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31 May 2011

First Moroccan Frigate Passes Sea Acceptance Trials

Sealift Extends Lifeline to a Rebel City in Libya

HMS Illustrious, Lusty back to sea

SMX-25; new submarine design

30 May 2011

High-tech tribute honours vets

HMS Ocean and her AH-64 gunships dispatched to Libya

28 May 2011

Blue Angels commander relieved of duties

Russian submarine to join NATO exercise for first time

27 May 2011

U.S. Navy Rejects New Radar Ship

BAE begins building 2nd aircraft carrier for Royal Navy

New Talwar class frigate for India Navy launched

26 May 2011

Russia tests Sineva missile amid war of words with US

Russia to begin final sea-trials of submarine Yuri Dolgoruki

UDT Europe: Hunting the Hunter

India to build 34 Naval ships, submarines

Turkey's Defense minister says Aegean maneuvers canceled at military's behest

Fleet Week commences on Staten Island

25 May 2011

Iran plans to build advanced submarines

Video Leaks: China's aircraft carrier "Varyag" completes radar system installation

Missing WWII submarine found with 42 entombed US sailors

Navy Chief Dreams of Laser Warships, Ocean-Spanning Robots

Mickey Mouse Surrenders to Navy SEALs in Trademark Battle

24 May 2011

Chinese defence official visits Norfolk Naval Base

The Ten Barreled CIWS of China’s Aircraft Carrier

Pakistan: Troops end attack on Karachi naval air base

23 May 2011

U.S. Navy drones: Coming to a carrier near China?

Israel Defense Forces prepare for future flotillas

Pakistan asks China to help build naval base

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Militants storm Pakistan naval air base

22 May 2011

F-35C first air show appearance at Andrews (video)

21 May 2011

Asia Looks To Counter Chinese Subs

Al Qaeda Considered Targeting Oil Tankers

Iranian Navy Widens Missions in Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden

NATO warplanes target Gaddafi's navy

20 May 2011

Estonian submarine force officially dead

Second Navy F-35C first flight (video)

First flight test aboard Navy ship for unmanned helicopter (video)

NTSB investigating engine fire aboard air refueling aircraft

19 May 2011

Got game? Navy looking for ideas to fight piracy

Navy helo fires on pirate skiff, killing 4

18 May 2011

Taiwan President Ma Seeks Submarines From U.S. as ‘Leverage’

HDW Pulls Out of Greek Submarine Construction Subcontract

Governor: State will continue to invest in submarine base Connecticut

Indian Navy to train for Scorpene subs in France

Philippines eye submarines to boost navy

17 May 2011

Navy Drones May be Deployed to Counteract China’s Might

16 May 2011

First SIGMA Frigate for Morocco Begins Sea Trials

Loss of Carrier Strike Capability Top Concern of Royal Navy Chief

Apache (WAH-64) Back At Sea

Piracy – Somali piracy costs $8.3bn a year

HMS Liverpool silences Gaddafi rocket battery off the besieged city of Misrata
HMS Liverpool

Minehunters sail on protracted mission to the Gulf

Swede somethings for UK Royal Marines

13 May 2011

Russia's Pacific Fleet Anniversary: Time for some answers?ý

China's military modernizationý

Connecticut to invest in the Naval Submarine Base

12 May 2011

New intelligence aircraft unveiled (video)

Royal Navy Commissions Third Type 45 Destroyer

FREMM Aquitaine Completes Conclusive First Sea Trials

Mistral warship talks stumble over sensitive technology

Australian Amphibious Ship Update

South Africa Ordering Umkhonto Mk.2 Air Defense Missiles

Hill Panel Votes to Delay Gays in the Military

Israel moving forward with sixth German submarine

Jinxed nuclear submarine’s malfunction could have killed its entire crew

Missing German WWI U-boat Discovered (U-106)

11 May 2011

U.S. Lawmaker Calls for Tougher Action Against Pirates as Threat Escalates

Anti-piracy forces thwart pirate attacks

Aircraft Carriers Being Produced at WWII Pace

10 May 2011

Inside the Royal Navy's secret submarine factory

New LCS Executive Office To Be Created

Problems Delay Delivery of BAE Corvettes to Oman

US Navy - Guilty Plea From Submarine Inspector

E.Timor snubbed China radar over spy fears

US Navy – Carrier George H.W. Bush to deploy on 1st combat cruise

09 May 2011

Gibraltar slams new ‘incursion’ by Spanish navy

HMS Diamond joins the fleet

Russian eputy PM urges Caspian Fleet upgrade

Dutch Navy Sweep Libyan Mines

Naval Submarine Base New London welcomes 1st female officers for sub training

French Navy – Aircraft carriers gain clout in naval power

Navy Conducts Maintenance and Modernization Performance Review

Navy Destroyer named after hero SEAL

US Navy SEAL banned from hide-and-seek competitions for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’

08 May 2011

Missiles could counter China's carrier threat

Jinxed nuclear submarine’s malfunction could have killed its entire crew

Germany opens World War II submarine yard as historic site

Aircraft carriers gain clout in naval power

06 May 2011

Military highlights MH-60R helicopter capabilities (video)

US Army tranfers High Speed Vessels to Navy

HMS Brocklesby deals with 'very real threat' off besieged Misrata

05 May 2011

Chinese Carrier Lacks Fighters

Russia to enhance military presence in Caspian Sea

Al Quaeda Submarine to Look For Osama Bin Laden

Israel buys Dolphin submarine

04 May 2011

HMS Ark Royal name may live on

Holland One submarine given engineering award

03 May 2011

U.S. Fleet Neurologist Releases Bin Laden's Medical Report

A U.S. Navy Seals' Secret Weapon: Elite Dog Team

Royal Navy destroyer to bombard Mad Dog

S. Korea Develops Vertical Launch Tubes for Subs

P3: Old planes brought into 21st century

NATO mine-hunters sweep approaches to Misrata harbor

02 May 2011

Second Sub in 2011 Ordered By U.S. Navy

NATO stops Gaddafi forces mining harbour

Florida Returns from Historic Deployment

01 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden Killed By Navy Seals in Firefight

The Chinese Are Coming!

Iran sends fleet to Gulf of Aden

Iran's Navy to equip submarines with missile systems

Nato says Gaddafi tried to mine Misrata harbour