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29 April 2013

Britain cannot afford to be without submarine-launched nuclear weapons

Court acquits Nerpa submarine tragedy suspects

Navy Blue Angels, Air Force Thunderbirds grounded by sequester

28 April 2013

WWII vet who provided flag in iconic Iwo Jima photo dies at 90

Navy tests new weapons in the war on drugs

Navy destroyer, submarine dock in Vancouver

27 April 2013

Navy SEALs 'make James Bond look like a wimp'

Navy destroyer, submarine dock in Vancouver

Young crewman from North Wales killed himself on nuclear sub

Northrop Grumman Honors Late Employees With Donation to USS Thresher

26 April 2013

Welding fire on nuclear submarine HMS Torbay

Off-duty Navy sailor blocks Dubai rape attempt with leg stranglehold

Commander, Submarine Group Two changes commanders

25 April 2013

China's Aircraft Carrier Plans: More, Bigger Ships In The Works

Australia's Gallipoli submarine - Video

Navy plan would deploy carriers more frequently

24 April 2013

Cyber vulnerabilities found in Navy's newest warship

Navy still seeks to decommission more ships

Submarine 'got a hammering'

Problems in China's submarine program?

23 April 2013

Navy Adds High Speed Troop Carrier to Fleet

U.S. Navy Awards General Dynamics $20 Million for Nuclear Submarine Services

Royal Navy submarine HMS Alliance restoration under way

22 April 2013

Navy cancels port calls for Fleet Week ships

The Trident submarine robot project gains autonomy

64 Graduate from Submarine Officer Basic Course

21 April 2013

CLYDE Shipping Images -- Astute-Class Submarine - Inverclyde Now

Navy cancels port calls in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle

50 Years Ago: 7 Connecticut Men Died In Worst Ever Submarine Disaster

20 April 2013

Decision delayed on Navy fighters

Navy, Corps eye integrated ops in Pacific

General Dynamics Keeps Navy SEALs Dry

19 April 2013

US Warship USS Freedom Arrives In Singapore To Join The US Navy Seventh

Va. Beach-based unit salvages sunken Navy boat

18 April 2013

Museum to Build Replica of Historic Submarine

New submarine at Apra Harbor makes 7

Navy sending 4th submarine to Guam in 2015

Iran's Nuclear Submarine Gambit

17 April 2013

Gosport memorial to HMS Affray submarine tragedy victims

Harkand makes waves with 19m mini-submarine deal

US Navy, Marine Corps acquisition plans hit by sequester

16 April 2013

Change of command for Groton-based submarine group

Navy bomb unit sent to Boston

Taiwan's New Source for Submarine Tech?

15 April 2013

Scorpene submarine project to miss target again as Spanish consultants quit

Navy panel urges ouster of officer who faked death

US Navy Names Research Ship After Sally Ride

Russian anti-submarine ship visits South Korean port

Global submarine market worth $14.4 billion in 2013

Sierra Nevada awarded troubleshooting contract for Navy UCAS-D aircraft

14 April 2013

First Scorpene submarine would be ready by 2014

Veterans gather to honor submarine vet, UE grad

12 April 2013

Vanderbilt ties to 'worst submarine tragedy' 50 years ago

The Global Submarine Market 2013-2023

US Navy to name high-speed vessel the USNS Trenton

Cuts sink Navy Week, including scheduled October stop in D-FW area

11 April 2013

Navy Budget Share Grows, Boosted By Pacific Strategy Shift

Deputy SecDef: 4th submarine to be deployed to Guam

10 April 2013

Navy officially cancels Blue Angels' 2013 season

New Navy laser can shoot down drones, is headed for the Persian Gulf

Remembering submarine Thresher

09 April 2013

US Navy Laser Test Takes Down Drone

Save Our Subs: Prioritizing The Attack Submarine

Countering China: Hypersonic Missiles, Sensors, Stealth, & Speed

08 April 2013

Deadliest Submarine Disaster in US Remembered

Indian Submarine project delayed due to government apathy

US Navy: Use of force 'appropriate' in 2012 shooting on fishing vessel off Dubai

07 April 2013

Navy names ship after 9-11 victims, first responders

Iran to unveil new 500 ton submarine by August

06 April 2013

Call for MoD guarantee not to turn Rosyth into 'nuclear submarine dump'

The US Navy Rides the Rail

USS Thresher Sinking: Impacts Of Deadliest Submarine Disaster In US History

05 April 2013

Submarine USS Thresher sinking 50 years ago led to safety changes

How did $300M minesweeper become scrap metal? Navy wants answers

ACTUV modular scalable sonar could advance submarine tracking

04 April 2013

Prime Minister says nuclear submarine fleet is vital in face of global politics

US Navy relieves 4 from grounded minesweeper

Prime Minister to visit Faslane-based submarine

03 April 2013

The Control Room of a German Submarine from 1918

Pentagon: Destroyers in Pacific can react quickly

Navy moves ship off coast of Korean Peninsula

02 April 2013

Need Ships? Try a 3-D Printed Navy

80 years ago, forgotten Navy airship crash killed 73

L-3 to Provide Submarine Sensor Mast System

Vietnam To Receive Advanced Russian Sub in 2013

01 April 2013

Fears over Rosyth nuclear submarine waste

U.S. Navy ship removed from reef

'We are hiring': Navy wants you to stay in