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30 June 2015

Unheeded Warnings

Meet China's New Submarine Hunter Plane

Watch Out, India: China Just Sent First-Ever Submarine to Pakistan

29 June 2015

Israel Navy To Upgrade Combat Surface Fleet

Israeli Navy Intercepts Ship in Flotilla Sailing Toward Gaza Strip

Chinese submarine in Karachi: A worst case scenario for India

28 June 2015

China says changing position on sea dispute would shame ancestors

Navy bases do their part to conserve water in California drought

Navy stealthily targets Hood Canal development

27 June 2015

HMS Saracen: Meeting the last survivor of a submarine found 72 years after

Chinese submarine in Karachi, raises concern

26 June 2015

Why the Navy Still Pays Millions for Microsoft's Windows XP

Submarine John Warner delivered early to the U.S. Navy

How Did China Just Win Thailand's New Submarine Bid?

25 June 2015

Littoral Ship Found Vulnerable to Attack Before Heading to Asia

24 June 2015

Upgraded submarine INS Sindhukirti to boost Navy's flagging fleet

The US Navy's warfare systems command just paid millions to stay on Windows XP

Submarine sailor not guilty of distributing nude videos, judge finds

First Female Enlisted Sailors to Serve Aboard Submarine USS Michigan Selected

23 June 2015

China may be trying to hide its submarines in the South China Sea

First enlisted female sub selectees announced

Eerie photos show sunk Royal Navy submarine discovered on seabed 72 years ago

22 June 2015

Top Navy officer due in Connecticut for submarine exhibit

U.S., Japan Join Philippines in Navy Drills Near South China Sea

Expert: Navy fitness test needs work

21 June 2015

Navy experts call for more sleep for ship crews

20 June 2015

Watch the Navy Blast a Helpless Car Off an Aircraft Carrier

Navy Wants To Work With Air Force On New Nukes: VADM Benedict

Indonesia Soon to Field new Submarine Killer Unit

19 June 2015

Did China Just Build a New Midget Submarine?

India's depleting submarine strength worries Navy

18 June 2015

US Submarine Hunter Grabs Spotlight at Paris Air Show

What being a Navy SEAL taught me about excellence

Watch The Navy's Railgun Catapult A 4-Ton Sled Off An Aircraft Carrier

17 June 2015

Textron's Scorpion Heads To UK For RAF, Royal Navy Trials

British Nuclear Submarine Whistleblower Out Of Job, Says Royal Navy

Sink The Navy's Submarine Budget Gimmick

16 June 2015

Russia To Finish Building 'World's Stealthiest' Submarines By 2023

Did Navy Admirals Break the Law while Lobbying for Submarine Funding?

Charlotte manufacturer wins huge contract for nuclear submarine parts

15 June 2015

Navy to Accelerate Artificial Intelligence Development for Warfighting

Relic of lost submarine coming home

Submarine Picks Up Feeble Signals Likely to be From Missing Dornier Aircraft

13 June 2015

Afloat Forward Staging Base Lewis B. Puller Delivers to Navy

Damaged Nuclear Submarine Leaves Shipyard, to Be Scrapped

China's lone aircraft carrier conducts drills as sea disputes fester

12 June 2015

China prepares with war exercises

US and South Korea complete exercises

Submarine John Warner completes sea trials

11 June 2015

Submarine Warfare in House As Members Debate Best Method for Funding

Navy Air Boss: F-35C Advanced Sensors, Situational Awareness a 'Game ...

10 June 2015

Report: Readiness slipping on overseas-based Navy ships

Did Obama's pick to head Navy break lobbying law?

09 June 2015

US Navy SEALs support man-woman spy combos around the world

Some Club in Romania Looks Like A Submarine and It's Amazing

Ice Cream And Individualism: Leadership Lessons From A U.S. Navy Submarine

08 June 2015

Pakistan nearing assembly stage of S20 submarine

China's influence is growing so fast that two of the world's biggest ...

Navy offers new option for proposed Port Angeles submarine escort pier

07 June 2015

Decades later, Vietnamese refugees honor Navy commander who rescued them

Navy SEALs Have Become A 'Global Manhunting Machine' With Lax Oversight

Rising river keeps maritime museum, submarine closed

06 June 2015

Navy awards huge contract to Newport News shipyard for future USS John F Kennedy

05 June 2015

Congress tries to hide a submarine

04 June 2015

Dolphins swim in from of US Navy's new submarine during test run
Flipper to sub: Bring it!

New Navy CIO Is Coming From HHS: Rob Foster

Dolphins give US Navy's latest submarine a run for its money

03 June 2015

Laid-up nuclear submarines at Rosyth and Devonport cost 16m

India: Navy alert to Chinese nuclear submarine threat in Indian Ocean

02 June 2015

Navy Researching Firing Mach 3 Guided Round from Standard Deck Gun

Navy Alert to Chinese Nuclear Submarine Threat in Indian Ocean

01 June 2015

Watch: Massive Nuclear Submarine Dry Dock

US, South Korea Conduct Anti-Submarine Exercise