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28 February 2017

The Tragic Reason Why America's Nuclear Attack Subs Are the Best in the World

Iran says it test-fired missile from submarine

'Submarine Affair' becomes criminal probe

27 February 2017

A US Navy Fantasy: Bring Back the Big Battleships to Fight China?

Navy identifies Sailor shot and killed on Naval Air Station Oceana

US Navy active in South China Sea

26 February 2017

Iran's navy begins annual drill off Strait of Hormuz

Worried Over Trump, China Tries to Catch up With US Navy

NATO's Crazy Plan to Find Russian Submarines Was a Total 'Flop'

25 February 2017

A 308-ship Navy to cost $566 billion, CBO estimates

24 February 2017

The Australian Navy Is Way More Badass Than You Realize

The US Navy may have just figured out a way to save billions on bombs

Hiring freeze cools off Navy ship buildup too

23 February 2017

The US Navy Is Ready To Blast Enemy Targets With Star Wars-Style Lasers

Navy assessment calls for 355-ship fleet

IDEX 2017: China showcases new-generation frigate and S26 submarine

22 February 2017

Russian navy to flash nuclear power in Baltic Sea

China offers S-26 conventional submarine with Stirling engine

China nearly finished building South China Sea structures to house missiles

21 February 2017

Carrier group patrols pose new regional test

BAE Systems Announces New Submarine Construction Training Facility

20 February 2017

US Navy on Russia's Stealth Submarines: "They're a Concern For Us and They're Highly Capable"

Navy Submarine Launches 4 Ballistic Missiles Off California Coast

19 February 2017

The Royal Navy Is Back (Thanks to a New Aircraft Carrier Armed with Stealth F-35s)

US deploys carrier to contentious South China Sea

Royal Navy bans 'pin up' posters on ships

Wittman to helm Navy plan for larger fleet

18 February 2017

Japan Goes Back To The Future With Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Submarines

Almost two-thirds of St. Louis-built Navy Super Hornets out of service because of wear

Key equipment for Australia's Future Submarine programme to be agreed by early 2018

17 February 2017

Is the Age of the Submarine Over?

Russian spy ship no longer 30 miles from Groton submarine base, spotted near Virginia base

Navy Command Prepares for Pacific Partnership Mission

16 February 2017

Coast Guard Tracking Russian Spy Ship Near Submarine Base In Groton

Iran Defeats US Navy in Defiant Animated Film

India to Test Home Grown Underwater Missile From Russian EKM Class Submarine

15 February 2017

Crash Dive: America's Pending Submarine Shortfall

India Set To Test Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

Russian aircraft buzzed US Navy ship 3 times in a day

14 February 2017

Boeing's Souped-Up Super Hornet Adds Smart US Navy Firepower

The Navy is planning fresh challenges to China's claims in the South China Sea

Does China Have a Nuclear Submarine That Could Beat the US Navy?

13 February 2017

Britain's fleet of submarines 'out of action' report is 'categorically not true'

Royal Navy Rescues 14 Crew From Stricken Yacht in Atlantic

The Navy is planning fresh challenges to China's claims in the South China Sea

12 February 2017

Will the US Navy Build 'Light' Aircraft Carriers (Armed with Stealth Fighters)?

Reliving the last days of Kenyan troops killed by Japanese submarine

Why America's First Nuclear Attack Submarine Was a Real Game Changer

11 February 2017

US Navy destroyer tests new defense system, takes out ballistic missile

The US Navy Needs a New Fighter (And Russia and China Are to Blame)

Chinese aircraft passes within a 1000 feet of Navy anti-submarine plane in 'unsafe' encounter

10 February 2017

Royal Navy's entire fleet of attack submarines out of action

US Navy plane, Chinese jet have 'unsafe' encounter over South China Sea

China on track to expands its navy to 500 warships

09 February 2017

Indian Navy's Largest-Ever Exercise vs 'Enemy Submarines'

Russian anti-submarine ship arrives in Pakistan for joint naval exercises

Richard Lyon, pioneering Navy SEAL who fought in two wars, dies at 93

08 February 2017

Navy practices terrorist response

Nearly two-thirds of Navy planes grounded due to years of budget cuts

07 February 2017

South Korea flexes new AW159 helicopter capability in anti-submarine drills

Barrow-built submarine HMS Ambush still undergoing repairs six months after collision

The Navy is patrolling Putin's back yard as the US weighs a new Russia strategy

06 February 2017

US Navy decommissions the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

Chinese navy wraps up visits to 4 Persian Gulf states

Grounded: Nearly two-thirds of US Navy's strike fighters can't fly

04 February 2017

Norway plans submarine purchases with Germany

Navy decommissions 'legendary' carrier that shaped history

American Submarine Technology for Spain, 1917

03 February 2017

What Would Happen if Russia and America's Most Powerful Nuclear Submarines Went to War?

Reckless Iran ramps up dangers at sea, US Navy commander says

Inside the Navy SEAL Raid in Yemen Targeting al Qaeda

02 February 2017

S.Korea deploys 4 “submarine killer” helicopters against N.Korea

White House blames Iran for attack on Saudi ship

Navy: Special forces flew Trump flag in convoy

01 February 2017

Officials: Navy cruiser ran aground near Japan

Back in 2015, One of Russia's Most Feared Submarines 'Killed' an American Nuclear Sub

Total submarine warfare: centenary of Germany's declaration marked