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30 September 2017

Navy secretary: Collision review to include civilian input

After String Of Collisions, Navy Will Broadcast Ship Coordinates In Busy Waters

The Navy will send another combat ship to Puerto Rico, boosting hurricane relief efforts

29 September 2017

Navy Awards Contract for Columbia Class Submarine Development

Navy Secretary Spencer visiting Maine's Bath Iron Works

The US Navy Has Created Its First Ever Underwater Drone Squadron

28 September 2017

Iran Is Building Nuclear Submarines and a New Destroyer Despite Donald Trump's Warnings

Insight Economics reports finds Future Submarines Project is 'extravagantly expensive, highly risky'

India Delays Induction Date of Advanced Attack Submarine

27 September 2017

US Navy Accepts Delivery of New Nuclear Attack Submarine

Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort not headed to Puerto Rico — yet

'Capability gap' in $50b French submarine tender

26 September 2017

US Navy Pacific commander misses promotion, retiring after collisions

Diver who identified Nazi submarine coming to speak at convention

Navy Adding Xbox Controllers To Submarines To Make Sailors' Jobs Easier

25 September 2017

USS Fitzgerald to Change Homeport

Navy wants sailors to have sweet dreams for safety's sake

2 Vietnamese dead, 5 arrested in chase with Philippine navy

23 September 2017

Navy crew members are overworked, and that needs to change

Indian Navy takes delivery of Scorpene submarine

22 September 2017

Russian sub launches Kalibr cruise missiles at terrorist targets in Syria

US Navy awards $5B to finish ballistic-missile sub design

US Navy carrier drills with Japanese navy amid North Korean tension

21 September 2017

Navy Secretary Says Perry Class Frigates Could Be Brought Back

USS Nebraska crew meets submarine's namesake

Video shows narcotics submarine detection, suspect arrest off California coast

20 September 2017

Navy secretary on recent fatal accidents: 'We have a problem'

These Insane Jet Ski-Submarine Hybrids Are Basically Underwater Fighter Jets

German World War I submarine discovered intact with 23 bodies inside

19 September 2017

The Navy has now fired at least six amid the fallout over deadly accidents

US Navy will use Xbox controllers to steer submarine periscopes

Well-preserved wreck of WWI German submarine found off Belgian coast

18 September 2017

subs with xbox controllers

Indonesian Navy outlines specifications for seventh LPD

Robot submarines could soon be used to spy on America's enemies

17 September 2017

Somali Pirates VS Ship's Private Security Guards

'A Different Feeling': Navy Pilots Describe Shooting Down SU-22

India's Navy Just Built a Second Nuclear Missile Submarine

16 September 2017

Before You Spend $2 Billion on Your Own Submarine, Read This
luxury sub

USS Columbia crew members tour their submarine's namesake

Navy to christen the USS Tripoli — a ship that will pack helicopters, F-35s, and thousands of Marines

15 September 2017

U.S. Navy Investigating If Destroyer Crash Was Caused by Cyberattack

How One U.S. Navy Submarine Attacked Japan With Rockets ...

US nuclear sub returns flying pirate flag, sparking speculation

14 September 2017

Why The Navy's Top Spy Submarine Flew A Pirate Flag While Pulling Into Port

DSEI: Royal Navy Wants to Pitch Type-31e Frigate Design to U.S.

Why $7.8 Billion Submarine Deal Is Tough For India And Japan

13 September 2017

Could Russian or Chinese Submarines 'Sink' the US Navy in a War?

India's long wait for Scorpene-class submarine may end any day now

A China Submarine in Malaysia Amid Najib's US Visit?

12 September 2017

Exclusive: US Navy ships in deadly collisions had dismal training records

China docks second SSK at Malaysian submarine base

India's second indigenous nuclear submarine to be launched soon

11 September 2017

Patrol aircraft, submarine to face each other in Navy museum

Watchdog: Navy Ships Involved in Deadly Collisions Were Missing Certifications

Iran says it warned off US ship, Navy denies it

10 September 2017

He was stationed in Gulfport during Katrina. Now he's coming back with the Cajun Navy

Northrop Grumman's X-47B Drone Could Be Reborn As a Navy Air Tanker

Supplemental Inquiry USS Fitzgerald.pdf - Department of the Navy

09 September 2017

South Korea Launches New 'Strategic Dagger' Attack Submarine

Navy orders aircraft carrier ready for Irma

Submarine Drone Lets Pilots Play Cousteau Without Getting Wet

Could this be the submarine of the future?

08 September 2017

Congress grills Navy on ship collisions

Danish court rejects submarine builder's custody bid

New commander takes over Submarine Group 10

07 September 2017

Navy's blueberries to give way to green cammies starting next month
navy uniforms

Turkey, NATO allies to hold submarine drills

Concerns raised over safety of US Navy's Pacific fleet

06 September 2017

Madsen claims Swedish journalist died when she was hit by submarine hatch cover

Governor Calls for New Navy Base in Alaska

The Navy Is Having Collisions at Sea. Here's Why It's Happening and What Should Be Done.

05 September 2017

Ex-minister questioned as submarine graft probe widens
Israeli sub

Danish submarine inventor Peter Madsen to appear in court over Swedish journalist's death

Navy Upgrades Attack Submarine Weapons Controls, Sensors

04 September 2017

We flew with an elite Navy helicopter unit that's helping Harvey victims

Solved! 150-year mystery of confederate submarine HL Hunley

Sweden's Navy Asks: Please Don't Live Stream Our Submarines

03 September 2017

There Is One Simple Reason Why Drones May Replace Submarines

Russia's Alfa Class Submarine Could Out Run and Out Dive Anything (But Had a Fatal Flaw)

02 September 2017

US Navy Doubles Down On Range Requirements For Its MQ-25

The Navy Is Not Ready and It's Our Fault

This Nazi Submarine Went Missing During WWII And Was Just Found…In The Great Lakes

01 September 2017

Why Does America Need the Cajun Navy?

Bedford Native Keeps The Navy's Newest, Most Advanced Helicopters Flying

Get a look inside a submarine this weekend in Morro Bay