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30 November 2011

Orbital selects ATK solar panels for new cargo ship

Navy F-35 launches using new carrier launch system (video)

HSL-42, SBR Perform Sub PAXFER

Germany OKs Subsidized Submarine Sale to Israel

29 November 2011

Making a Killing
German subs
German Defense Exports Rise Sharply

South Korean warships stage live-fire drill

Russia Delays Bulava Missile Trial

28 November 2011

Life under water - it's just like the movies

Iran builds 3 more submarines for navy

Australian Navy submarine crew's sacrifices go deep (Video + article)

26 November 2011

Submarine Force Critical to Future Defence, Says Admiral

Navy counts down to christening of submarine Mississippi at Conn. shipyard

Iranian Navy Receives 3 Ghadir-Class Submarines

23 November 2011

F-35 ship suitability testing off the coast of Virginia (video)

PICTURES: Possible new Chinese anti-submarine warfare aircraft emerges

New diesel sub for the Russian navy

Swift action needed over Rosyth subs

22 November 2011

Inside the $150m Rolls Royce of yachts

US Navy awards submarine contracts

21 November 2011

Iran to Equip Navy with New Anti-Ship Missile Systems

Russian Navy to receive 10 diesel submarines by 2020

Undersea Forces Critical to Future Defense

Cuts left Royal Navy warship ‘dangerously unarmed’ during Libya operation

20 November 2011

Yes, China Could Have a Global Navy

Submarine program faces delays if no budget deal

18 November 2011

US nuclear aircraft carrier crippled by toilet outages

Keel Laid for First DDG 1000 Destroyer

17 November 2011

Astute Submarine Fires First Tomahawk

Defense secretary to tour submarine, talk with sailors and EB workers

16 November 2011

Cuts Spark Fears Over UK Submarine Numbers

Can the Royal Navy Defend the UK?

Obama's crocodile submarines

Leon Panetta paints doomsday scenario

Russia to conduct test launch of Bulava missile in November

15 November 2011

Enough sunken costs, we need new subs: DND must bite the bullet and buy submarines that can defend Canada

Putin's Nuclear Submarine Boondoggle

Jinxed submarine HMS Astute finally fires its first missile... and ...

Confederate submarines could be under casino site

14 November 2011

Devonport nuclear submarine dismantling details on show

Should Canada Purchase Six New Conventional Submarines?

12 November 2011

India needs 18 submarines to deal with Pakistan, China

11 November 2011

Think tank points to Aussie submarine problems

Part of old nuclear sub now at Richland park

10 November 2011

Chavez Says Unidentified Submarine Chased From Venezuelan Waters

09 November 2011

Should Canada torpedo its submarine fleet?

Indonesia's New Submarine Bids: An Undersea Buildup?

Russia to build up submarine task force along Northern Sea Route

Submarine veterans remember the lost

Daily Five: EB Layoffs, A Submarine And CL&P

08 November 2011

Indonesia’s New Submarine Bids: An Undersea Buildup?

The Navy’s LCS missile woes

Should Canada torpedo its submarine fleet?

Why Australia Needs Nuclear Subs

07 November 2011

Nuke the subs: Our military can't afford the luxury of useless equipment

Kursk's sister ship returns to service

80 sailors graduate from Basic Enlisted Submarine School

05 November 2011

Two centuries later, group seeks to bring home sailors killed off the shores of Tripoli

India falters in getting its new submarine plan off the block

CNO warns deep cuts will hollow fleet

U.S. Navy's Incredible, Sci-Fi Railgun Fires 1,000th Bullet

Refueling Gear Makes Navy’s Next Drone Even Deadlier

04 November 2011

U.S. Navy Improves P-3C as Bridge to Poseidon

Navy Rescues Chilean Submarine