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31 July 2013

China moves closer to nuclear submarine deterrent

Kings Bay submarine crew honored

Religious scholar who doesn't believe in God wants to become Navy chaplain

30 July 2013

Navy vet fails to make it to N. Korea war site

Budget Cuts Force Navy to Neglect SOUTHCOM

29 July 2013

Israeli Navy seeks teenage submarine recruits for Dolphin-class vessels

Mexico's navy vice admiral killed in ambush

28 July 2013

Philippines to move air force, navy camps

Long Beach submarine tour takes one back to Cold War

Jude Law apes Gibraltar submarine captain for new film Black Sea

Niowave prepares to test next-generation laser for US Navy

27 July 2013

Coming Soon? China’s JL-2 Sub-Launched Ballistic Missile

Russia's latest attack submarine to have advanced sonar system

It will be a role-play, scripted performance through avatars

26 July 2013

Navy Defends Littoral Ship Against Watchdog's Criticism

SSBNX Under Pressure: Submarine Chief Says Navy Can't Reduce

North Korea Displays USS Pueblo, Captured U.S. Ship

25 July 2013

Navy Defends Littoral Ship Against Watchdog's Criticism

Commander, Submarine Force US Pacific Fleet Hosts 13th Annual Asia-Pacific ...

How James Bond's submarine car was discovered in Long Island

24 July 2013

DARPA Is Building a Submarine Mothership to Launch Drones From the Sea

Israel Angered by US Leaks of Submarine Missile Attack on Syria

WWI submarine graveyard discovered by underwater archaeologists

21 July 2013

Was Israel's Latest 'Air' Attack on Syria from a Submarine?

Indonesia's Submarine Doctrine Explained

US Navy jettisons bombs near Australia's Great Barrier Reef

20 July 2013

US Navy deployments, readiness eroded by budget cuts

Triton Submarines Lets You Charter Your Own Luxury Submersible

19 July 2013

Trident: Does Britain need a submarine-based nuclear missile system?

Thai navy denies allegation of Rohingya Muslim smuggling

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti to spend weekend on Navy Reserve duty

Unmanned submarine to explore depths of Lake Tahoe

18 July 2013

Flying a brand new F/A-18 Super Hornet

Second Navy MUOS satellite loaded aboard rocket

Eugene Wilkinson, 1st commander of a US Navy nuclear-powered submarine

17 July 2013

Eugene P. Wilkinson, Who Steered First Nuclear Submarine, Dies at 94

UK Finds 'Credible' Alternatives to Submarine Nukes Won't Come Cheap

16 July 2013

The man with no memory: Navy vet wakes up, speaks only Swedish

The Submarine Race in the Malaccan Strait

15 July 2013

Israeli submarine strike hit Syrian arms depot

Navy Receives Its First F-35C Lightning II Fighter Craft [Video]

14 July 2013

Navy to take back escort duty for subs in Conn.

Israeli submarine strike hit Syrian arms depot

13 July 2013

Computer glitch forces X-47B Navy drone onshore after historic carrier landing

US Sends Marines, Navy to Egypt

12 July 2013

Navy Aims For Electromagnetic Guns

US Navy ships in Red Sea move closer to Egypt amid turmoil

11 July 2013

In historic first, Navy lands unmanned drone on aircraft carrier

Navy Drone Makes First Aircraft Carrier Landing

Greek submarine hits ancient pier in Crete

10 July 2013

Raytheon jams rivals with Navy bid win

Navy to Attempt 1st Unmanned Carrier Landing

09 July 2013

At Navy Installation, Sexual Assault Prevention Begins at Boot Camp

Raytheon wins deal to develop US Navy's new electronic jammer

08 July 2013

Going Under: Elite Navy Units Call on Water-Based Drones

HP wins $3.5 billion Navy deal; Square launches online marketplace

Burma, My Father and the Forgotten Army; The Lost Submarine of WWI

07 July 2013

Iran building new submarine

06 July 2013

HMS Alliance: Makeover for last surviving Brit WWII submarine

Positive trends greet Navy's Asia deployments, but tensions at sea remain

Submarine work vital to whole of UK, not just Barrow

Original Crew Member Visits Submarine in Buffalo

05 July 2013

All systems go for firm's major submarine contract

Australian navy rescues troubled boat as Indonesia, Australia talk "refugees"

Taiwan Air Force forms anti-submarine group

04 July 2013

Rare letters from father of US Navy surface in South Carolina

Trafficking cocaine by submarine

03 July 2013

China to hold its 'biggest-ever' foreign navy drills with Russia

Fake Navy SEAL Police Chief Resigns In Disgrace

Air Force forms anti-submarine group

02 July 2013

General Dynamics Awarded $209 Million for Future Virginia-class Submarines

Rates of unintended pregnancies in the Navy are surprisingly high

01 July 2013

Iran Navy will unveil Fateh indigenous submarine

Navy leaders try to stamp out hazing, but many sailors question the rules