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31 August 2020

The strange submarine saga: Son of Collins to son of Collins

Submarine Scare Off Alaska May Have Been U.S. Navy, Not Russian

Thai government delays purchase of submarines from China

29 August 2020

Russia conducting biggest naval war-game maneuvers near Alaska since Cold War era

Russian Submarine Sets Off Alarm Bells After Surfacing Near Alaska Amid Rash Of Posturing

Navy Accepts Delivery of Second Next Generation Landing Craft

28 August 2020

Sailor Investigated for Arson in U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard Fire

Navy, Air Force working to find 'Sweet Spot' in Collaborating on New Fighters

Navy Program Will Use AI on Drone Images to Predict Fleet Maintenance Needs

27 August 2020

Colombia Intercepts Submarine Carrying Cocaine to Mexico

U.S. Military Acknowledges Monitoring China Drills After Being Warned 'to Immediately Stop'

Lack of U.S. Warship Repair Capacity Worrying Navy

26 August 2020

China Strengthens Key Navy Base In South China Sea For Aircraft Carriers

How US Submarines & Bombers Are Challenging Russia In Its Own Backyard?

U.S. Navy's most advanced attack submarine surfaced outside Tromsø

25 August 2020

America's 355-ship Navy does not have to be the current fantasy

Russia working with China to design submarine, missile defence system

Keel-laying ceremony for future USS Idaho submarine

24 August 2020

The New Technologies That Could Make It Harder for Submarines to Hide

Surprise! The Chinese Navy Just Transformed This Cargo Ship Into An Instant Helicopter Carrier

China Launches Advanced Warship for Pakistan Navy

23 August 2020

Aegean Tensions: Turkish Submarine Had Difficult Night Surrounded By Greek Helicopter & Stealth Submarine

Pacific-based US Navy Submarine USS Seawolf Operating in Norwegian Sea

22 August 2020

Prospects for game-changers in submarine-detection technology

Nuclear submarine to be first ship named USS Idaho in more than a century

Satellite images appear to catch Chinese submarine entering underground base

21 August 2020

MDA Head: Homeland Missile Defense Effort Needs Enhanced Network

Report to Congress on Virginia-class Attack Submarine Program

GAO: Naval Shipyards Still Under-Resourced; Delays On Sub, Carrier Work Will Continue

20 August 2020

Russian Baltic Fleet forces supporting state trials of Volkhov diesel-electric submarine

They survived life on a submarine and at the South Pole. Here’s their advice for staying sane this winter

Turkish Submarine Had Difficult Night Surrounded By Greek Helicopter & Stealth Submarine

19 August 2020

Navy Quietly Starts Development of Next-Generation Carrier Fighter; Plans Call for Manned, Long-Range Aircraft

VIDEO: VADM Paparo Takes Command of U.S. 5th Fleet; VADM Malloy to Deputy CENTCOM

Satellite images capture single Chinese nuclear submarine entering 'Bond lair' cave complex

18 August 2020

Explainer On How Wonderfully Complex Submarine Torpedo Tubes Are

Scaled-Back, At-Sea RIMPAC 2020 Exercise Kicks Off Near Hawaii

USS Albany Carries on Submarine Battle Flag Tradition

17 August 2020

Historic Battleship Texas now controlled by Battleship Texas Foundation, renovations expected

Fall E-4 advancement exams called off by Navy amid COVID-19 pandemic

The strange submarine saga: vital yet vexed

15 August 2020

Iranians Raided Tanker Off UAE Searching for 1M Barrels of Petroleum Seized by U.S.; DOJ: ‘They Were Looking For Their Gas’

Brazilian Navy's Riachuelo submarine completes surface and propulsion tests

Arizona memorial honors veterans of submarine service

14 August 2020

New Columbia-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine is a top priority for US Navy

Global AIP Systems and Lithium Batteries for Submarine Revolutionary Trends in Industry Statistics by 2020-2026

3rd Fleet to Lead USS Bonhomme Richard Fire Command Investigation

13 August 2020

US Navy Can Now Build Models Of Enemy's Approaching Warships & Submarines

How Submarine Sonarmen Tirelessly Hunt For Enemies They Can't Even See

20 years after Kursk, Russia moves from tragedy to redefined underwater warfare capability

12 August 2020

South Korea plans to deploy enhanced submarines in the next five years

Australia orders 12 submarines from French firm

Submarine underway creates pleasing postmark

11 August 2020

Revealing a WWI drama: How modern technology is shedding new light on the horrors of submarine warfare

The loss of USS Bullhead overshadowed by atomic bomb

The strange submarine saga: how did we get there?

10 August 2020

Carrier Eisenhower Returns From Deployment After Spending Almost 7 Months at Sea

Ecuador navy surveils huge Chinese fishing fleet near Galapagos

The strange submarine saga: how did we get there?

08 August 2020

Ronald Reagan CSG Exercises With Land-Based Navy, Air Force Aircraft Off Japan

Major Submarine Contractor Drops Navy Missile Tube Biz

'USS St. Louis' officially joining Navy's fighting fleet

07 August 2020

Virginia-Class Subs Facing Most COVID-19 Delays at Newport News Shipbuilding

U.K. Royal Navy Dispatching Survey Ship to Aid in Lebanon Crisis, CENTCOM Sending Supplies

Sub Base Kings Bay Keeping Current Ohio Subs Ready, Prepping for Incoming Columbia Class

06 August 2020

SECDEF Esper Blocked Shipbuilding Plan to Congress Because it Lacked ‘Credible Pathway’ to 355-Ship Fleet

Congress pushes back on White House bid to cut funding for Virginia-class submarines

Guided by National Defense Strategy

05 August 2020

Navy, Marines Locate Sunken AAV, Human Remains

Pentagon nominee slams the US Navy's fleet plans as 'not a credible document'

HII Growing Unmanned Investments as Navy Plans to Expand Capability

04 August 2020

Navy to Remove Aft Mast on USS Bonhomme Richard This Week in ‘Abundance of Caution’

Sub Base Kings Bay Keeping Current Ohio Subs Ready, Prepping for Incoming Columbia Class

Report to Congress on Chinese Naval Modernization

03 August 2020

US Navy prepares major surge of littoral combat ship deployments

In the North Atlantic, NATO navies are practicing to take on a wave of Russian submarines

Powerful Russian Oscar-II submarine sails north outside Norway

01 August 2020

US Navy's First Black Female Tactical Air Pilot Earns Wings of Gold in Texas

Divers haul ghost nets from submarine wreck in Greece's Ionian Sea

This soothing submarine video will put you straight to sleep