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31 October 2015

The US Navy's Worst Nightmare: Super Advanced Russian Submarines

Launch aids GPS, but Navy keeps sextants at hand

India's First New Stealth Submarine Begins Sea Trials

Navy grapples with Russian threats to undersea cables

30 October 2015

Expect the Russians to Keep Buzzing American Navy Ships

China's Supersonic Ship Killer Is Making U.S. Navy's Job Harder

29 October 2015

INS Kalvari, First of Scorpene Class Submarines: 10 Facts

China calls Navy's patrol through disputed islands 'provocative'

US Navy scrambled jets after Russian planes approached carrier

US Navy Displays Newest Submarine, And It's A Machine Of Absolute Power And ...

28 October 2015

Navy Plans To Deploy A Submarine Drone Squadron By 2020

The Seawolf Submarine - As A New Cold War Heats Up Did The USA Stop Production Too Soon?

China Summons US Ambassador to Protest Ship Near Reef

27 October 2015

US Navy mulls missile system on LCS combat ships

US Navy to send destroyer within 12 miles of Chinese islands

Russian Navy's “aggressive” activity near underwater cables worries US

26 October 2015

South Korea's navy fires warning shot at North Korean ship

Russian navy holds drill to 'repel strikes' on Crimea

Navy ships honor new war heroes

24 October 2015

Navy moving on new nuclear sub EB hopes to build

USN on track with missile testing facilities for Ohio-class replacement submarine

U.S. Navy team begin search for El Faro's 'black box'

23 October 2015

Navy Can't Afford Extending Ohio Submarine Platform, Haney Says

Russia's large anti-submarine ship leaves for Atlantic mission

What the Navy is Doing Now to Remain Cybersecure

The Navy's Sitting Ducks

22 October 2015

US Navy Considering Adding Anti-Ship Missiles Back to Submarine Force

US Navy 6th Fleet Increases Capability to Face Russia, ISIS

4-star: Navy must invest in undersea drones

China invites U.S. Navy officers to tour aircraft carrier

21 October 2015

The centerpiece of the Navy's future doubles down on 20 year strategic mistake

First time in Europe: US Navy successfully intercepts missiles

Navy sends USNS Apache to seek sunken cargo ship El Faro

Senior US Navy Officers Visit Chinese Aircraft Carrier

20 October 2015

Freedom-Class Littoral Combat Ship Milwaukee Delivers to Navy

F-35C & Ford Carriers – A Wrong Turn For Navy: CNAS

Navy 6th Fleet ramps up to face Russia, ISIS

19 October 2015

Retrofittable unmanned system for navy boats takes to the water

Obama Navy Now Half The Size Of Reagan Navy

US Navy to search for ship lost in storm off Bahamas

18 October 2015

Indian Navy keen on fielding indigenous nuclear-powered sub

Navy won't have aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf as Iran deal takes effect

Japanese Navy Flexes Muscles in Regional Fleet Review

Veterans work to repair USS Omaha submarine

17 October 2015

Railguns, Lasers and Nuclear Power: The US Navy's Next Super Ship?

Putin's Navy Sends a Shot Across Obama's Bow

The only ship left in the US Navy that has sunk an enemy ship is 217 years old

16 October 2015

Fighting hard ... Japan will provide even its most secret submarine ...

Russia to modernize Sindhukesari submarine for the Indian Navy

Navy base to commemorate 1915 arrival of first submarines

Expert: Navy might need two unmanned carrier jets

15 October 2015

Report to Congress on Virginia-Class Attack Submarine Program

The US Navy is reinstating the ancient art of celestial navigation

South China Sea Dispute 2015: US Navy Patrols Controversial Region

14 October 2015

The Navy's Uniform Changes Are Anything But Gender Neutral

US Navy Report: Arab Coalition Slowing Aid Efforts in Yemen

Navy Launches Independent Review of Littoral Combat Ship Remote ...

13 October 2015

US Navy Birthday

New US Submarine Christened Illinois

New Menu at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay

Sink or swim: Australia needs a Russian submarine fix

Philippines Backs US Navy Plan To Test Chinese Claims In South China Sea

12 October 2015

Pakistan, China Finalize 8-Sub Construction Plan

The Indian Navy and the 'Battleship' Debate

India's indigenous nuclear submarine Arihant to undergo missile firing tests

11 October 2015

Saab Pitches Collins Submarine Upgrade

India's indigenous nuclear submarine Arihant to undergo missile firing tests

First lady Michelle Obama christens Navy submarine named after Illinois

10 October 2015

Lockheed F-35s finish at-sea test flights as US Navy warms to new jet

Royal Australian Navy Bullish on New MH-60R Helos

Groundwork Begins On Successor Submarine Site

USS Indiana submarine crew visits Elkhart, South Bend to promote new ship's ...

09 October 2015

Navy Will Use Sonar to Search for Sunken Cargo Ship El Faro

08 October 2015

US Navy will challenge Chinese territorial claims in South China Sea

2015 Navy firings: Commanding officer, XO and senior enlisted

Japan Set To Offer Australia Submarine Technology

07 October 2015

China to build four submarines in Karachi

Prawit: Submarine purchase 'still on'

First Lady Michelle Obama will be in Groton for submarine christening

06 October 2015

A top US Navy commander just took aim at China

Japan Closing in on Submarine Contract

First lady to christen submarine at Connecticut shipyard

05 October 2015

General Dynamics: We Need Navy's Answers on SSBN(X) Subs Acquisition Plan

Navy F-35C pilot gears up for testing on carrier Ike

China's Nuclear Submarine Distraction

04 October 2015

Navy retires its last modern ship to sink an enemy vessel

George F. Will: Our Navy, our future

03 October 2015

Navy Revives Squadron for Crash-Prone Sea Dragon Choppers

Submarine veterans to pay tribute to Owensboro WWII skipper

Small water-filled submarine designed just for scuba divers

02 October 2015

Senators blast cost increases on US Navy aircraft carrier

China dispatched nuclear-powered submarine on first combat patrol

01 October 2015

Congress Makes Navy Sweat On Carriers, UCLASS, LCS, & Cruisers

Gov. Malloy designates year-long submarine heritage celebration

Russian Submarine Carrying Nuclear Weapons Arrives In Pacific Region