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28 February 2018

The US Navy's next advanced aircraft carrier is 70% complete — watch the latest 888-ton chuck drop into place

Sweeping legislation aims to fix the US surface Navy

Navy to 'take the man out of the minefield' in clearing underwater explosives

27 February 2018

Navy Requests $300M to Develop Shipboard Defensive Laser Weapons

New incentives for Navy sailors who extend sea duty tours

Wicker, McCain Introduce Surface Navy Reform Bill

26 February 2018

Naval Warfare Will Change Forever If Submarines Turn into Underwater Aircraft Carriers

Turkey, German company join forces for third locally-made submarine

The Submarines of the Future Will Be Robotic

25 February 2018

Navy ship named for Burlington is christened

Ex-Navy SEAL Claims He Listened to The Game's 'Red Nation' Before Killing Osama bin Laden

Will the Philippines Ever Realize its Submarine Dream?

24 February 2018

US Navy Hospital Ship Embarks on Aid Mission to Pacific

Freezing Navy EA-18G Crew In Ice Filled Cockpit Navigated Home Using Their Smart Watches

Oklahoma's Only Submarine: The USS Batfish is still 'living history'

23 February 2018

In a first, US Navy carrier to visit Vietnam since war

Iran looking to build nuclear submarines, watchdog says

The Navy Has One Nuclear Spy Submarine So Secret We Know Almost Nothing About It

22 February 2018

How the Marine Corps' favorite battle cry got its start — aboard a Navy submarine

Mysterious submarine emerges from ocean depths and passes below diver in chilling video

Second submarine welcoming enlisted female crew members

21 February 2018

The US Navy is sending destroyers into the Black Sea to send Russia a message

Riachuelo Class submarine enters final assembly phase in Brazil

New USS Missouri submarine serves as reminder of state pride, soldiers' sacrifice

20 February 2018

The Navy's stealth destroyers are getting new missiles that will turn them into long-range ship killers

Inside the Navy's fitful fight against cockpit oxygen loss

As fleet grows, it's a good time to be in the Navy

19 February 2018

US Navy says China's military buildup won't stop patrols

For Navy, retaining aviators may require pay increases

Dutch submarine arrives in Portsmouth

18 February 2018

One Of These Five Ships Will Become The US Navy's Next Frigate

Navy says it won't be deterred by Chinese-built islands

Iran to Unveil New Submarine

17 February 2018

Navy awards design contracts for future frigate

Surface Navy wants to slash shore time for its officers

Two women could enter Navy special operations training this year

16 February 2018


In 2013, A US Nuclear Attack Submarine Might Have 'Sunk' a British Aircraft Carrier

Nuclear submarine commander 'took eye off ball' before collision

15 February 2018

Nuclear submarine commander admits putting his ship at hazard

What Do You Get When You Cross an Airplane With a Submarine?

Nuclear submarine commander admits hazarding ship after collision

14 February 2018

The Navy Is Now Funding 4 Different Laser Weapons

Olympic Tourist Dazzled by North Korea's Crashed Spy Submarine

A pump-jet for the future submarine? Not so fast (or slow)

13 February 2018

Britain to sail submarine-hunting warship through disputed South China Sea next month

The Sound of Respect – Morning and Evening Colors On the Navy Base

US Navy to add 46 ships in five years, but 355 ships is well over the horizon

12 February 2018

Navy wants Mattis to delay shock testing for $12.9 billion super carrier

Navy investigating sailors in Japan over alleged drug activity

11 February 2018

Chinese media mocks India after nuclear submarine mishap

US Navy is seeking proposals for more destroyers

US Navy pressing towards major reorg that could strip Pacific Fleet of authorities

10 February 2018

World's Largest Anti-Submarine Robot Ship Joins US Navy

In 1996, a North Korean Mini Submarine Almost Started a War

Indonesian navy seizes vessel off Batam carrying 1 tonne of crystal meth

09 February 2018

Shock Trials or No, the Navy's Newest Supercarrier Is Still an Unreliable Debacle

'We're Ready, if Our Nation Calls.' A Top US Navy Commander in the Pacific on China, North Korea and More

Inside a top secret Canadian submarine

08 February 2018

German Navy experiences “LCS syndrome” in spades as new frigate fails sea trials

The Harrowing Tale Of The Nuke-Laden Russian Typhoon Class Sub That Almost Sunk In 1991

Six Indian Navy submarines to be upgraded

07 February 2018

Sub culture: Aboard a Canadian submarine prowling the Pacific

Navy's Sea Hunter Drone Ship Is Getting A New Owner, New Abilities, and a Sister

Navy Aircraft Participate in Singapore Air Show

Argentina offers $4m reward to locate missing submarine ARA San Juan

06 February 2018

USS Montana submarine coming together

US and China prepare for AI submarine warfare

Israeli Navy on high alert over upgraded Hamas underwater terror threat

The US Navy Just Got the World's Largest Uncrewed Ship

05 February 2018

DARPA hands autonomous sub-hunter prototype over to the US Navy

China Building Artificial Intelligence-Powered Nuclear Submarine That Could Have 'Its Own Thoughts,' Report Says

Boeing in talks with Indian Navy to sell F/A-18 fighter jets

04 February 2018

First female student at JU to earn submarine officer post

India's New Attack Submarine Comes with Some Serious Firepower

China accuses US of 'Cold War mentality' over nuclear policy

03 February 2018

US Navy to commission littoral combat ship USS Omaha

Crashed North Korean spy submarine a tourist draw ahead of Games

Pentagon seeks 2 new submarine-launched nukes

02 February 2018

Boeing Views Navy's MQ-25 Carrier-Based Drone Contract As A Must Win

Navy CNO: World has changed since the Cold War

01 February 2018

Submarine detection a rude awakening for Sino-Japan relations