World Naval News Archives

31 July 2007

New type of submarine fin being created

US project to drive down sub size

New defuelling facility for RN submarines

Russia's Navy gets ambitious

30 July 2007

New RN sub ready for its command deck

On This Day in History: July 30 carrier of The bomb torpedoed

PLA expanding combat capabilities of shipboard air troop

Disputed Gulf waterway potential flashpoint once more

Russia celebrates Navy Day

Marines make history aboard British carrier

British Re-Learn Large Carrier Operations

Feature: The story of the Clyde Bank shipyard

Japanese navy sails into
Wellington harbour

A Navy man's Hollywood story

PRO-CON: Should Navy expand use of sonar devices? NO

29 July 2007

Veteran survived sharks after torpedo attack

Shark Week starts off with a gripping tale

Russia leads race for North Pole oil

Russia aims to claim Arctic seabed

Robots Clear Waterways of Deadly Mines

Pacific war games play out near Guam

USN stunt pilot killed in crash at air show

Lanka navy sinks LTTE boats, 6 killed

28 July 2007

Veterans salute sailors killed aboard Forrestal

"Carriers 'will be jewel in Navy's crown"

Sudan 'must pay USS Cole victims'

Ship's engine smashes three cars

USN seeks blanket approval to test sonar off Hawaii

Northrop Grumman to develop new submarine technology

Explosion destroys external hull of nuke sub in Severodvinsk

Book claims Soviets sank US sub in Cold War

A new dimension in Bodrum
submarine excursions

Russia downplays submarine blast

27 July 2007

Connecticut heads for West Coast (photo)

U.S. Navy Admiral to See Missile Submarine of Russia

Kremlin makes symbolic grab for Arctic

Minor incident on Russian sub, but no blast-navy

Russian submarine ruptures under air pressure

Russia: The US admiral's visit

Chinese Navy to build two carriers with Russian help

Small blast on Russian sub

Nigerian navy ousts 10 officers for smuggling oil

Small blast on russian sub, no radiation leak

Scorpene submarine project yet to kick off

Modernized MK 41 VLS on USN guided missile cruisers

Israeli navy commander resigning over failure in 2006 Lebanon war

26 July 2007

People Problems in the U.S. Navy

New carrier systems challenging to launch

'Offshore Missile Defense: Where are the Submarines?'

Ship is a new wave in the approach to war

U.S. Navy To Ask for DDG 1000 Proposals

US Navy commander to visit Russian nuclear warships

Royal Navy gets go-ahead for new carriers

Day of Daring

Rafales Trap Aboard Big E

Key House panel approves more submarine funding

China's newest submarine on Google Earth

First Greek hydrogen submarine

Russian mini-sub north pole expedition stranded

Authorities seize submarine
from Colombian drug gangs

Video: USS Connecticut departs for good

U.S. judge orders Sudan to pay $8 million in USS Cole lawsuit

Silent Service
Charity ride a trip of a lifetime

£4bn carriers 'will be jewel in UK Navy's crown'

25 July 2007

Rolls-Royce signs £1bn contract to keep RN subs at sea for 10 years
Royal Navy submarines

Chinese navy trains marine rescuers for developing countries

USS Buffalo arrives at new homeport

Key House panel approves more submarine funding

Anger as Russians try to claim North Pole

Russian North Pole mission stalls

24 July 2007

Video: Remembering USS Wahoo

Maintaining Britain’s eternal Vigilance

Photos: Seawolf arrives in Bremerton: 1, 2

Shallow Water Delays JFK's Departure

25,000-ton cruiser under consideration

There Goes Connecticut

23 July 2007

Workshare Debate Snarls Path to 2nd French Carrier

Sub photo could sink Google in China

Indian Navy to induct Gorshkov by late 2008

Museum Wants To Preserve Last Non-Nuclear Sub

USS Seawolf Arrives in Bremerton

21 July 2007

USS San Antonio may be tip of iceberg

Royal Navy Gets Buzzed By The Osprey

USS Seawolf attack submarine to arrive in Bremerton on Sunday

Navy's NR-1 Research Sub To Be Decommissioned

20 July 2007

U.S. Admirals To Review Draft of New Maritime Strategy

Shipyard develops new sub technology

China develops ballistic missile to attack aircraft carriers

Raytheon Delivers Short-Range Ballistic Missile Defense Solution to U.S. Navy

Lusty catches the whirly bird

"Hammer blow to the morale of the Royal Navy"

CNO outlines Navy operations at sea and ashore

EB Celebrates the Hawaii - the 100th Nuclear Powered Sumbarine

19 July 2007

SSGN Florida Tomahawk salvo-launch video

VENEZUELA: Russian Subs on the 'Scope

No word from Russia on warship delay

F-35 Navy version readies for production

Royal Navy’s Latest Destroyer Takes to the High Seas

Video: Yokosuka Sub Tour

U.S. takes command of gulf task force

Navy negotiates construction of DDG 1000

Aircraft carrier go-ahead near

The sub that Quickbird saw

18 July 2007

Britain Will Decide on New Aircraft Carriers `Soon'

Operation Bold Step begins

HMS Tireless featured on ‘The One Show’

The Royal Navy's Big week in the Big Apple

India activates naval surveillance station on Madagascar

HMS Daring sets sail for trials

17 July 2007

US to reduce carrier strength in Gulf to one

16 July 2007

Iraq navy relies on allies to protect oil sites

BAE begins trials of next-generation destroyer

Sailor Reenlists On Board Sunken Carrier

Hydrogen Powers Greece's First Fuel Cell Submarine

Robots go under the seas

14 July 2007

Sea Fighter Seeks a Back Door

Submarines: ideal fuel cell vehicles

13 July 2007

Biggest joint naval exercise in Bay of Bengal planned

Decision looms on Navy’s UCAS-D

Russia Sets Its Sights on Naval Reform

12 July 2007

International Sub Races host largest field ever


CNO reflects on the passing of Rear Adm. Fluckey

Cutty Sark renovation echoes British naval history

Navy's Pacific sonar use extended

US denies warship signals Gulf build-up

Bulava ICBM breakthrough

WWII Submarine War Patrol Reports will soon be available

11 July 2007

Taiwan Finally Buys P-3s

U.S. Navy sends carrier to Gulf but no build-up

US may cut Navy presence in Persian Gulf

Russia planning new Black Sea base

Tomahawk passes first UK test

Arctic melt raises strategic issues, US defence officials warn

Canada ready to get serious about maintaining Arctic sovereignty

Oil and gas behind the Arctic interest

U.S. Navy Bolsters Arctic Presence

Dive into the heart of France's new deterrent

New Russian SSBNs will not be based in Northern fleet

Civilian Subs Become a Nuisance

Paul Allen's $12 million yellow submarine

Japan, U.S. hold joint missile defense drill near Japan

Japan upset by U.S. Navy disclosure about joint drill

Navy Secretary Blasts Northrop's Work

Brazil to revive nuclear submarine project

10 July 2007

U.S. Navy raises presence near Iran as nuclear talks continue

V-22 Makes First Landing on Foreign Ship

U.S. sending third aircraft carrier to the Middle East

Riddle of a Confederate Submarine

Experts complete survey of Russian sunken submarine

The U.S. Navy wants in on boat-cars

Luxury Subs of the Rich and Famous

09 July 2007

Stolen submarine recovered!

"We Don't Need NATO"

Harper announces ships, deepwater port to stake out Canadian sovereignty

Canada Tightens Grip on Disputed Arctic

"Big E" Deploys

Varyag Construction Speeds Up

CV-22 aces three-part test

Russia to Build New Submarine Base in Kamchatka

Fire Costs Two-Week Delay to U.S. Navy’s LCS

India, Israel To Co-Develop Advanced Barak Missile System

Germany Clears Decks For New F125 Frigates

New Chinese Ballistic Missile Submarine Spotted

Russia to build new aircraft carrier

Canadian Navy to get six Arctic patrol ships

Submarine stolen, reward offered

Navy reasserting control of shipbuilding

08 July 2007

China may launch construction of aircraft carrier

Pentagon plays keep-away with Navy's jets

Enterprise strike group deploying to Middle East

Export of BrahMos awaits nod from India, Russia

India working on new generation missiles

A knockout punch from the sea

07 July 2007

Taiwan Buys U.S. Arms; U.S. Eyes China

USS Curtis Wilbur hits Russian destroyer

Off to sea aboard New Zealand's newest warship

India gets submarine missile power

06 July 2007

Video: Submarine Races

A great day for Australia's Navy

HMAS Yarra keeps up the search for WWI sub

Engineers at Northrop Grumman try to build a better submarine

Canada's PM expected to announce big investment in Arctic patrols

Harper announces upgrades to Halifax-class frigates

Submarine COD Memorial Celebrates Unique World War II Rescue

05 July 2007

Researcher spots China's new nuclear sub on Google Earth

China's new missile submarine seen by satellite

Russian Navy will receive latest nuclear multipurpose submarine in 2009

Sleep deep in underwater hotel

Submarines resurface at Disneyland

From under the sea to space

Royal Navy’s new carriers could be based at Faslane

Attack of the Killer Dolphins?

German Navy christens corvette OLDENBURG

Russia to sign submarine contract with Venezuela by yearend

Defense Ministry plans to auction off Navy’s only submarine

Navy commander: US is "wary" of China

04 July 2007

18th century pirate flag restored

Korea Commissions Asia's Biggest Landing Vessel

US Navy's nextgen AESA radar system enters full-rate production

Bomb's away as navy deals with mine threat

Royal Navy test fires Block IV Tomahawk cruise missile

Nuclear ships: Millions to build, and now millions to trash

03 July 2007

Royal Navy unveils new 'Smart' long-range submarine launched missile

US naval call gives India sinking feeling

S Korea looks to the open seas for military strength

Sub won’t be torpedo-ready until ’09

Ukraine to sell its only submarine

Russian submarine found in Swedish waters

02 July 2007

Indian Navy to keep eye on oil interests abroad

Canadian Navy re-thinks requirements to maintain Arctic sovereignty

Korean Navy to Launch Online Starcraft Team

Northrop Is Criticized for `Mismanagement' by Navy Secretary

Ukraine marks Navy Day

01 July 2007

Hero known as 'Galloping Ghost'

Navy ship $840 million over budget and still unfinished

Indian navy to acquire 6 new submarines

Nimitz loaded with hi-tech weapons

USS Nimitz’s nuclear weapon status unclear

US Navy visits Vladivostok