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30 July 2010

Navy to Commission Submarine Missouri

Did Iran attack Japanese oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz?

First woman takes helm of U.S. carrier strike group

U.S. navy uncertain on naming East Sea

South Korea to hold anti-sub drill in West Sea

29 July 2010

Missile defense design passes review

New sonar designed to close technology gap

Pedal Sub Team Hopes to Restore French Pride

PLA Navy conducts live-fire training in South China Sea

Japanese tanker may have hit submarine

No US, coalition vessels near Japan tanker - US Navy

Review calls for buildup of Navy

28 July 2010

Submarine Missouri to be commissioned

Kooseh, the first Iranian submarine

S. Korea, US end joint exercise in East Sea

Sevastopol and the Black Sea Fleet: the story goes on

Indian media reveal details of British submarine operations

25 July 2010

S. Korea, U.S. begin joint navy drills off east coast of Korean Peninsula

North Korea's threats over US-South Korea war games: Another bluff?

Three new ships, three submarines to join Russian Black Sea Fleet

Mystery surrounds German-Israeli submarine deal

24 July 2010

Top US Officer Calls China 'Aggressive' in Yellow Sea

NKorea Vows Nuclear Response To US-SKorea Drills

US and South Korea set to confront North with show of naval force

Russian experts unable to give answers on Cheonan sinking

Russia may develop fully-fledged fleet by 2050 - Navy commander

Germany and Israel fail to agree on submarine sale

Iran says it has 100 vessels for each US warship

23 July 2010

North Korea threatens 'physical response' to US military exercises

Faulty engine nozzle blamed for latest Bulava missile failure

Russia to resume test launches of troubled Bulava missile

Pakistani navy seeks further cooperation with China

Pak Navy chief lauds performance of China's F-22P frigate

The $2 Million Personal Submarine

22 July 2010

US navy chief eyes China's 'opaque' sea power

China's pro-missile navy sinks carriers

21 July 2010

Talent spotting in the Gulf of Oman


Germany reconsiders funding Israel's latest submarine

Navy Subs Help Scientists Expand Study of Arctic Thaw

20 July 2010

Sceptre's got some cider inside her

RIMPAC action explodes online

US carrier deployed to South Korea

Navy exercises to send 'signal' to N.Korea

U.S. Navy Laser Weapon Shoots Down Drones in Test (Video)

19 July 2010

Sharktopus Trailer Released And It Is Awesome (VIDEO)

Iran to unveil new submarines

Navy'sNew Laser Is ‘Bad Day’ for UAVs

Submarine escape training, and a classic sub (photos)

Indian Navy's P-8I aircraft to be armed with new US radars

Inside the Navy's most cutting-edge submarine ever (photos)

18 July 2010

Navy officers face courts-martial over ship sinking

Britain's biggest warship uncovered

An American hero time forgot

Canada's navy hardly got off to a glorious start

16 July 2010

How to land the new Joint Strike Fighter (video)

Pilot's guide to the Joint Strike Fighter

China Keeps Up Barrage of Complaints Over Navy Drill

S. Korea plans anti-submarine drill in August in Yellow Sea

15 July 2010

US, South Korean Navies Will Exercise in Yellow Sea Despite Chinese Objections

USS Nevada Getting in Fighting Shape After Refueling

Piracy Attacks Decline on Navies' Somalia Offensive

Chinese navy continues to monitor waters in Gulf of Aden

14 July 2010

India Seeks 6 Subs, $11B

HMS Sutherland’s sonar impresses on first major test

NextGen diesel submarines to be built in India

American SSGNs Prowl The Pacific

Navy Balances Wants And Needs

Indian Navy hunts for drones to operate underwater

13 July 2010

Russian sub 'could stop oil leak'

Torpedoes Aren't the Only Danger to A Submarine ('must see' video)

China 'modernizing navy for self-defense'

New buoys enable submerged subs to communicate

Cocaine Submarine Pictures: New Seizure Shows Advances

Britain could cut Trident fleet

12 July 2010

S Korea, US still undecided on wargame

Joint Naval Drills Could Now Take Place in East Sea

China Bristles at Prospect of U.S. Aircraft Carrier in the Yellow Sea

Guatemala nabs cocaine-stuffed submarine in Pacific

Navy Weighs Ship's Design, Along With Its Own Future

11 July 2010

Naval exercise starts small

Malaysian Navy denies sub has problems diving

REVEALED: How Russian spy gave nuclear submarine secrets to CIA spooks

India to spend 11 billion dollars on submarine project

10 July 2010

Navy Shipbuilding: Numbers Just Don't Add Up

UNSC condemns S. Korean Navy Ship sinking, avoids blaming N. Korea directly

The Submarine Deals That Helped Sink Greece

09 July 2010

Run Wired, Run Deep: Subs May Finally Get Online

U.S. Carrier Focal Point Of RIMPAC

Campaign to save WWII submarine HMS Alliance

08 July 2010

Japan Counters China's Naval Build-Up

U.S. Posts Pictures of Nuclear Sub in 'Show of Force'

Beijing Urges Seoul to Refrain from West Sea Drill

U.S. Missiles Deployed Near China Send a Message

Britain's First Sea Lord: 'Navy necessity not luxury'

07 July 2010

East China Sea Fleet of Chinese Navy holds maneuvers

Ships, Marines begin RIMPAC exercises

US keeping close eye on Russian naval drill

South Korea's Navy under criticism for lax discipline

As the world’s ice melts, the Navy’s role grows

06 July 2010

Pentagon plans 'flying submarine'

SKorea, US plan naval drills after UN actions against NKorea

Historic diary of Glasgow sailor goes online

India's first indigenous Naval Light Combat Aircraft rolls out

Submarine Missouri Completes First Voyage

05 July 2010

From sea to sky: Submarines that fly

Super Yachts Of The Future: Hybrids To Submarines

Chinese flotilla slips by Okinawa

Navy Commander: Iran Monitoring All Military Moves in Region

It's up to us, says Collins class submarine boss

Appeal to save iconic submarine Alliance is launched

Russian Navy delegation to assess Ukraina cruiser

04 July 2010

Discovery of U-boat wrecks rewrites the history books

India to buy submarine mine laying equipment

Submarines collide in Naval dock

Sub called a game-changer in the war on drugs

Ecuador authorities seize drug-smuggling sub

03 July 2010

Superyacht Transforms Into 'Pleasure Submarine'

HMS Daring starts last sea trials

Royal welcome for Malaysia's second sub

02 July 2010

Admiral Gary Roughead On The Modern Navy

The man who saved Canada's navy

Captain fired for cruelty faces fight for her career

France to look at possible U.S. sub link to sinking

Navy: Widespread faults caused LPD 17 woes

01 July 2010

Indian Navy issues RFI for new aircraft

MBDA reports Aster 30 test success

PLA Navy starts live-ammunition training in west Pacific

U.S. Pacific chief vigilant about N. Korea, China