World Naval News Archives

30 July 2003

Navy announces DD(X) radar decision

Pentagon: China Aiming Missiles at Taiwan

Pentagon Sees Growing Chinese Threat to Taiwan

A 'mini-carrier' for Australia?

HMS Ocean lowers the gangplank

Farewell to last of the sub-hunters

San Antonio 'A ship of Firsts'

CVN 21 - A new class of aircraft carriers

General relativity sinks submarine

29 July 2003

Raytheon wins $32M sub contract from Australian Navy

Russia to scrap more nuclear submarines

Harriers put to the test over Spain

How Navy subs used chat rooms in the Iraq war

Navy to Modernize Aging Aegis Cruisers

Navy Struggles to Get Multiyear Funds for Virginia-Class Submarines

Navy Courts Small Businesses For Submarine Program

The floating sentry to the Solomons

USNS Bob Hope Pays Tribute to Namesake

Deep sea detectives look for clues in USN SubScol's damage control trainer

UUVs will foster fundamental change in naval warfare

28 July 2003

USS Princeton Protects Oil Moving from Iraq

USS O'Kane Renews Ties to Fiji

Australian Navy aims at gunrunners

Toxic waste fears over plan to scrap US warships in Teesside

Navy plans threaten remains of Mary Rose

Russia to build new nuclear submarine by 2006: official

More Australian Navy ships for Solomons

Venezuela's Chavez appoints navy chief to oil fleet

Russia holds celebrations honoring navy

HMCS Nipigon the first artificial reef ever sunk in Quebec

$: Periscopes go digital

Second Hellenic Navy FAC launched

27 July 2003

Month Of July Marks Many Naval Turning Points

Sailors man the rails of USS Mustin (DDG 89)

Russian president congratulates sailors and veterans on Navy Day

Russian defence minister pays tribute to Northern Fleet

'US deployed subs near Pakistan to hit Osama'

Russia acquires missiles, plans to build submarines

Russian Lada-class submarine limps to the finish line

The synthetic torpedo meets the virtual submarine

26 July 2003

U.S. warships head for Liberia

Russia to deliver stealth frigate on Aug 12

Modern-day sailors fascinated by how wars were fought in 1800s

Navy opens ship-design center in D.C.

Russia resumes strategic sub patrols

Russian Defence Minister visits Northern Fleet

Russia to build new nuclear submarine by 2006: official

25 July 2003


U.S. Ships Positioned for Possible Liberia Duty

Turkish Navy Reinforced with Frigates, Submarines and Planes

After 8 Years, India's Navy May Finally Sail the Gorshkov

WWII sub will be towed, not sailed, across Atlantic

Kentucky's sub hopes sunk?

Idaho's "Submarine in the Desert"

New Tomahawks

24 July 2003

She just wanted to go to sea

Pirates 'rule the high seas'

Giving a voice to the Battle of the Atlantic

Amphibious Ship San Antonio Christened

Northrop Grumman to Commission Aegis Destroyer USS Mustin

Deep sea detectives look for clues in SubScol's Damage Control Trainer

Kings Bay sub training facility is nation's best

RAAF joins five-nation war games

Russian nuclear submarine commissioned after repairs

Movie Review: Below gets lost in deep space

23 July 2003

Nuclear submarines project launched in USSR 50 years ago

FBI: Maritime targets still vulnerable

Beijing launching own 'Aegis' warships

We're here to help

New subs' teething woes are over, Canada's navy chief says

New colour for Royal Navy

British frigate visits St Petersburg

Sonar effects on porpoises studied

The USN Virginia attack boat brings new potency to the fleet

22 July 2003

Bill to transfer US nuke submarine

Seabed excavation could reveal lost secrets of Henry VIII warship

No nuclear submarine for India: French Envoy

Canadian second hand sub snafus

India to sign submarine deal with France

Dead porpoise scanned for answers

Aussie troops sail for Solomons

21 July 2003

Aiming HIGH: The US Naval Surface Warfare Center

Simulated war takes place near Darwin

Singapore takes part in multilateral exercise in the Timor Sea

USS Tucson successfully completes missile test

Study suggests NASA should consider US Navy's safety techniques

BAE: 'Royal Navy sabotaged our budget'

Itís no mirage Ė thatís a real submarine part in Arco, Idaho

USS Toledo's Salvo In Iraq War Was Largest Ever From Attack Sub

RN Ships Gather for Queen

U.S. Navy Dumps Microsoft

Navy gets first of six minisubs based out of Pearl

NASA Urged to Adopt Navy Submariners' Safety Techniques

20 July 2003

4,500 feet beneath the Atlantic surface

New US Pacific Fleet Submarine Force commander

Travis commands a submarine he will never take to sea

New Canadian sub costs climb to $192 M

19 July 2003

Northrop Grumman cut from competition for stealth ship

Taiwan's MND considering used submarines

Canada's new sub costs climb to $192 M

GCC seeks larger warships to secure economic resources

Pak-China agree to conduct joint maritime exercise

Australia to send navy to Solomons

US Marine task force moves closer to Liberia

NASSCO wins contract for fourth USN supply ship

18 July 2003

Bunks for Virginia on Virginia

Contract let for new Collins sub combat system

Kakadu Six exercise begins in Australia

Russian WWII submarine found near Varna

How a Russian sub scared Greenpeace

USN next-generation amphibious transport dock ship christened

Hero's welcome for Splendid crew

Weddings underwater

Current state, and future of US Submarine Force

Three companies left in race for USN 'shallow water destroyer' contract

USN moves toward new, speedy ship fleet

Subplots abound!

17 July 2003

Indonesian Navy spots seven foreign warships in Natuna Sea

Newport wants US nuke sub as tourist attraction

Hunley crew to finally rest in peace

Norway Selects Skjold for Littoral Warfare Mission

'Sink The Bismarck' hits DVD

Congress, Pentagon At Odds Over Number of New Submarines

British TV crew faked submarine story from Iraq war

Pentagon mulls second-hand submarines for Taiwan

RN Ultraviolet light system tackles odours

Merger of HDW-Holding and HDW

US Sub director foresees 'revolutionary' power of SSGNs

16 July 2003

World funding pours into Russia for nuclear cleanup

4 Die in USN helicopter crash in Italy

Bid to Row Atlantic Ended by Navy Over Terror Fear

'Son of Star Wars' role possible for Australia's Navy

No Decision Yet On N Korea Interdiction

Prince Charles gives training ship to Russian navy

Lack of Naval Surface Fire Support a dangerous defense deficiency

LBT man building his own submarine at family marina

15 July 2003

India seeks more naval strike capability

N Korea "on path to war with U.S."

Anger as carrier costs rocket

Designer says Collins subs are victims of political attacks

26 injured by explosions at naval arsenal in Russia's far east

Indian warships to ensure security to African summit

Christening of the German frigate 124 HESSEN

Keel-laying of the third German Class 124 Frigate

SA navy off to Burundi

Australian frigate leaves for six months' duty in the Gulf

S'pore and US in military exercise

14 July 2003

Japanese deep diving sub lost in Pacific

China Shipbuilding ready to join submarine construction team

Australia signs contract for submarine improvements

US Submariners to get more room on new Virginia-class vessels

New patrol vessels for Malaysia

Japan is going to build small aircraft carriers

First underwater post office opens

Amphibious Ship San Antonio to be Christened

U.S. loudmouthed "naval blockade" against DPRK blasted

War possible to halt nuclear threat

Photo: BAE's aircraft carrier

Taiwan submarine deal may be put on the back burner

No Subs for Subs

Navy aircraft carrier at Pearl Harbor more likely

UK Aircraft carriers to cost £1.2 billion more

13 July 2003

Old carrier has good years left, to be mothballed anyway

San Diego carrier museum to show off USS Midway

Construction of India's next aircraft carrier to begin soon

Fireworks Cause Blasts at Russia Naval Arsenal

12 July 2003

Aircraft Carrier USS Reagan commissioned

A carrier of distinction

Strait of Malacca no longer a pirate haunt

Tactical Tomahawk first submarine launch

US firms mulling Taiwan sub contract

Power of new Navy sonar worries environmentalists

11 July 2003

New Russian submarine sea trials set for 2004

The carrier Reagan - Ahead of its class

Navy christens new guided-missile destroyer

Navy Eyes Advanced Technology For Virginia-class Submarines

Navy official says new submarines will save money

Taiwan Navy to hold large exercises late next month

Submariners to get more room on new Virginia-class boats

Raytheon a candidate to help build diesel subs

Navy, Electric Boat Ready To Sign 5-Year Deal

10 July 2003

U.S. to up naval presence in East Asia

Navy Secretary Announces Donation of Carrier Midway

USS Liberty attack tapes released

Next move due soon on US Navy combat ship design

Seoul says N Korean navy boat violated border

Springfield Submarine Wins The Burke Fleet Trophy

Belt tightens on Navy submarine program

Tactical Tohamawk completes first submarine launch

Sub tender fights-off brush fire

08 July 2003

Russian, French nuke subs joint exercise

USS Florida: An End and a Beginning

"Ronnie Bear" sales to help outfit Navy carrier

HMS Nottingham refloated

Senators Push For Multiple Submarine Buy

07 July 2003

From stem to stern: The carrier Ronald Reagan is ready

India, China join hands at sea

France, Russia begin naval excercise

06 July 2003

Russia has resumed sub patrols after year-long pause

Office Of Naval Research Uncovers History Of Civil War Submarine

05 July 2003

U.S. Navy F-18s, Indonesia Warplanes Have Close Call

Holland's sub returns to New Jersey

Indian warships to provide security for AU summit

04 July 2003

USS Greeneville completes ASDS tests

03 July 2003

Homegrown simulator prepares Canadian submariners for emergency escapes

Russia to honor John Paul Jones

DVD Reveiw: Hellcats of the Navy

Gulf war sailors become US citizens

Sub designer angry about Collins leaks

02 July 2003

Indian Navy to guard Mauritian waters

America's first submarine

Royal Navy yacht goes to Russia

Navy Commissions Aircraft Carrier Ronald Reagan July 12

Decommissioned Ship's Crew Gets New Vessel

Exercising for the future in the Baltic

India to strengthen naval presence in high seas

Collins saga plumbs new depths

01 July 2003

16,000 Defects in Collins sub

Russia planning major Pacific Fleet exercise in August

North Korea warns U.S. on blockade

Battleship New Jersey Rings in Freedom

US suspends plan to sell Taiwan four Aegis destroyers