World Naval News Archives

31 March 2004

Pakistan Navy participates in Arabian Shark-2004

Royal Navy to 'lose two carriers' in cutbacks

U.S. Warhawks' Projected Deployment of Aegis in East Sea of Korea Flayed

MoD scuppers Ark Royal frontline role

Four Navy jets crash in 6 days

U.S. Warns Against Attacks on Commercial Vessels

Lawmakers split on Navy's ship request

30 March 2004

‘Sea swap’ cuts warship transits

Bolivia seeks return to sea

N.Korea blasts U.S. missile defense plan

A Fleet of Disposable Ships

Wasp Transits Suez Canal, Joins 5th Fleet

29 March 2004

Canada to 'flex muscles' in north

Mistress and Commander

HMS Illustrious as you have probably never seen her before

BrahMos missile for Indian Navy by next year

Russian naval maneuvers in Black Sea

Ex-RN warship scuttled in Cornish bay

Ships in danger say RN chiefs

HMS Illustrious high and dry

Court hearing sunk Russian K-159 sub

Promotion video: Scorpene sub

Chinese team at Indian naval dockyard

RN gets new mine hunting sonar

28 March 2004

Navy sues civilian for return of plane

Chile purchases four Dutch frigates

Trident missiles could be made safer

Ships in danger say Navy chiefs, as Sea Harriers are scrapped

BrahMos missile for Indian Navy by next year

Date set for USS Jimmy Carter's christening

French carrier Charles de Gaulle 'magnificent'

27 March 2004

British Warship Sunk to Make a Home for Sea Life

NATO Pledges Ships And Aircraft to Help Safeguard Olympics

Civil War submariners home at last

Ghana Navy to arrest fishermen doing light fishing

RN divers rescue trapped cavers in Mexico

SLN blocks TNA candidates from campaigning

Russia, Italy to conduct joint naval exercises

Book review: Castles of Steel

Schoolboy to sink former warship

Kintyre may be RN nuclear submarine dump

RN divers assiste with explosives on ex-HMS Scylla

26 March 2004

Canada aims to reclaim Arctic

New 7th Fleet flagship arrives in Japan

Aircraft carrier remembers lost aviators

Marines, ships to join U.S.-led offensive in Afghanistan

Netherlands sells four frigates to Chile

Is China ready to invade Taiwan ?

Plans finalised to scuttle Ex HMS Scylla

Scrapping of toxic ships in India criticised

Saab anti-ship missile for German Navy

Two missing after Sri Lankan Navy attack

25 March 2004

Call for designs of new air warfare destroyer

No salary for Russian Navy shipyard workers

USN Fighter jet crashes during training

UK: The development of one of the world’s most sophisticated submarine bases

Chile's new frigates spur arms race

Work starts on new Royal Navy Submarine Museum building

Accelerated Missile Defense Plan Moves Ahead

No foreign ships permitted to patrol in Pak waters

French naval ship to call at Tema port

Call for designs of new RAN air warfare destroyer

Indian naval ships visit Jakarta

RN warship to visit Goa

24 March 2004

Pakistan to join 7-nation naval patrol in Arabian Sea

Naval chief ’should shoot himself’

Gaza not targeted in Israeli Navy shooting

French Navy finds Fijians drifting three days at see

Israel Navy fires on Gaza terrorists

Russian U-turn over nuclear ship danger

Russian admiral retreats over explosion warning

Statement about Russian nuke ship worries world

Falklanders anger over “Almirante Irizar” incident

Russia's rusting navy

23 March 2004

Admiral, captain fight over flagship

Tempest over Russian nuclear fleet


Navy Chief Retracts Nuclear Flagship 'Explosion' Claim

Stennis Strike Group Begins Final Exercises Before Deploying

Secrets of Civil War submarine emerge

Brunei Navy warships launch open house

Alarm over Russia Navy statement

Polystyrene foam to increase buoyancy of retired Russian nuclear submarines

Australian Navy denies U.S. warship design is certain choice

Russia navy chief says nuclear ship could blow up

Photo's: Russian Black Sea exercise

22 March 2004

US to deploy destroyer for ballistic missile defence

France offers nuke sub for Indian exercises

Virginia Completes Torpedo Tube Tests

Putin Resorting to Cold War Threats

Is China Prepared to Fight?

BAE may lose main carrier role

Leisure submarines to be made in Dubai

Navy sails into untested waters

Russia Black Sea Fleet launches spring exercises

21 March 2004

Pakistan joins naval dragnet for Al-Qaeda

Bangladesh Navy to acquire submarines

Indo-French naval exercises in April

Photos: French Opération Heraclès

Sea Tigers deny involvement in Taiwanese trawler sinking

Photo: HMS Ocean tests new communication system

20 March 2004

Royal Navy closes one of al-Qa'eda's last escape routes

Royal Navy urged to fight piracy

With Taiwan in Mind, China Focuses Military Expansion on Navy

New African campaign for Belgian Godetia

Indian Navy to acquire 23 new vessels

Indian shipyard services offered to GCC Naval fleet

Dubrovnik shelling admiral jailed

Russian submarine test-fires ballistic missiles

ThyssenKrupp in talks on German shipbuilding tie-up

Lawmakers briefed on USN nuke incident

Ghana Navy ships not allowed berthing at Malabo Port

France joins China navy drills

Nigeria deploys warship off Equatorial Guinea

Indonesia upgrades its submarine fleet

19 March 2004

BAE to be snubbed over Royal Navy carriers

India, Singapore conclude joint naval exercises

Navy is tops in Russia's nuke force

Yemen Arrests Last of USS Cole Suspects

Indian Navy sails towards modernisation

Russia starts building new nuclear submarine

Final ANZAC Ship Launched

7 pirates arrested

Single U.S. carrier keeps watch

18 March 2004

Navy to Stand up Fleet ASW Command

Navy, Marine Corps Team to Revolutionize Naval Warfare

EB Exec Will Direct British Sub Program

Updated Sub Building Methods

Al Qaeda is said to plan to bomb city by sea

NATO allies expanding antiterror naval patrols

Navy could make more than half of Russia nuclear triad

17 March 2004

Canada vulnerable to 'Osama's Navy'

An Indian Ocean coalition to guard the seas


A Dozen Shots, A Dozen Successes For Virginia Sub Torpedo Tests

New flagships too tall an order

Russian Submarine Replays Failed Launch

Missile blasts off from Russian submarine

16 March 2004

U.S., South Korea to Hold War Games

Royal Navy initiative will raise profile of sea power

ASW Nimrods spy on roadside bombers

USS Kennedy in Live-Fire Training Exercise

Technology Takes Naval Training Into Future

China, France kick-off maritime drills

15 March 2004

Civil War ironclads to meet again

German shipbuilder unveils new stealth ship

Minister wants answers after navy-ship graffiti attack

U.S. aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea

China's new submarine simulator

China, France hold naval drill before Taiwan vote

French naval officer: Chinese Navy impressive

13 March 2004

Navy is on a mission to keep SEALs battle-ready

Indo-French naval exercises next month

South African Navy to receive third of four corvettes

Navy ship lives up to its name

French warships arrive in China for joint naval exercises

Missile incident rattles Canada

12 March 2004

"Graf Spee" artefacts on display

Crossing the line of maritime history

Patched-up Nottingham is afloat again

U.S. Navy fires another CO

Taiwan receives last Perry-class frigate

China, France to hold joint naval exercises

Lawmakers seek facts in nuke incident

How a Trident missile mishap happened

Aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal webcam

11 March 2004

N. Korea warns of naval clashes in disputed waters

Singapore, Indian warships begin exercise

Nuclear US sub missile damaged

KRI sinks ship, sets 2 on fire

Navy should guard UK ships from pirates

On board INS Mysore

RAN Nottingham Patched-up again

RAN: Shape of things to come

We all shiver in RN submarine

RSS and RNZN in joint wargames

Historic sub disasters left little room for rescue

Photo's: Russian VTOL cruiser Minsk in China

Video (large): RAN and RNZN exercise Tasmanex

Venezuelan Navy trains on anti-terrorism

Nuclear UK dockyard leukemia scandal

10 March 2004

Canada's new subs years off schedule

British subs have Canadians in a sweat

UK Sailors had to share wet jumpers on sub

Russian nuclear submarine to visit France

Sub crash commanders reprimanded

Increasing number of Navy officers getting fired

Aircraft carrier game nixed

Logbook of Errors: Iceberg and Rock Hazards

09 March 2004


Russia formally hands over Gorshkov to India

Post-it note led to £5 million sub crash

Royal Navy Should Do More to Guard UK Ships from Pirates

USS Ticonderoga on final junket

MSU won't play on aircraft carrier

Indian navy to have two aircraft carriers by 2011

Sub grounding court martial opens

We all shiver in submarines

08 March 2004

NATO commander says maritime security is weak link

Victor-III nuclear sub Perm to be repaired this year

Spartan survivors pay their respects

Mission to Mt. Everest will begin in a submarine

Australian Navy Perisher graduates show prowess in European waters

HMS Norfolk pays courtesy visit to Jeddah

Answer Man: Dive, Dive, Dive!

Indo-Singapore joint naval exercise from March 8

Piracy poses threat to world trade

India and Singapore ASW exercise

07 March 2004

India-Singapore joint naval exercise begins off Cochin coast

More on Indo-Singapore naval exercise

Pak-Saudi Naval Exercise Ends

India, Singapore begin ASW exercise

Record number of pirate incidents

Ironclad battle comes to life

06 March 2004

Artifacts Tell Story of Ironclads

Saudi Arabia ends naval exercise with Pakistan

Aussie mum and daughter set sail together

Queen meets foul-mouthed parrot

Indian Navy to exercise with Singapore from March 7 to 19

Kitty Hawk arrives in Hong Kong

Carrier Air Wing 5 Proves Kitty Hawk's Prowess

Belgian Zenobe Gramme on five month lasting campaign

Russian sub Dmitry Donskoy about to enter active service

05 March 2004

Hybrids on the high seas

Raytheon gets new Tomahawk contract

India, Singapore plan joint naval exercises

Typhoon sub Dmitry Donskoy to enter service soon

Group plans fiery Trafalgar tribute

Red Bull is the last of a breed

Aegis approved for Taiwan Navy

Moscow rejects rumor of sub sunk in water reservoir

Battle Cat Shows Off Sparrows

04 March 2004

Shipyarders Take Sub's Controls for Engineering Insight

Queen to meet swearing Navy parrot

Delta-III back in service after 11 years

Sub effort targets schools

New post will help defend UK from seaborne terror threat

Sonar advance could improve underwater detection

Navy moving fast to develop versatile combat ship design

Lawmakers want Navy to float numbers for new ship program

A Human Torpedo

Navy Awards Contract for SSGN Work

Prince Charles joins old shipmate to see war training

Sunken Japanese warships are environmental disaster

Argentina Navy admits 'dirty war' acts

03 March 2004

Fiji could hand French Navy policing powers

Probe into Russian arctic naval games

Russian Navy Squadrons to go on voyages

Baynunah class corvettes for UAE

Groton prepares for fight over submarine base

US Navy plans sharp reduction in active duty force

Games at Sea?

Underwater Travel Takes Wing

Foul-mouthed parrot banned for Queen's ship visit

WASP Strike Group passes through the Straight of Gibraltar

All Collins subs 'operational'

Submarine sank in Moscow

Last Chance for Russia's Defense Minister

02 March 2004

Russian Navy Activity to Increase

German battleship wreck may be raised

Navies to guard Olympic Games

Shipyard brings historic aircraft carrier back to life

Pak-Saudi naval exercise ends

Ark Royal scoops media prize

French Pacific Navy seeks extended powers

One RN smallest ships is a big record-breaker

Taiwan Navy expects last frigates to be delivered next week

01 March 2004

Navy Special Ops Boats Train With Hellgate Drivers

Putin Lashes Out Over Military Failures

New exercises to be held in Russia upon causes of failures cleared

Mystery Of French Sub Surcouf No Closer To Being Solved

Navy creates Fleet ASW Command

Pentagon's Top Sub Warfare Man Tapped For Surface Fleet Slot

Diesels Or Nukes: Officer Who Did Both Reflects On Differences

Australian Navy Signs Agreement with U.S. On Surface Warfare

HMS Scylla to be scuttled

New Can. subs to cost more than expected