World Naval News Archives

31 May 2008

Prince William to patrol Caribbean with Royal Navy

Navy searches for Jones’ famed frigate

30 May 2008

UK Nuclear Submarines Understaffed

Nuclear Sub Damaged After Hitting Rocks

Escape from the Deep: The Epic Story of a Legendary Submarine

29 May 2008

Crashed Nuclear submarine officers could be court martialled
UK sub

Tolling of the Boats marks Memorial Day

No slowdown for Electric Boat
Electric Boat

Nuclear submarine which hit rock may have to be scrapped

NATO submarine "mates" with Russian rescue system

28 May 2008

Seawolf Park Memorial Day Service

Welsh captain’s sub in collision

UK submarine hits rocks in Red Sea

27 May 2008

HMS Superb nuclear submarine damaged in Red Sea crash
HMS Alliance

HMS Alliance to be restored to her former glory

Titanic Revelation: Investigating Thresher and Scorpion

Military robot subs seek out sunken treasure

Trident II D5 (FBMs) Testing

Supply resident recalls life on submarine during WWII

Memorial bid for Barrow battleship blown up in war

26 May 2008

Aircraft Carriers are a Liability

Formidable sub, last in trio, docks

Learning fate of US sub provides closure

WWII answers from the deep

New Titanic secret uncovered

25 May 2008

Families, colleagues pay tribute to lost Scorpion crew

Story of USS Tang is a study in submariner heroism

All Hands Down

23 May 2008

Aircraft carriers 'central to Britain's future'

Ukraine Wants Russian Navy Out of Crimea

Arrival of sub completes SA navy's order

Royal Navy commanders let students crash nuclear submarine into seabed

22 May 2008

Video: USS Florida Converts To A Guided Missile Submarine

U.S., Pakistan Forces Complete Exercise Inspired Union 2008

Vessels offer glimpse of what lies beneath

Tracing paper caused sub crash

The Great White Fleet Centennial

Energizer Bunny for Navy's Nukes

Man convicted of stealing submarine parts

Chavez Says U.S. Plane Was Spying on Military Base

21 May 2008

Trident II missile sets military record

Tropical Paradise For India's Bubbleheads

Sweden: Soviet sub was actually a taxi boat

20 May 2008

'Pressure Hull Complete' for New Mexico

Britain confirms order for two aircraft carriers

USS North Carolina Arrives at New Home

Navy destroyer caught in funding battle

Submarine accounts go deep into WWII battles

19 May 2008

'US warship stationed off Lebanon coast'

Past Problems Threaten Future Russian-Indian Arms Deals

Turn on, tune in, fly out on BBC Channel 5

Bill would give Mighty Mo a break in rent

Indian, US navies think alike

Navy on alert for marine mammals while training

16 May 2008

China is 'increasing its military activity' in Taiwan Strait

New plaque honours Victory's fallen

Russia to join large-scale NATO-led naval exercises

Indian Navy set to get Boeing P-8i Poseidons

New Zealand to upgrade warships's self-defense weapons

Deep Submergence Unit Prepares for Submarine Escape and Rescue Exercise

Divers locate lost British submarine off Malta

15 May 2008

Ark Royal goes weapons free

From Cold War to cold meats

Revived Fourth Fleet Covers Pacific Mexico and Central America

Money Added to Increase Sub Fleet

US Navy launches its first Littoral Combat Ship

Raytheon says anti-submarine torpedo tests successful

Russia joins 'Bold Monarch' submarine rescue exercise

14 May 2008

Corrupt Kilo Copies Clobbered

£4bn Navy deal back on course

"Mare Aperto" air-sea exercise begins

Pakistan, US navies conducting “Inspired Union” exercise

13 May 2008

Arrival HMS Superb faces Spanish criticism

Cost of Royal Navy's new carriers soars

India has acquired ''state-of-the-art'' submarine launched ballistic missile capability

12 May 2008

Collins Class submarines a triumph

Boeing offers P-8 Poseidon to Indian Navy

10 May 2008

Castro asks: New US Fourth Fleet part of gunboat diplomacy?

09 May 2008

May 9, 1941: German Sub Caught With the Goods

Panel sinks third DDG-1000 destroyer

Canada to probe U.S. warships sunk in 1813

China's Underground Submarine Base Scrutinized

Indian Navy to acquire six more submarines

07 May 2008

Live torpedo means Aussie sub will stay sunk

Shipbuilders May Decline To Bid on U.S. Navy Ships

Ecologists protest nuclear submarine visit to Gibraltar

China: Our nuclear subs are not a threat

India's naval commanders to discuss China's N-sub base

06 May 2008

Madcap war exercises in S.Korea

Captain: My 'heart sank' when pirates attacked

Navy focuses on periscope camera

US nuke carrier in S. Atlantic exercises with Argentine Navy

Russian Navy denies reports of Black Sea missile loss

China silent on reports of nuke submarine base

05 May 2008

Probe of USS Cole bombing unravels

Royal Navy's most advanced warship tested at sea

India concerned over number of Chinese nuke subs

Battle of Atlantic remembered

04 May 2008

USS North Carolina Joins the Fleet

Navy Commissions USS North Carolina, Its Newest Sub

02 May 2008

Senate Committee nips and tucks Navy shipbuilding request

USS North Carolina To Launch Saturday

01 May 2008


U.S. Navy Launches Second LCS

Royal Navy's new destroyer put through its paces

Chinese build secret nuclear submarine base