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29 February 2016

Navy Revising Force Structure Assessment In Light Of Increased Attack Sub, Other Ship Needs

Navy, Marines to test seabasing concepts at Korean exercise

Navy ship with all-woman crew reaches Kochi

28 February 2016

China's World War I Master Plan to Take On the US Navy

S Korea Navy names its seventh 1800-ton submarine

Navy SEAL details the harrowing mission that earned him a Medal of Honor

27 February 2016

US Navy to look at alternatives for remote mine-hunting vehicle

INS Arihant: What India's new nuclear submarine could mean for the world

Reflections: It's a small, submarine world

26 February 2016

India Nears Completion Of Nuclear Triad With Armed Submarine

Who flew drone over Bangor submarine base? Navy wants to know

25 February 2016

The US is worried it can't keep up with China and Russia's submarine fleets

Navy Pondering Helicopter Future After MH-60 Seahawk

First African-American woman from NROTC selected for nuclear submarine service

AUS Submarine industry given boost as Federal Government announces 12 new vessels

24 February 2016

Nato begins Dynamic Manta 2016 submarine warfare exercise

Navy SEAL Who Helped Rescue American Hostage from Taliban Will Receive Medal of Honor

Damaged clutch shut down new Navy warship

23 February 2016

WWII Submarine War Patrol Reports Coming Online

India's first nuclear submarine INS Arihant ready for operations, passes deep sea tests

Huntington Ingalls Pursuing Digital-Only Blueprints Amid Navy Innovation Push

22 February 2016

Navy commander: South China Sea not a US-versus-China battle

U.S. Navy Brings Back Navigation By The Stars For Officers

India deploying eight P-8I submarine detecting aircraft to counter dozens of Chinese submarines

21 February 2016

A Nazi submarine did not "mysteriously" surface in Lake Ontario

U.S. Navy's Mach 7 Railgun Could Mean Billions of Dollars for General Dynamics

20 February 2016

First black female Navy pilot encourages students to aim high

Mechanical issue at sea forces HMCS Windsor submarine to dock in U.S.

The tough life of a submariner on board the Navy's Collins Class submarine

19 February 2016

Mechanical issue at sea forces Canadian submarine to dock in Virginia

Russian Resurgence Brings Back Another Cold War Icon: the US Navy in Iceland

Italy sending Russia a new nuclear waste transport vessel to haul submarine reactors

18 February 2016

Will the Navy test its futuristic rail gun at sea this year?

US Navy Anti-Ship Tomahawk Set for Surface Ships, Subs Starting in 2021

Ex Royal Navy officer on mission to find WWII submarine that sank in 1942

17 February 2016

Cambodia to welcome Chinese warships as Japan navy heads home

Russian Black Sea fleet holds submarine rescue operation drills

6300 Navy job cuts won't hurt fleet manning: CNO

16 February 2016

Navy seeks autonomous drones despite warnings from critics

DARPA's anti-submarine drone ready to sail in April (VIDEO)

Japan pressures Australia over $50b submarine contract

15 February 2016

US presses UK on renewing its Trident nuclear submarine fleet

North Korea Aims For Submarine-Launched Nuclear Missiles

U.S. Concerned by China Using Non-Navy Boats in South China Sea

14 February 2016

Surprise! The US Navy Has a New Ship-Killing Missile

First touristic submarine launched in Antalya

Navy strike groups must adapt to rising threats: Experts

13 February 2016

DARPA's New Autonomous Submarine-Hunter Could Change Naval Combat Forever

New Royal Navy general purpose frigate to be known as Type 31

This amazing graphic shows all of the Russian navy's submarines

'UK must maintain submarine Trident'

12 February 2016

The scary, practical reason the navy is once again teaching celestial navigation

Navy tests first 'reversible' clean energy fuel cell storage system

FY 2017 Navy Budget Adds 3 More Aegis Combat System Modernizations Over Next 5 Years

11 February 2016

US sends submarine to South Korea

The US will reopen a Cold War submarine hunting base in Iceland

Israel reveals robotic anti-submarine, mine-hunting warship (VIDEO)

US Navy rips Iran after new footage shows captured sailor crying

10 February 2016

BAE Secures Successor Missile Submarine Design Contract

Pentagon Testing Agency Blasts Navy Official For Defending Littoral Combat Ship

Liberal pollsters to help in German submarine bid

09 February 2016

Navy Budget Confirms Plans to Cut Purchases of Littoral Combat Ships

FY 2017 Budget: More High End Warfighting Power But ...

Vietnam Gets Fifth Submarine from Russia

08 February 2016

Japan steps up bid to win Australia submarine contract

South Korean navy fires warning shots at North Korean patrol boat

New Zealand Navy Kicks of Seventy-Fifth Celebrations

07 February 2016

Navy uniform changes will accommodate bigger, bulkier sailors

South Dakota follows Colorado's course to celebrate its submarine

06 February 2016

Key senators urge Navy to block Special Operations admiral's promotion

Plant City native serving on Navy submarine

Navy's Osprey Will Be Called CMV-22B; Procurement To Begin In FY 2018

05 February 2016

Russian submarine activity has returned to Cold War levels, Nato says

South Dakota submarine to carry on World War II legacy

Navy begins to force out senior enlisted sailors

04 February 2016

Air Force F-35 Buy Trimmed? While Navy Model Boosted

Navy, Marines get new ships, missiles and jets in proposed Pentagon budget

Navy fires submarine commander, cites leadership shortfalls

03 February 2016

Ohio-Class Subs Approaching Several Firsts As Navy Prepares Them To Reach 42 Years of Service

Why the Pentagon Is Gunning for the Navy's $23 Billion Combat Ship

'Mini Red Octobers:'Russia to Push on With Stealth Submarine Program

Dramatic Taliban hostage rescue earns Navy SEAL the Medal of Honor

General Dynamics to continue U.S., U.K. submarine fire control systems work

02 February 2016

US Navy Orders 20 New Anti-Submarine Warfare Planes

Why the South China Sea Needs Japan's Navy

Exclusive: US budget plan includes over $13 billion for new submarine

01 February 2016

US Navy Maneuvers in the South China Sea Spark Chinese Calls for a Tougher Response

US Navy's Unmanned Jet Could Be a Tanker

Can the PLA Navy Make the Indian Ocean Chinese?