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31 January 2012

Russian Vessels Dock in Manila for Goodwill Visit

US Nuclear Submarine And Destroyer Enter Red Sea, Near Persian Gulf

30 January 2012

Indonesia’s New Submarines: Impact On Regional Naval Balance – Analysis

BRAC: A Scary Word in Groton

29 January 2012

Navy bulks-up on submarine-hunting sonobuoys for U.S. and Taiwan maritime security forces

Rust threatens to mothball Science Center's Requin submarine

27 January 2012

Plymouth MP's offer on nuclear submarines if Scotland breaks away

Pentagon’s Asia Shift Favors Subs, Tankers

26 January 2012

Navy avoids most of Pentagon’s latest cuts

24 January 2012

India becomes 6th nation to join elite nuclear submarine clubý

New submarines for Russia's nuclear force

23 January 2012

Patriots Point closing to dock WWII destroyer

Albacore leaders honor man called critical to sub's move to city

22 January 2012

Iran Says Has Built ‘Smart’ Remote-Controled Submarine

KAY HIVELY: Historic week as Hunley unveiled

20 January 2012

We Found It on Watch Instantly: Steel Sharks With Gary Busey

US faces challenge as Asian submarine fleets swell, sending battle for control underwater

19 January 2012

Iranian subs laying in wait for US Aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf

Salvage experts weigh Costa Concordia options: Float cruise ship intact or carve it up?

18 January 2012

Type 216 / U-216 Conventional Submarine (SSK)

16 January 2012

Lost Submarine HMS Olympus discovered outside Malta

Could Iran Close the Strait?

We must choose the best submarine (Aus)

13 January 2012

SAIC to build prototype ASW deep-sea sonar system that exploits the deep sound channel

Israel uses German technology for naval operations

Mystery of Sunken H.L. Hunley may be solved (video)

12 January 2012

A clearer view: Steel truss surrounding Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley will be removed

Explorers find wreckage of British submarine 70 years after she struck a mine off the Malta coast

11 January 2012

Key Largo divers discover sub in Mediterranean, solve WWII mystery

Navy EA-18G Growlers visit birthplace (video)

EB plans hundreds of new hires

10 January 2012

Michigan, Nebraska Capture Battle "E" Honorsý

Plan for new Navy wharf at Bangor fires up nuke debateý

09 January 2012

Iran has taken no action to close Strait of Hormuz

USS Mississippi profile

07 January 2012

ABC Greenlights The Last Resort': Rogue Nuke Sub Drama

USS Cod repair sparks memories of old Cleveland Diesel Engine plants in World War II

New defense plans shore up submarine production

Russian plan to rebuild Oscar II subs to carry wide variety of missiles

06 January 2012

Platform will show off new views of historic UK submarine at Gosport museum

Videos from Russian submarine fire

Iran plans more navy exercises in Strait of Hormuz

05 January 2012

Analysis: Iran could shut down the Strait of Hormuz — and set off a firestorm in the process

Former US Ambassador Says Submarines Could Save Israel From Iran

India rejoins the nuclear submarine league

Australia should build own subs, report says

04 January 2012

Iran’s threats over Strait of Hormuz a symptom of ‘weakness,’ U.S. says

Navy Announces Battle 'E' Winners

Ron Lauder: Israel must expand sub fleet amid Iran threat

03 January 2012

‘Iran will not repeat its warning’ to U.S. if Navy moves into Persian Gulf: Tehran

Retired Navy Seal sniper is the deadliest marksman in US military history

Russian submarine’s torpedo compartment was on fire (Photos)

The Very Definition of Blowing Smoke, Tehran Edition

Iran warns U.S. over aircraft carrier

02 January 2012

U.S. Coast Guard wants you to vote on top rescue videos of 2011

Faslane, Russia and risks of hosting UK nuclear submarine fleet

Bag stashed since WWII found on Manitowoc submarine

01 January 2012

Indian Navy gets boost with inclusion of Akula II submarine "Nerpa"

Iranian Website: This Is How We'll Close Strait of Hormuz