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31 December 2004

Disaster brings Indian, US navies together

U.S. Plans to Retire Navy Carrier, Buy Fewer Ships

Pakistan, China discuss transfer of new naval weapons

USS Abraham Lincoln heading for Sri Lanka

Ships, planes from several nations deliver aid to tsunami victims

Last local USS Squalus survivor dies at 90

Can. Navy aims to redefine image of submarines

Fifth Indian Navy ship with relief supply arrives in Colombo

Pentagon considers retiring navy carrier

U.S. Navy faces China challenge

30 December 2004

Give to the Red Cross International Response Fund

United Defense’s Mk110 Gun To Arm LCS and New Destroyer

USS Kennedy's Future Is Uncertain

Canadian Navy launching campaign to fix battered image

29 December 2004

Japan sends rescue team to tsunami-hit Thailand

San Diego-based Navy ships on way to help tsunami victims

Naval ships can produce 90,000 gallons a day fresh drinking water to tsunami victims

Give to the Red Cross International Response Fund

China’s navy fans out in the Pacific

Photo: Tsunami victims aboard PNS Tariq

Photos - USS Houston arrives in Guam: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Scientists near answers on Civil War mystery men

Naval refit overruns by $500m

Photo: USS Abraham Lincoln in Hong Kong waters

India to rescue of islanders at navy base

Japan sends navy, 40 million dollars to help tsunami victims

Indian Navy swings into action in Lanka

28 December 2004

China strengthens building Navy, Air Force, Second Artillery

Diego Garcia Navy base reports no damage from quake, tsunamis

Pakistan navy ships join rescue work in Maldives

RN, home and away for Christmas

Inside report on Navy SEALs on '60 Minutes Wednesday'

27 December 2004

USS Houston arrives at its new home on Guam

Russia and China to Hold Joint Maneuvers

“Centenary of submarine fleet” expo opens in Russian Far East

What is a tsunami?

US lab develops torpedo countermeasures

Survivor of downed U-boat recalls rescue

Thai navy scours Andaman Sea for tsunami survivors

India Navy put on emergency alert

26 December 2004

First Boise resident to serve on USS Boise

Russian naval city in Ukraine

Indian Navy warships leave for Lanka

New Next Admiral for US Submarine Group 2

A good year For undersea page-turners

Indonesia to send navy for workers

Tamil fishermen freed by Lankan Navy today

25 December 2004

Christmas on a destroyer

CBS Reports Inside Story of Navy SEALs

US carrier's port call in Hong Kong not related to Taiwan

Navy sonar blamed for disrupting whale diving patterns

Storm brewing over delays to warships

24 December 2004

Raytheon wins Navy missile order

Russia will maintain nuclear parity with U.S. - Defense Minister

Atlantic submarine makes rare Hawaii stop

USS Houston pulls into new island home

Freedom's price paid in frigid waters of 1944

Sonar could be giving whales the 'bends'

Upgrade of five Swedish Landsort-class vessels

23 December 2004

Indian Navy to induct BrahMos missile in 2005

USS Houston joins two other subs at new base on Guam

England Expects...

New sonar gives HMS Westminster the edge

Nigerian Navy warship explodes

Book review: "To rule the waves"

Pin-up girls cast adrift by RN

Crown Princess Victoria christened submarine HMS Härnösand

Akula, Oscar and Quality Control

RN blamed for delays to strategy for shipbuilding

Sparton gets sonobuoy contract USN

22 December 2004

Navy helps track suspected blue whale

Navy Relieves 80 Commanders Over 5 Years

Submarine Jimmy Carter Delivered to U.S. Navy

U-Boot for sale

Indian Navy to purchase MiG-29K fighters

Israel to acquire two more German subs

"Kursk" tragedy serves a basis for a film

Sevmash shipyard tests hull of new Russian submarine

US vet kept seas safe from German subs

Bangladesh Navy will get extra Tk 340m for dockyard take-over

UK navy aids Colombian drug raids

21 December 2004

India successfully testfires supersonic BrahMos missile

Bulgaria to Buy NATO-type Submarines, Frigates

Submarine lift too expensive for museum campaigners

Submarine Force Medal of Honor Exhibit Opens

Dutch Mammoet might salvage another Russian nuclear submarine

USN Interceptors for sea-based missile defense

Fire on USN submarine brought under control

Daewoo International to export 4 warships to Indonesia

HMS Marlborough rescues 12 merchant seamen from Arabian Gulf

USN leaders push simulator-based training

20 December 2004

Israeli Navy mulls new missile boats

Russian Typhoon completes sea trials

Sea trials of Russian Delta-IV Tula postponed

A night in a submarine, sleeping with torpedoes

Singapore to ask Japan, others to join minesweeping in Malacca

California lawmakers contemplate "naval militia"

South Korean coast guard after runaway Russian ship

U.S. gunboats, sinking of ships rankle Ecuadoreans

South Korean naval ships visit Guam

19 December 2004

Boleum USN Base

Lankan navy sinks Indian fishing boat

NR-1 crew helps in HMS Chicoutimi rescue

Destroyer Williams joins fleet, bearing latest technology

Subs made to order

Photos: U 26 home after 332 days: - 1 - , - 2 -

DVD Review: Pearl Harbor, Collectors Edition

RCN to go on PR 'offensive' to repair image of sub program

18 December 2004

U.S. arms will strengthen maritime security: Pakistan

Sea Tigers chief slams Indo-Lanka naval exercise

What's larger than a Royal Navy destroyer and costs more than £120 million?

Russia's economic situation can barely keep Navy afloat

Canadian Navy to go on PR 'offensive' for sub program

Sub report won't be out until February

For four USN subs: Goodbye missiles, hello SEALs

SA goes to "war" but no losers expected

USN destroyer Williams joins fleet, bearing latest technology

Pentagon envisions smaller submarine

Ex-USN destroyer to be test bed for DD(X) project

Russian economy alows for merely maintaining navy

HMS Chicoutimi report goes to navy chief

17 December 2004

U.S. sub comes home after circling the world

Milestone India-Sri Lanka Naval history

USN LCS contract for Lockheed Martin

Indonesians to ride with Aussie navy

Down periscope for scrapped tourist sub

Photo: German schnellboot Kondor at sea

RN captain broke bond of trust

206 Squadron to be disbanded

829 Squadron back after 11 years

Navy aircraft foil pirate attacks

For subs, a new mission

Submarine fire findings to be delivered to navy today

Gaul trawler sunk by wave not submarine

16 December 2004

Defense Ministry refutes reports on Russian-Azeri naval exercises

Captain's decision left Can. sub at risk, officials say

You could tell he would command a sub

HMS Vanguard leaves after refit

Slideshow: USN Marshall Mars wreckage

RN frigate returning without captain

German spy tries to sell plans world's first fuel-cell submarine

HMAS Darwin next to The Gulf

Raytheon wins $29.7M USN sonar deal

15 December 2004

Israeli Navy steps up at-sea boardings to counter terror threat

Navy Awards Contract for First Littoral Combat Ship

U.S. missile defence test fails

USN Mars is found in seafloor survey around Japanese mini-submarine

Indian Navy to have indigenous aircraft carrier by 2011-12

Contract awarded to sealift HMCS Chicoutimi to Halifax

Wreckage of giant USN seaplane found

Indonesian leader urges increased sea patrols to tackle piracy

USN documents detail Iraqi abuse claims

RN denies mutiny as ship returns without its captain

US carrier JFK returns to Mayport

14 December 2004

HMS Bulwark joins the Royal Navy

New attack on coastal terror

Report: Pentagon study calls for more submarines

Pentagon report calls for 45-50 attack subs

Politics stalled sub deal

Beware the (chinese) wolfpack

RAN limits use of sub rescue vehicle

Photo: USS James E. Williams commissioned

'Can.' Subs corroded while Chretien considered optics

HMS Illustrious returns to base after £120m refit

Royal Navy commander ordered back to UK and told to leave ship

13 December 2004

Oriskany Starts Final Journey

Upgrading India's Naval Power

Iran releases intercepted Iraqi oil tanker, holds crew

First nuke sub dismantled in the frames of Rus.-Jap. project

Russia bolsters nuclear arsenal

RCN sub Chicoutimi due to arrive in Halifax in January

Fast attack craft for Indian Navy launched

Scavengers strip U-boats in Atlantic

US Navy under global pressure to limit sonar use

Ellen MacArthur meets up with HMS Iron Duke

Israel to buy 2 more German Dolphin subs

12 December 2004

Pearl Harbor survivor recalls his experience

Guam residents edgy after Chinese sub's passing

Exhibit remembers bravery Of nine USN submariners

Can. damaged sub will head back on a surface vessel

Royal Navy supports North events

US Coast Guard helicopter crashes in Alaska rescue

USS Arizona memorial center slowly sinking

11 December 2004

ThyssenKrupp buy of submarine maker HDW

Pak Navy inducts first hovercraft

US Submarine Shipyard may shrink by half

RP-Malaysian navy training winds up

Tour in a yellow submarine

Six GRP hulls for Danish Navy

Spanish Izar launches submarine Carrera for Chilean Navy

The month long voyage of the Chinese SSN

Book review: "Cry from the Deep"

10 December 2004

New Assault Ship Is Pride of the Navy

Wasted nuclear fuel still inside written-off subs

Japan defence policy breaks with past

Russia to upgrade nuclear, conventional weapons

Tour in a yellow submarine

09 December 2004

Al Qaeda to Attempt Major Maritime Attack

Alexandria to Return Home Following Around the World Deployment

Navy to Commission New Guided Missile Destroyer

Tokyo protests after new sea incursion

Chinese subs have been patrolling near Guam since March

SOSUS tracks lonesome whale

08 December 2004

BreakAway Named to Create Navy Anti-Terror Simulation

Yemeni prosecutor seeks death for 2 more USS Cole attackers

Another Chinese ship spotted in Japan's waters

Submarine business expected to drop

07 December 2004

Honoring Medal of Honor submariners

Remember Pearl Harbor

Report: Chinese sub had circled Guam

Solo Yachtswoman Meets Up With Iron Duke

Navy Rejects Sonar Fears

06 December 2004

Chicoutimi looked like 'Swiss cheese'

Navy names new submarine for New Mexico

German Navy Assumes Command of Task Force 150

New warship sonar system unveiled

Connecticut sub base unlikely to be scuttled

05 December 2004

Canadian navy prepares subs for relaunch

Chicoutimi crew was testing electrical fault before fire

Russia, Turkey to sign agreement against sea incidents

Over-budget Navy shipbuilding project sails into further delays

Anger as Royal Navy carrier contract goes to America

Sonar fears for marine life

South Korea asks U.S. to aid in hunt for subs

04 December 2004

Australia to rotate ships in Persian Gulf

Indian Navy commandos to rule seas

USS Yorktown decommissioned after 20 years

03 December 2004

China's Type 094 Ballistic Missile Nuclear Submarine

China launches new class of nuclear sub

10 countries waiting to buy BrahMos

Truman Takes the Reins in Persian Gulf

Navy conducting mine warfare exercise

Chinese sub conducts rare out-of-area operation

Illustrious heads for sea trials

Wasp Finishes Osprey Exercise

China tests new ballistic missile submarine

Pakistan offers to train Malaysian submariners

02 December 2004

DARPA Takes a Dive

Australia tests Wayamba UUV

Australian Navy gets Harpoon

India, Pakistan to set up naval 'hotline'

India to conduct more tests of BrahMos missile

Navy Blue Angels jet crashes

Live fire accident in Brazilian-Argentine naval exercise

Hunt continues for the Alligator submarine

01 December 2004

US to sell Phalanx, P-3 Orions to Pakistan navy

Argentine warship fires on Brazilian frigate

Speed Limits for Navy Ships Urged After Whale Collision

India to commission 'Admiral Gorshkov' in 2008

India to step up naval cooperation with neighbours

Australia's Defense Minister defends use of active sonar

India to pay $2 billion for Russian weapons

Russia does not plan to lease Akula subs to India

New Russian warships to go on trials in 2006

Ivanov says no nuclear subs will be sold to India

How Russia keeps China armed