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31 July 2016

RN Collision submarine sails from Gibraltar

Mini-submarine trail helps mark Connecticut naval base centennial

Indian Navy's submarine-hunting Kamov-28 choppers to get major upgrade

30 July 2016

How a Champagne-Laden Steamship Ended Up in a Kansas Cornfield

'We want the boat to grow longer arms': Submarines increasingly important in cyberwarfare

Memorial to slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle unveiled in Texas

29 July 2016

Russia'a 7th Yasen-Class Attack Submarine to Be Laid Down in July 2017

Navy Ohio Replacement Sub Class to Be Named for D.C.

How the Rum-Soaked Royal Navy Sobered Up

28 July 2016

This Caltech Robotics Team submarine can find targets and shoot torpedoes all by itself

This is one of the most bizarre World War II photos of a Nazi submarine we've seen

27 July 2016

US diplomatic strategy on South China Sea appears to founder

26 July 2016

Check out the new mini-submarine the Navy SEALs could use for their elite missions

Underwater Team Fends Off 'The Bends' at Navy Experimental Diving Unit

US Navy Chief Says He'll Keep Sailing in South China Sea

Navy Hints at Possible Further Delay to New Aircraft Carrier

Navy struggling to recruit submarine crews... because sailors can't use Facebook underwater

Lockheed Martin Will Build New Shallow Submarine For Navy SEALs

25 July 2016

Navy to Help Coast Guard Double Its Icebreaker Fleet in Early 2020s

Boeing to Produce 4 Anti-Submarine Warfare Planes for Australia

Norfolk Shipyard Gets Navy Job after a Few Lonely Months

24 July 2016

Russia expands Pacific submarine fleet with quieter, better armed vessels

Lockheed Martin Takes Another Crack at the Submarine Market

23 July 2016

Trainee May Have Had Conn in Submarine Collision

Red Flag 2016: Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps take flight in exercise

US Navy ship to be named for Detroit passes trials

22 July 2016

UK Submarine Damaged in Collision

North Korea submarine movement detected at disputed border

Schoolhouse Rocks: Navy Center Trains Military Divers

21 July 2016

UK nuclear submarine collides with merchant vessel off Gibraltar

US Won't Back Down on South China Sea, Navy's Top Officer Says

US Navy hit with $600 million lawsuit for software piracy

20 July 2016

Navy Wants Defense Department to Reauthorize Extended Deployment Pay

Navy's $12.9 Billion Carrier Isn't Ready for Warfare, Memo Says

19 July 2016

What Could Be Purpose of New Chinese Submarine

British parliament votes to renew Trident submarine nuclear arsenal

'Earthquake' reported off Florida waters was really a Navy test

18 July 2016

The Navy's Future Submarines May Go to Sea with Robot Remoras

US Navy was just hit by a 'whale' of a court ruling out of the Ninth Circus

17 July 2016

Valiant Virginia Navy scored unexpected successes

Trident: what you need to know before the parliamentary vote

General Dynamics Could Get the Go-Ahead to Remake the Submarine Fleet

Head of Navy Not Worried by Russian Ships Near Hawaii

16 July 2016

Top US Navy admiral to visit China, discuss South China Sea

First enlisted women to sail on Navy submarine at Bangor

Federal appeals court rejects Navy sonar-use rules

15 July 2016

US Navy's Next Submarine: Super Stealthy and Now Underwater Aircraft Carrier?

Navy to put armed sailors at recruiting stations

Japan's Abe Meets China's Li as Maritime Tensions Flare

14 July 2016

Is The Navy Going To Replace Its Helicopters With This Punchy Aircraft?

Japan's Latest Navy Recruits Make Stop In Baltimore

US Navy's Cruise Missile Killer Fires 4500 Rounds Per Minute (And Its Getting Upgraded)

13 July 2016

Navy's $12.9 Billion Carrier Falls Further Behind Schedule

Royal on Deck! Prince William Tours New Attack Submarine in Uniform

12 July 2016

Navy Images Show Iranian Boats in Incident Involving Top US General

French trawler accidentally catches Portuguese submarine

China Names No. 1 Villain in the South China Sea: Uncle Sam

11 July 2016

US Navy ship tries to deter refugees from entering Europe

Why is Putin's Navy Harassing a US Warship in the Mediterranean?

Top-secret submarine firm could move into Devonport's South Yard

10 July 2016

Israeli Navy Successfully Tests Long-Range Missiles

Navy Studying How to Proceed on New Plane-Landing System

N. Korea's missile likely failed after launch from submarine

09 July 2016

The Russian Navy's Biggest Enemy Isn't NATO (It's Fire)

Navy lowers medal count for SEAL Chris Kyle

Seoul says N. Korea test-fires submarine-launched missile

08 July 2016

Australian-US military memories preserved

China's PLA says submarine deployments in Indian Ocean 'legitimate'

Russian Spy Ship Spotted Near US Navy Drill in Hawaii

07 July 2016

US Navy destroyers stalk China's claims in South China Sea

Taiwan starts designing home-built attack submarine

US navy researchers conduct tests to grow vegetables on submarines

06 July 2016

Russia's Submarine Force Is Back: How Worried Should America Be?

Lockheed Martin Awarded Contract to Continue Victoria Class Submarine Fire Control Support

See the U.S. Navy like never before during Navy Week Milwaukee

05 July 2016

Congress Buys the Navy a $400 Million Pork Ship

Groton to celebrate submarine century with parade

General Dynamics Subsidiary to Build Virginia-Class Submarine Payload Under $116M Navy Contract Modification

04 July 2016

Hometown Hero: First African-American Navy SEAL hails from Lockland

Sweden's Saab Suffers Setback Selling Submarines

DSME starts work on South Korea's second KSS-III submarine

03 July 2016

Senior US Navy Official: Navy Plans to Ask for Fleet Size Increase by 2020

Navy ship named 'USS Wichita'

The huge changes to Navy careers that MCPON wants

02 July 2016

Russian Warship's 'High Risk' Pass At Navy Ship 'Highly Unprofessional': U.S.

Top Secret Project 705: Soviet Submarine Still Causing a Stir in the West

Taiwan's Navy Accidentally Fires Missile Toward China, Hits A Fishing Boat

01 July 2016

German firm to refit, arm 2 submarines

Navy faults crew leaders who surrendered boats to Iran

Prawit confirms submarine purchase