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30 November 2016

A Rare Look at the Chinese Navy's Submarines

The US Navy's New Super Stealth Destroyer Is Getting Ready for Combat

Watch: Russia completes newest stealth 'Black Hole' submarine ...

29 November 2016

Military Machines: HMS Artful submarine

Navy's New Submarine Named After Landlocked Colorado

Iranian Navy Boat Threatens US Helicopter

28 November 2016

The Only Way the US Navy Will Get Bigger: Get 'Smaller'

Navy to bury veteran's remains in area where submarine sank in 1963

Probe puts submarine deal in doubt

27 November 2016

How to supercharge your Navy career by going full-time support

26 November 2016

The US Army Wants to Become a 'Navy-Killer'

Navy Destroyer Named for 1st Black Marine Corps Aviator

Will the submarine affair sink Netanyahu?

25 November 2016

Submarine Veterans Club serves 1100 Thanksgiving Meals To Sailors, First Responders, Vets

Super-stealth submarine 'Kolpino' joins Russian Black Sea Fleet

This Sleek Three-Seater Is the Ultimate Personal Submarine

24 November 2016

First British submarine to fire a torpedo in World War 1 has been found after vanishing 100 years ago

New cutting-edge $4B Navy destroyer malfunctions in Panama Canal

Israeli police to probe alleged Netanyahu submarine scandal

23 November 2016

Russia's Has a Fatally Wounded Nuclear Submarine That Could Become an Underwater 'Chernobyl'

Is the Sun Setting on the Royal Navy?

Most expensive destroyer in Navy history breaks down

22 November 2016

Why Trump's Plan for a 350-Ship Navy Doesn't Hold Water ...

Exposed: A Hidden Russian Submarine Almost Killed Millions during the Cuban Missile Crisis

Parrikar sees need for rethink of submarine building plan

21 November 2016

Royal Navy 'woefully low' on warships

Kansas Man, Experts Refurbishing a Cold-War Era Submarine

Attack submarine USS Dallas to return to Connecticut port

20 November 2016

The Oldest Navy Submarine turns 75

Lockheed Loses, and Raytheon Could Gain, as Navy Disarms the USS Zumwalt

The Navy took away sailors' job titles, and now no one knows what to call each other

19 November 2016

What the Navy says about the 'mystery' plane over Denver

In Israel, Furor Over Super Fast-Tracked Submarine Deal With Germany

Pak Navy ship to participate in naval exercise in Turkey today

18 November 2016

Does Australia Need Nuclear Attack Submarines?

Indian submarine prevented from entering Pakistani waters

Navy says it won't buy any more $800,000 shells for new destroyer

17 November 2016

Indian Navy to Buy Seven Corvettes for $2 Billion

The Royal Navy Is About to Lose Its Missiles

Sailors rallied to overturn the Navy's unpopular ratings decision. Here's how the White House responded.

16 November 2016

Trump wants 350-ship Navy, but how and why?

Despite Russia's recent showmanship on the water, its navy is in disrepair

White House supports controversial changes to Navy ratings

Bangladesh receives two refurbished Type 035 submarines from China

15 November 2016

'I Go Where I Please:' Unshackle Navy To Reply To Iran

Report: Russian Navy MiG-29K crashed returning to aircraft carrier

US Navy Returns Fire in $600m Piracy Lawsuit

14 November 2016

Sweden's Super Stealth Submarines Are So Lethal They 'Sank' a US Aircraft Carrier

Royal Navy to get new Type 26 submarine-hunting warships

At $800K a pop, new Navy destroyer's ammo is in question

13 November 2016

Multiple Russian nuclear-powered submarines are being hunted by the Royal Navy off the west coast of Scotland

How Russia Lost a Lethal Nuclear Submarine (And Never Recovered the Nuclear Weapons Onboard)

Canada Budgets up to CA$40 Billion for a New Navy

12 November 2016

Battleship Texas closed through Saturday for leak repairs

$12.9B, 4.5 acres: Navy's next-generation aircraft carrier

Indiana basketball players vertically challenged on Hawaiian submarine tour

More Growlers on Whidbey Island meands more noise woes, Navy study says

11 November 2016

Grace Hopper: The U.S. Navy Rear Admiral that invented the first computer software

Burr Ridge residents help commission newest submarine

Group of WW II submarine veterans gets smaller each year at Kings Bay memorial

10 November 2016

South Korea Launches Latest Attack Submarine

Israeli Navy New Submarine Sonar Significantly Increases Detection

Russia ships 'chase away' Dutch submarine in Mediterranean

09 November 2016

The Navy is retiring a submarine that miraculously survived a terrifying collision

Navy practices Orion crew module recovery

Top skippers credit their crews for Navy's prestigious leadership award

08 November 2016

Navy to step up training in Pacific Northwest

The Navy can't fire its awesome new gun because the rounds cost nearly $1 million each

Hollywood's Latest Navy SEAL Movie Looks Cliché In All The Right Ways

07 November 2016

How a Russian Submarine Designed to Kill American Aircraft Carriers Became a Victim of Its Own Arsenal

NASA, Navy practice Orion module recovery

VIDEO: See the Dutch naval submarine make its way through Cork ...

06 November 2016

China develops high-speed unmanned sea vessel for submarine detection

The Navy's new spy plane will make Russia very, very nervous

I'm a Muslim Navy Veteran Who Saw Firsthand What Happened When the Ayatollahs Took Over Iran.

05 November 2016

Submarine-hunting warships 'secure Clyde jobs'

This Navy-funded drone is at home in sea and sky

Navy Taking Back its Relics From North Jersey Naval Museum

04 November 2016

The US Navy's New Plan to Build a More Lethal Ballistic Missile Submarine

Indonesia's PT Palindo Marine showcases mini-submarine design

Navy's stealth destroyer pulls into South Florida

03 November 2016

Three Times a Charm: US Navy Littoral Combat Ship Damaged

Ukraine rebuilds navy, with US help, to counter Russian build-up in Crimea

Giant Aussie submarine invades Auckland harbour

02 November 2016

Distributed Lethality and Beyond: The US Navy's Surface Fleet Is Evolving Right Before Our Eyes

Navy Sends Ballistic Missile Submarine to Guam

China's 'submarine king' launches home-made remote-controlled vessel

First lady helps launch new high-tech attack submarine USS Illinois

01 November 2016

Navy Seeking UUV Advances To Field Today, To Inform Next Gen Sub Design In 2020s

Did Russia Just Copy a US Navy Robot?

US nuclear missile submarine visits Guam for 1st time since 1980s

Sunken WW1 submarine: Russia offers Sweden help in salvaging ...