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31 December 2014

U.S. Navy preparing to help find Flight 8501; China adopts Western-style table manners

Honoring Shipmates: Submarine Veterans Work to Install Memorial in Bartow

30 December 2014

BHEL, HSL, Midhani join hands for indigenous submarine project

Greece Sends Navy After Ship Off Corfu Issues Distress Call

Vietnam's 5th Russian-built submarine launched

29 December 2014

Top Stories 2014: US Navy Operations

2015 outlook: 4 new uniforms coming

Fears Nimrod axe endangers UK nuclear deterrent

28 December 2014

High-tech Navy catamaran will deploy to Africa on Sunday

Singapore activates air force, navy for search for missing jet

27 December 2014

2015 outlook: SEALs to unveil decision on women's roles

26 December 2014

Italian Navy Rescues About 1200 Migrants

Second New Russian Nuclear Submarine Leaves For Service

25 December 2014

China Names New Navy Head as Territorial Disputes Fuel Tensions

24 December 2014

Navy Helicopter Drone Completes First Round of Testing

Commander of USS Maine submarine sends 'thank you' letter to longtime supporter

China praises submarine crew's emergency handling

23 December 2014

Top Stories 2014: US Navy Acquisition

Navy Pays Texas Ship Breaker a Penny to Dismantle Carrier Ranger

Homebuilt Submarine Ready For Dive

22 December 2014

US Navy introducing system to help commanders plot the best course

Navy testing stealthy robot tuna

21 December 2014

Entrepreneur thinks he's built a better warship, but will the Navy buy it?

20 December 2014

The Navy Laser Is On Board!

Crew safe after locally-based Navy squadron's helo crashes in Kuwait

19 December 2014

Australia Mulls Japan Submarines Under China's Cautious Gaze

Navy fighter pilot commands International Space Station

18 December 2014

Last Navy frigate at Everett to be decommissioned

Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay Going Solar

17 December 2014

Brazil plans to expand submarine fleet

India to Lease a Second Nuclear Submarine From Russia

16 December 2014

Super Sub: Why The Navy's Next 'Boomer' Is The Most Important Program In The Pentagon Budget

The Navy's New Robot Looks and Swims Just Like a Shark

New Navy hovercraft: Test craft production starts

Manohar Parrikar flags off India's nuclear submarine Arihant for sea trials​

Russia Completes Severodvinsk Nuclear Attack Submarine

15 December 2014

India's first indigenous nuclear submarine gears up for maiden sea trials

Native Navy Veteran Paves Way for Career

Secret Submarine Videos of Female Officers Investigated

14 December 2014

Canadian navy sailors face near-total alcohol ban

13 December 2014

Navy gets OK for toughened littoral ships

North Korean leader runs submarine exercise at unspecified location

Branson quietly shelves Virgin submarine plan

12 December 2014

Watch: Navy's new laser weapon in action

Navy Submarine USS Norfolk to Be Inactivated

Up Gunned LCS Hulls Picked for Navy's Next Small Surface Combatant

12 sailors implicated in submarine shower scandal

10 December 2014

Submarine Norfolk to be inactivated at ceremony

Navy expands female hair regs, includes two-strand braids

Royal Navy has to ask French for help in hunt for 'Russian submarine'

08 December 2014

Navy engineer indicted for trying to sell secrets

Royal Navy's nuclear submarines set for 'major catastrophe'

Saab Receives Order for A26 and Gotland-class Submarine Sensor Systems

07 December 2014

China's submarine noose around India

On this Pearl Harbor anniversary, our relationship with Japan is changing again

Russia: New Tactical Submarines Shooting Under Arctic Ice

Admiralty Shipyards provide Vietnamese Navy with third Project 636.1 submarine

06 December 2014

Al Qaeda kills hostages during SEALs raid on Yemen, Hagel says

Britain reopens Bahrain navy base after 40 yrs to fight ISIS

Feds: Navy Engineer Tried to Steal Schematics

05 December 2014

The Confederates Pulled Off History's First Successful Sub

Navy revokes Cosby's honorary title

04 December 2014

Female Sailors Secretly Videotaped Showering on Submarines

Navy recruit's death after training under investigation

The new cold war: Putin's forces target US Navy and allies

03 December 2014

Rattled by Chinese submarines, India joins other nations in rebuilding fleet

The Ghost That Haunts the Chinese Navy: When China and Japan Went to War

Navy recruit's death after training under investigation

02 December 2014

Why Does the Navy Still Not Have Enough Money for New Submarines?

How to Nuke a Submarine

Japan Gains Edge in Australia Submarine Deal

01 December 2014

Chinese Farmer Launches Homemade Submarine

Vietnam's Navy Crosses the Line

Submarine Base in Groton reopens after bomb threat