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31 May 2018

Latest US Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine Completes Initial Sea Trials

US and UK aim to counter a massive increase in Russian submarine activity in the Atlantic

IDF says it targeted unmanned Hamas submarines in Gaza airstrikes

30 May 2018

Come Aboard the Seawolf: The Navy's Deadly Submarine Russia and China Fear

Navy Wants Unmanned Systems to be Ubiquitous in Future Warfare

USS Manchester Commissioned as Navy's Newest Surface Ship

29 May 2018

The Navy Wants to Turn Its Nuclear Attack Submarines Into 'Spy' Ships

The Navy's Biggest Fear: 2 Ways That Guarantee You Will Sink an Aircraft Carrier

Anti-war group slams visit by U.S. nuclear submarine

28 May 2018

China's navy 'warned off' US warships that sailed through disputed South China Sea

Russia Cancels Project 955B - Will Build Six More Project 955A Submarines

Philippines modernises its ‘weak’ navy as China muscles closer

27 May 2018

Russian submarine activity in the North Atlantic has reportedly 'increased tenfold,' and the UK is struggling to keep up

How submarine murderer Peter Madsen lured reporter Kim Wall to her death

Argentina's San Juan Submarine 'Short On Food, Air Supplies'

26 May 2018

Initial sea trials completed for Navy's newest submarine, Indiana

Cadets bond with new submarine USS Missouri

Russian Sub Unleashes Four Nuclear Missiles in Less Than 20 Seconds

24 May 2018

Marinette shipyard has two chances to win multibillion-dollar Navy contract as LCS winds down

Step Aboard Nazi Germany's Super Submarine (Which Was the Ultimate Paper Tiger)

USS Montana submarine more than half complete, emblem to display Montana’s heritage

23 May 2018

Russia's submarine successfully test-fires 4 missiles

The S-3 Viking Could Do It All (And Hunt Russian Submarines): So What Happened?

Why the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier was forced back into port

22 May 2018

Russia unveils new ‘Husky’ submarine with potential to supersonic missiles

Royal Navy's nuclear submarines face £6bn black hole

$5m study examines how Collins Class submarine maintenance can be moved from Adelaide to WA

21 May 2018

The F-35 Could Become a 'Navy' Killer (Thanks to Norway)

Navy ships sent elsewhere for repairs leads to salvo from politicians

Navy’s Top-Dollar Stealth Fighter May Not Go the Distance

20 May 2018

US Navy still haunted by collisions, even as it adds Milius to 7th Fleet

Navy Fires Commanding Officer of Amphibious Warship

What the Arrival of Indonesia’s Second South Korea-Built Submarine Means

19 May 2018

Navy Embedding Mental Health Teams with Submarine Squadrons

Russia hints at a nuclear armed drone submarine for 2027

What the Arrival of Indonesia’s Second South Korea-Built Submarine Means

18 May 2018

Keel authenticated for future USS Montana submarine


The Navy Has 1 Nuclear Missile Submarine That Could Destroy North Korea

17 May 2018

Navy Looks Outside Budget To Help Build New Boomers

North Korea's Submarine Force: A Threat to the Navy or Paper Tiger?

Why Doesn't the Navy Have Battle Cruisers?

Navy 'callous' in how it describes deadly USS Fitzgerald collision

16 May 2018

India Says Its Nuke-Missile-Carrying Submarine Fully Operational

Appeal in Danish submarine case to be held in September

US Navy's most expensive warship just got even pricier

15 May 2018

Royal Navy names new attack sub HMS Agincourt

Submarines are increasingly lurking in seas around the world

6 months after Argentine submarine went missing, families feel 'invisible'

14 May 2018

Navy chiefs get go-ahead for £1.5billion hunter-killer submarine HMS Agincourt

Australian government releases Naval Group submarine industry plan

Royal Navy's final Astute-class submarine gets go-ahead

13 May 2018

Future attack sub Rickover hits milestone as US Navy churns through Virginia Block IV

Navy's Costliest Vessel Ever Just Breached a $12.9 Billion Cap Set by Congress

China's first homegrown aircraft carrier heads out for sea trial

12 May 2018

Keel-laying ceremony for submarine held at Electric Boat

France Is Building a New Nuclear Powered Submarine. Here Is What It Can Do.

Navy's new dress white uniforms put on display at Recruit Training Command

11 May 2018

Russia's Husky Class Submarine: Armed with Nuclear Torpedoes and Hypersonic Missiles?

US Navy, Sri Lankan surgeons perform first ever robot-assisted surgery on ship

Navy, DoD Manpower Nominees Address Pilot Shortages, Retention Concerns

10 May 2018

The Hyman G. Rickover will be the second submarine to be named for the “father of the nuclear Navy”

The Navy Wants to Give Its Bigger Planes a Way to Shoot Down Missiles

Step aboard the USS Zumwalt, the largest destroyer the US Navy has ever built

09 May 2018

US Navy's Costliest Warship Suffers New Failure at Sea

Navy career starts on submarines and ends on F-18s

Retired Navy SEAL to receive Medal of Honor

08 May 2018

Mattis eyes major overhaul of Navy deployments

SEEN OFF WEST SEATTLE: Submarine passing by

Navy Boosts Number of Women on Submarines

07 May 2018

Detailed design work on Future Submarines to move from France to Adelaide within four years

The Navy's EA-18G Growler Will Soon Be Armed with What Could Be the Ultimate 'Weapon'

Navy establishes aerial drone squadron

06 May 2018

The Navy is resurrecting a fleet to protect the East Coast and North Atlantic from Russia

The US Navy Needs to Get Bigger. And Huntington Ingalls Has Plans to Make It Happen

Aston Martin Teases Final Design of Project Neptune Submarine Ahead of Public Reveal

05 May 2018

US Navy resurrects Second Fleet in Atlantic to counter Russia

The Peter Madsen Guilty Verdict Leaves Lingering Questions and Pain

Navy Engineers in Malaysia Build Friendships During Pacific Partnership 18

04 May 2018

Best Of: China Ramps Up Navy to Challenge US Dominance

Navy exercise prepares fleet for upcoming hurricane season

Forget North Korea: South Korea Could Someday Have Submarines Armed with Nuclear Weapons

US says there will be consequences for Beijing allegedly moving anti-ship missiles to the South China Sea

03 May 2018

Investments Focus on More Lethal Force, Navy Secretary Says

Is Secretary of Defense Mattis planning radical changes to how the Navy deploys?

Sea Hunter: inside the US Navy's autonomous submarine tracking vessel

02 May 2018

US Navy wants future ship-killing missile for its new frigate, Raytheon says

Russian jet intercepts US Navy plane

Stolen homemade submarine now on dry land in Oakland

01 May 2018

Can the US Navy Brave the Waves of Autonomous Warfare?

Landlocked Bolivia Has a Navy?

Macron looks beyond submarines to forge closer ties with Australia