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29 September 2018

The True Story of the Russian Kursk Submarine Disaster

Russia's Most Advanced (And Stealthly) Nuclear Submarine Ever Just Went to Sea

China Has a New Plan to Hunt and Kill Navy Submarines

28 September 2018

10 facts about the USS Indiana submarine, which is docked at Port Canaveral

Bath Iron Works lands $3.9 billion Navy contract

China Has a New Plan to Hunt and Kill Navy Submarines

27 September 2018

Is It Time for Australia to Buy U.S. Nuclear Powered Attack Submarines?

A submariner looks back proudly upon his ‘Silent Service’ - earning his Dolphin pin was momentous

Convicted Danish submarine killer loses appeal

26 September 2018

New Navy grooming standards, and big changes for sailors assigned to Marine units — everything you need to know

How Dangerous Is China's Navy?

Serving On A Submarine Meant This Navy Vet Didn't Know WWII Was Ending Until Days Later

25 September 2018

Russia Launches New Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine

Watch: what it's like to live on a submarine

Navy should reconsider how to parcel out submarine maintenance work

24 September 2018

Diesel Submarines: The Game Changer the US Navy Needs

UK Media Claims Royal Navy Didn't Send Subs to Hit Syria Due to Lack of Assets

New mask-mounted head-up display gives Navy combat divers tactical advantage

23 September 2018

This Could Be Coming to a Navy Aircraft Carrier Near You

Why the U.S. Navy Wants a New Generation of Warships

Object resembling Argentina’s missing San Juan submarine found in search zone

22 September 2018

Russia reportedly will have futuristic nuclear submarine fleet by 2024

Pentagon: Young, Single Women on Navy Ships Most Likely to be Sexually Assaulted

Is It Time for America to Start Selling Diesel Submarines Again?

21 September 2018

Russia's Lada-Class Submarine Is Making a Comeback. But a Big Problem Remains.

20 September 2018

Second Lada class submarine launched in St. Petersburg

Why Japan's First Submarine Visit to Vietnam Matters

Preview: Scenic Eclipse's Onboard Submarine

19 September 2018

Congress to buy 3 more LCS than the Navy needs, but gut funding for sensors that make them valuable

Whales And Navy Sonar

With a Submarine, Japan Sends a Message in the South China Sea

18 September 2018

Navy to flight test first-of-its-kind carrier-launched drone in 2021

The US Navy is going to need a bigger boat, and it's getting ready to buy one

South Korea launches first KSS-III submarine

17 September 2018

'UFO' spotted onboard US Navy aircraft carrier, EXTRAORDINARY YouTube footage shows

Navy ships that went to sea to avoid Florence set to return on Sunday to Hampton Roads area

Japanese submarine conducts first drills in South China Sea

16 September 2018

Russia’s biggest war games include submarine hunt in Pacific

In 1939, a Nazi Submarine Went into Great Britain's Most Important Naval Base and Sunk a Battleship

South Korea launches its first missile-capable submarine despite improved relations with the North

15 September 2018

Russia's biggest war games include submarine hunt in Pacific

Cajun Navy Rescue Efforts Underway In The Carolinas

Inside the USS Indiana nuclear submarine

Remotely-piloted Navy jet damaged in California accident

14 September 2018

Peter Madsen ordered to pay compensation to family of victim

Mystery solved: Australia's first submarine sunk in 1914 by open valve

13 September 2018

Navy Ships Head To Sea As Hurricane Florence Threatens Virginia Military Bases

Boeing And The Navy Place a Big, and Risky, Bet On The MQ-25 Unmanned Air Vehicle

The Chinese Navy's Growing Anti-Submarine Warfare Capabilities

12 September 2018

US submarines are better than China's 'by far,' but in a war that may not matter

How a US Navy Pilot Shot Down a Syrian Combat Jet

Navy Seeks To Retain Senior Submarine Officers with New Bonus Program

11 September 2018

Navy pursues new stealthy heavyweight attack torpedo

The Navy Has Ordered 30 Ships To Vacate Norfolk As Hurricane Florence Closes In

Research submarine arrives at Friday Harbor

10 September 2018

Russian stealth nuclear submarines invade UK waters

Florida police 'use Taser on drunk and disorderly Royal Navy sailors' on shore leave from £3bn warship

This Stealth Navy Submarine Is Truly 1 of a Kind (And China's Worst Nightmare)

09 September 2018

Should the Navy Fear China's New Missile Destroyer?

The Navy Wants a Better Torpedo. Here's How It Can Happen.

Violette inspired by Navy dad to lead Albacore Museum

08 September 2018

Should the US Navy Buy Non-Nuclear Submarines?

Navy F-35C suffers first major airborne mishap

The World's First War Submarine Was Made of Wood, Tar, and a Bit of Metal

07 September 2018

The US Navy wants a 355-ship fleet to counter China and Russia, but it'll mean pushing ships well beyond their intended lifespans

Reshaping Royal Australian Asset Availability: The Case of the Collins Class Submarine

The Attack of the Turtle, America's First -- and Most Unusual -- Submarine

06 September 2018

Chinese shipbuilder starts work on US$411 million submarine for Thai navy

NATO increases anti-submarine training aimed at Russia

Submarine builder convicted of killing reporter still denies her torture, sexual assault and murder

05 September 2018

There's a WWII-Era Submarine Stuck in the New Jersey Mud

The Navy thinks Russian subs are a growing threat to Europe, and it's mounting a full-court press to counter them

The 1 Problem with the Navy's Columbia-Class Ballistic Missile Submarine

04 September 2018

Navy prepares to commission future USS Indiana submarine

Cajun Navy, Houstonians preparing to respond to Louisiana

Boeing Scores Big Win in Navy Drone Competition

03 September 2018

Why the Navy Misses the Old F-14 Tomcat (Despite All of the Problems)

The Next North Korea Threat: Submarines Armed with Nuclear Weapons

Go Diesel, Scare China: Why the Navy Should Deploy Diesel Submarines to Asia

02 September 2018

'Ghost ship' found drifting off coast of Burma, Navy solves mystery

A submarine spotted on Lake Michigan? The U.S. Coast Guard provides answers

Navy accidents boost interest in US Naval Academy training

01 September 2018

The US Navy is making a nearly billion-dollar bet on drones that can make aircraft carriers more lethal

Boris Yeltsin suggested secret meeting on submarine with Bill Clinton, transcripts reveal

Navy Sacks Second Submarine Commander in 5 Days