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31 July 2011

Russia marks Navy Day

Iran to deploy subs on 90-day mission

Cocaine Recovered from Sunken Sub

Problems dog Navy's LCS warship

29 July 2011

Reactions mixed to China's aircraft carrier

Submarine arrives on her final voyage

Third US Navy LCS getting ready for sea trials

28 July 2011

Russian Sub Fires Ballistic Missile in Trial

China's first manned submarine sets new record

27 July 2011

U.S. Navy Sub Force Sets Future Priorities

'Iran Navy ready to counter threats'

Leader: Iranian Navy’s Presence in Open Seas Uplifts Nations

Navy tests robotic jet skis

Southeast Asia navy chiefs meet amid tensions with China

Laser, machine gun team up for ship defense

26 July 2011

Chinese sub logs new depth milestone

Southeast Asia’s underwater bazaar

Study Explores Aircraft Operations Aboard Carriers

Israel’s Boomers On the Rise

Submarines for Indonesia?

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Passes First Underway Cyber Inspection

Wasp (LHD-1) Prepares for Joint Strike Fighter

Submarines and mines truly undetectable to active sonar might become a reality soon

25 July 2011

Pentagon could scrap new ballistic-missile submarine

24 July 2011

Diving into the abyss

Navy prepares submarines for 1st female officers

23 July 2011

Harpoon hits 40-year mark

Brazil's new nuclear subs to defend oil wells

A Submarine That Doesn't Make Waves

21 July 2011

China Details Anti-ship Missile Plans

Lockheed Demos First US Navy Joint Tactical Radio Network

Spain’s First BAM Ship Completes Sea Trials

SAIC to provide advanced engineering, technical services to Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock for U.S. Navy ship signature silencing

20 July 2011

Russian Navy to receive new air defense system

Pakistan Navy UAV crashes near oil refinery

RAN: Submarines give Smith a sinking feeling
Collins Class

19 July 2011

China's First Aircraft Carrier Nears Test Voyage

China Fielding Nuke-Capable Ballistic Missile Submarine

UK: Talks pave way for submarine naval base (HMNB Clyde ) to grow

First Italian FREMM Frigate Launched

Brazil: Submarine building is strategic

18 July 2011

The amazing story of the courageous real life X-men who helped us win D-Day

Iran to send fleet to Atlantic Ocean

Germany Gives Israel Discount on Sixth Submarine

17 July 2011

'Ice Wars' heating up the Arctic
Ice wars

16 July 2011

Analysis: Brazil goes nuclear

Sunken Nazi submarine discovered off Brazilian coast

Cocaine-filled sub seized off Honduran coast

15 July 2011

Why The U.S. Navy Is Falling Apart

Official says cuts to aircraft carriers, subs are on the table

U.S., Vietnam Begin Naval Exercises Amid Tension With China

14 July 2011

The Navy’s Readiness Woes

Top Chinese Officer: U.S. Should Spend Less on Defense

Senators Question LCS Certifications

Underwater Gliders for the US Navy

Teledyne Awarded $383M Shallow Water Combat Submersible Contract

13 July 2011

Interview: Wolfgang Petersen on 'Das Boot'

New Sub Passes Sea Trials; Old Sub Retired

Navy set to defend Iran interests

12 July 2011

Super destroyer enters service

Could Energy Resources Cause Russia to Spark a Naval War in the Caspian?

‘Scope of Iranian naval operations is beyond Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman’

INS Viraat can serve Navy till 2018

Navy considering delay of aircraft carrier purchase

U.S. Joint Navy Drills ‘Inappropriate’: China

11 July 2011

HMS Trenchant rejoines Britain's operational fleet

Taiwan Test Fires Own Sub-Launched Missile: Report

Aircraft carriers: NAO fear over defence review change

German port of Sassnitz lures tourists with a Submarine

10 July 2011

Navy lets rip at Gaddafi

Royal Navy prepares to let women serve on submarines for the first time

India commences work on 2nd nuclear submarine

09 July 2011

Kickback scandal tightens around ex-prime minister

Commander Stresses Iran's Ability to Target All US Vessels, Bases in Region

DDG-51 Restart Raises Questions

US, Japan, Australia plan South China Sea drill

Russian defense ministry scandal worsens

Navy extends underwater ranges

Female sub school grads say they fit right in

India, Turkey navies to hold joint exercise

Celebrate Navy Week in Rochester

08 July 2011

Illustrious returns home after £40m revamp

HMS Illustrious prepares to reinvent herself

Watchdog slams aircraft carrier plans

Risks Ahoy on Carrier Strike

Taiwan test-fires submarine-launched missile

07 July 2011

Electric Boat hires hundreds of new workers

06 July 2011

Let's make her shipshape: Restoration begins on Nelson's flagship HMS Victory

US and Russia stir up political tensions over Arctic

Navy UCAS Achieves Milestone Aboard Eisenhower

Plenty of Blame to Go Around for ‘Disappearing’ Warship

Submarine California (SSN 781) Returns From Successful Sea Trials

05 July 2011

Canadian Arctic mystery unravelled after 160 years

Canada lags in Arctic arms race

Harbour trials of Admiral Gorshkov to begin in August

Iran Navy submarines return home

Commander: Iran to Redeploy Submarines in High Seas if Necessary

Secret Gulf Firefight Video

04 July 2011

F-15 intercepts plane near President's

Four rockets scheduled for launch from Wallops Island

03 July 2011

Rough seas hit French aircraft carrier

Brain study examines submariners in training

02 July 2011

Search for Franklin expedition's lost ships enters new phase

Royal Navy ship drives Gaddafi’s gunboats back to port

China's Navy goal seen as displacing U.S. influence in Pacific

01 July 2011

Chinese aircraft carrier won't be threat in short-term: U.S. expert

Russia to build nuclear aircraft carrier by 2023

Iranian sub due back from maiden mission

India to get Russian Nerpa submarine by yearend

Russia sets up Arctic forces

Bulava missile ready for mass production