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22 October 2020

Dawn of modern era of submarine warfare: ASW Corvette INS Kavaratti commissioned

Submarine killer Peter Madsen recaptured after taking hostage in Denmark jail escape

The Russians have spent 40 years preparing for undersea slaughter—The U.S. Navy built a submarine to stop it

19 October 2020

Navy names newest submarine after legendary WWII sub USS Barb

Chinese Increasing Nuclear Submarine Shipyard Capacity

China Arming Venezuelan Navy With Anti-Ship Missiles

16 October 2020

Explained: Why India Is Giving A Submarine To Myanmar Despite Itself Facing Shortage

15 October 2020

Japan Launches New Submarine Class

UK Ballistic Missile Sub Crew Suffers COVID-19 Outbreak After Visit to US Sub Base

14 October 2020

CNO Gilday Lays Out Priorities for 'DDG Next' Warship, New Attack Submarine

13 October 2020

VIDEO: US Navy’s 245th Birthday Message

General Dynamics to Continue Virginia-Class Submarine Support Work Under $328M Navy Contract Modification

Chinese Increasing Nuclear Submarine Shipyard Capacity

12 October 2020

Navy helicopter crews train in West Virginia

China protests latest US Navy mission in South China Sea

US Navy to Mark 20 Years Since Terror Attack on USS Cole

10 October 2020

Submarine USS Wyoming returns after 27-month overhaul

Stories of heroes aboard submarine in World War II surface

Finland, Switzerland Considering F-35s and Super Hornets in Upcoming Fighter Contests

09 October 2020

Navy, Coast Guard Keep Up Operations in Africa

US Navy inspections of Ingalls-built ships uncovered significant problems, report shows

500-ship Navy?; Lord's reforms; Interior's drone fleet; and more...

08 October 2020

Littoral Combat Ship USS Gabrielle Giffords Quietly Ends Western Pacific Deployment

Report to Congress on US Navy Ship Names

With DoD's fleet of 2045, the US military's chief signals he's all-in on sea power

07 October 2020

How Warships Hunt For Enemy Submarines Down Below

Navy Fielding MQ-8C Fire Scout to Operational Squadrons Ahead of Deployment Next Year

SECDEF Esper Calls for 500-Ship Fleet by 2045, With 3 SSNs a Year and Light Carriers Supplementing CVNs

06 October 2020

Saying goodbye to 'Narwhal,' a sub whose stealth changed the Navy

The Navy Is About To Sail With Its Next Big Leap In Shipboard Electronic Warfare Systems

US Navy's aging surface fleet struggles to keep ships up to spec, report shows

05 October 2020

DRDO’s SMART missile could be trump card against China’s submarines

Old nuclear sub gets new life at Nerpa shipyard

Russian Akula-class Submarine 'Magadan' to be Operational Again in 2022

03 October 2020

Unusual Submarine Likely To Increase Threat From North Korea

Royal Navy's £270m hi-tech torpedo upgrade nears completion as tests on Portsmouth-built weapon are carried out

Investigation Finds USS Columbia Shooter Was Likely Unfit to Serve on Submarines

02 October 2020

Navy conducts freedom of navigation operations off Venezuelan coast

Amid India-China Tensions, A US Navy P8 Submarine-Hunting Aircraft Landed At Andaman And Nicobar Islands Last Week.

Navy conducts show of air power in the Indo-Pacific, another message to China

01 October 2020

As Navy Pushes for More Ships, Experts Warn Repair Yards Are Crumbling

Navy to Use Sea Hunter in Fleet Exercises as Unmanned Systems Experimentation Continues

For the fire-ravaged ship Bonhomme Richard, the US Navy has no good options