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30 September 2015

Shipyard converting USS Michigan for enlisted women

Why the Navy needs more than just more ships

Is this Maine-built destroyer a marvel, or a floating boondoggle?

Celebrate Groton, Connecticut's Submarine Heritage in Year-Long Celebration

29 September 2015

Final Navy frigate to be decommissioned Tuesday in Mayport

Navy slogan search in limbo amid advertising contract dispute

Lockheed builds laboratory to support RAN's submarine project

28 September 2015

The military’s secret military: Green Berets, Navy SEALs and the special ops you’ll never know about
Navy Seals

India may get US, French cos as partners for building nuclear submarines

Australian submarine makes surprise appearance in Penang

27 September 2015

Russia Stole Ukraine's Old Navy: Now Ukraine Needs a New One

Canada To Lease Commercial Vessel To Refuel Navy Ships

Oregon Coast in WWII: Lincoln City's Submarine Lookout

26 September 2015

Connecticut shipyard to build latest Virginia-class submarine

China Ups The Ante In Nuclear Warfare Capabilities

Gallatin grad serving on submarine

25 September 2015

China is launching a 'trump card' nuclear submarine that could target US

Lockheed Martin to Open Submarine Combat System Laboratory to Support Design ...

Navy Set to Install Hybrid Electric Drives in Destroyer Fleet Staring Next Year

24 September 2015

Navy to name new submarine USS Utah

US Navy's F-35 test to include new helmet, full weapons load

Navy Set to Install Hybrid Electric Drives in Destroyer Fleet Staring Next Year

A nuclear submarine was destroyed by a guy trying to get out of work early

23 September 2015

Blue Water Navy Veterans Are Still Fighting for Agent Orange Compensation

Navy Super Hornet Jet Crashes in Field, Leemore Base Pilot Ejects

Navy secretary: Gender should not bar women from Marine combat roles

22 September 2015

Pakistan Navy to buy submarines despite defense cuts

China's Growing Submarine Strength Worries U.S.

New training center opens at Connecticut submarine base

21 September 2015

Will the US Navy Torpedo Its Most Lethal Warship?

U.S. Navy exercises option for submarine support

Museum in Conn. brings vital role of submarine to the surface

20 September 2015

Chinese Aircraft Carriers: A Nightmare for the US Navy?

US Navy Curbs Use Of Sonar After Lawsuit On Harmful Effect On Marine Animals

Latest Developments at Russian Pacific Fleet Submarine Base

Russia Secretly Building Underwater Nuclear-Armed Drone Submarine

19 September 2015

Australian leader swap further dents Japanese submarine bid

The inside of a WWI submarine was creepy and claustrophobic

US defence send warning to Putin as Trident sub docks on Clyde armed with nukes

18 September 2015

China 'Concerned' at Call for US Navy Patrol of Disputed Islands

A sunken sub, raised from the depths

US Nuclear Missile Submarine Surfaces in Scotland

17 September 2015

Submarines set to be built in Australia under Turnbull government

Historic H.L. Hunley submarine hull revealed

16 September 2015

China trying to undercut Germany on submarine offer to Egypt

Navy secretary: SEALs won't exclude women

From the archive, 16 September 1966: Polaris nuclear submarine launched

15 September 2015

Germany, Italy may increase submarine fleets

South Korea To Receive 'New' Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft

14 September 2015

Submarine crew remembered 101 years on

Submarine crew tours Beatrice

13 September 2015

Best shot at solving mystery of lost sub AE1 with hi-tech search

12 September 2015

Navy SEAL shares dramatic attempt to save Bowe Bergdahl

Could sub mystery finally be solved?

Tofalo takes reins of submarine fleet

11 September 2015

Sailor asks Tim Tebow to the Navy Ball

Navy Stands Firm on Supply-Based Carrier Presence Model

10 September 2015

US Coast Guard: First Icebreaker Ship Sent to North Pole Alone

Russia Secretly Building Powerful Nuclear Submarine Drone

Anti-Submarine Operations in the Indian Ocean

09 September 2015

Lean manufacturing transforms Wisconsin maker of US Navy warships

Britain's Defense Ministry Red Faced Over Submarine Collision

Jellyfish may inspire the future of submarine technology

08 September 2015

Size matters: Is the US Navy really too small?

Poland looks to joint submarine procurement as naval modernisation spend outlined

USS Requin submarine will close for renovations, reopen the holidays

07 September 2015

US Submarine Fleet in the Pacific Has New Commander

Russian submarine with 20 ICBMs and 200 nuclear warheads is sailing to Syria

MoD admits British submarine dragged fishing trawler through Irish Sea

06 September 2015

US Navy Considers Impact of a Yearlong CR

Navy signs off on plan to move 5000 Marines to Guam

05 September 2015

Pentagon acknowledges reports of Russian ship off Georgia coast

Navy Renames Three Ship Classes, Creates 'Expeditionary' Designator in Naming ...

Lockheed Martin just landed a $428 million deal to keep modernizing US Navy ships

04 September 2015

Chinese Navy Ships Came Within 12 Nautical Miles of US Coast

US Submarine Force in the Pacific Gets New Commander

Connecticut Naval Attack Submarine Returning After Deployment

03 September 2015

“The Security of Israel”: Fifth 'Nuclear-Capable' Submarine, Cruise Missiles ...

Five Chinese Navy Ships Are Operating in Bering Sea off Alaska

Raytheon lands $33 million contract for helicopter-mounted submarine detector

Does Thailand's Chinese Submarine Purchase Really Signal US Drift?

02 September 2015

US Navy Issues Broad New Changes to Uniform Policy

01 September 2015

Families of Israeli sub crew receive declassified reports on '68 sinking

Inside the Design of China's Yuan-class Submarine

Construction milestone reached on submarine Washington