new Cape Class Patrol Boat

Seoul to Deploy Sub-Killer Torpedoes

Taiwan developing new ‘aircraft carrier killer’

Royal Thai Navy Trains with US Navy

13 August 2011

Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. Announces the First Super-Cavitating Ship, GHOST

12 August 2011

Is China’s Aircraft Carrier a Threat to U.S. Interests?

Refitted Chinese Carrier Sends Shot Across The Bows

The Carrier of Asia-Pacific Troubles

Trials of India-bound Russian nuke submarine in final stages

11 August 2011

Video: China's First Aircraft Carrier Starts Sea Trials

Review: development of Chinese Navy

U.S. Navy Still Struggles To Maintain Ships

10 August 2011

Naval Air Station Oceana F/A-18s in action (video)

Russia develops new submarine–launched strategic missile

The Central American Submarine War

China's first aircraft carrier makes maiden trip

09 August 2011

Navy Drops Carrier Group, Down To Nine

Northrop Awarded Contracts for E-2D (USN) Advanced Hawkeye

Original Tuskegee training plane lands at Andrews AFB (video)

08 August 2011

Navy helicopters fly into Baltimore, next stop, Thailand

06 August 2011

Rumors Circulate About Radiation Leak by Chinese Sub

Why submarine crews get that stinking feeling

Navy Drops Carrier Group, Down To Nine

New submarine: USS Minnesota

U.S. Navy Studies And Improves LCS-1

Fearing attack, Pakistan moves warships out of Karachi

04 August 2011

Compromise in rust treatment means sub can't dive deep

Chinese warships participate in Russian Navy Day celebrations

Russian Black Sea Fleet to receive 6 new diesel subs

Poland Requests Service Life Extension Program for FFG-7 Class Frigates

US Navy Tests Unmanned Water Craft to Protect Ships In Harbor

RCN-HMCS Windsor: Compromise in rust treatment means sub can't dive deep

Argentina Re-states Intent for Nuclear-Powered Submarines

03 August 2011

Villagers recall USS Nautilus' milestone mission to cross North Pole underwater

USS Mississippi to be commissioned in Gulfport

Argentina developing nuclear-powered submarine

OUR VIEW: Subs can't be a potential cut

02 August 2011

China's sea dragon and humankind undersea

Russia to Field Eight New Attack Subs

China's navy carrier to begin maiden voyage soon

Japan Warns of Chinese Naval Ambitions

Inside the bin Laden raid

01 August 2011

Russian Navy to outflank rivals in stealth and low noise by 2020

Rust means sub can't dive deep

Gen. Luo Yuan: China needs at least three aircraft carriers