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30 March 2012

Replica Civil War submarine breaks down on I-20

British Nuclear Sub Sets Sail after Fuel Replacement, Upgrading

Enter the shark: INS Chakra

29 March 2012

US Navy eyes 300-ship fleet, but sees challenges

Submarines, the ultimate toy for the super rich

28 March 2012

France's enduring nuclear deterrent
French nuclear sub

India test fires supersonic cruise missileż

Britain, Argentina clash over "nuclear sub" comment

27 March 2012

Malloy stresses value of Groton sub base

Moscow May Help India Build Closed-Cycle Submarines

HMS Vigilant: Torpoint Ferry suspended for submarine departure

Falklands: UK denies deploying submarine to South Atlanticż

26 March 2012

Trident Cancellation Could Save UK £83.5 Billion

Cameron completes journey to Earth's deepest point

24 March 2012

New device invisible to magnetic fields

Indian Navy to get N-powered submarine in the next few days

George Medal for submarine officer

23 March 2012

Scrapping Trident 'would save £84bn'

The World's Biggest Nuclear Submarine Is Also One of the Sneakiest

Congress Fights Back Against Costly Delay To Virginia Submarine

22 March 2012

Israeli Navy Confirms Purchase of its Sixth Submarine

Navy Pursues a Better Attack Submarine Virtually

Submarine veterans group sets service USS Tullibee in Ocean Springs

21 March 2012

Germany sells sub to Israel but warns on attacking Iran

20 March 2012

Blumenthal Believes Groton Naval Base Will Not Close

James Cameron begins 'Deepsea Challenger' dive

19 March 2012

Lusty’s the worse for wear but she’s home for repairs

Private submarines surge in popularity as millionaires playthings

India to Induct Its Nuclear-Powered Submarine in April

17 March 2012

When Is A Startup Like An Attack Submarine?

Submarine HMCS Victoria fires its first exercise torpedoż

16 March 2012

Canada 'daft' for buying British subs

US secrets compromised by Canadian spy working at HMCS Trinity

Chris follows dad beneath the waves

15 March 2012

US Olympic Sailing Team training under Navy SEALs

At Submarine Shipyard, Lots of 'Excess Capacity'

14 March 2012

S. Korea to conduct military exercise on east coast

13 March 2012

SD group asks Navy for submarine naming honor

China: Fired Worker Builds Mini Submarines

Thailand scuttles German submarine purchase

12 March 2012

Canadian Sub Program Belongs in Octopus's Garden

Missouri crewmen test sonar, learn the ropes

10 March 2012

Texas 'navy' to patrol the Rio Grande

Iranian Navy saves oil tanker from pirates

Iran Capable of Building Aircraft Carriers

09 March 2012

James Cameron and his Deepsea Challenger submarine set solo diving world record

Theodore Roosevelt's Submarine Voyage

The submarine is great in 'Act of Valor'

08 March 2012

James Cameron’s New Sub Will Take Him To the Deepest Spot On Earth

Sailors to get Breathalyzer tests aboard submarines

07 March 2012

Create Hunt for Red October’s fictional submarine propulsion system

06 March 2012

USS Mississippi submarine commissioning will be a huge event for the coast

Fund raising launched for submarine commissioning

US 'taken aback' by HMS Astute

05 March 2012

Russia's Northern Fleet gets modernized anti-submarine plane

Submarine veterans group seeks members

04 March 2012

Wisconsin Maritime Museum
giving top priority to
USS Cobia
main attraction -- USS Cobia

Sub plan expected to boost Hawaii's economy

Killer Whale Submarine
Killer Whale Sub

Navy Reassigns 3 Female Submariners in Fraud Probe

More crest ideas sought for USS North Dakota sub

03 March 2012

Shipping halted for HMS Vengeance arrival

02 March 2012

Senator Pamela Wallin: Canada needs submarines

HMS Vengeance submarine halts River Tamar traffic

US submarine at Maine-NH shipyard for maintenance

01 March 2012

Nuclear submarine HMS Tireless visits Southampton

How would an independent Scotland defend itself?

Phase II of DARPA's Deep Sea Operations Programme