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31 December 2010

Submarine to join Bangladesh Navy by 2019

Battleship Iowa: Vallejo, San Pedro vie for vessel

30 December 2010

Marinette Marine gets Navy contract to build 10 combat ships

S. Korea to Create Army, Navy, Air Force Joint Command in the West Sea

China anti-ship ballistic missile close to deployment: US Navy

Navy orders masts for submarines

29 December 2010

Smoking ban about to kick in for Navy submarines

China's Navy Gets Bigger, but Why?

Raytheon wins $52M Navy contract for radar work

28 December 2010

Freight Shipping Has A Mixed Week With The Pirates Again

China's Aircraft Carrier Killer

China moving toward deploying anti-carrier missile

India deploys 4 warships in Arabian sea to check pirates

27 December 2010

Class 209PN submarine delivered to Portuguese Navy

Israel Navy Produces 98th Round of Submarine Commandos

Navy Uses Electromagnets to Launch Fighter Jet

Pak Navy test fires surface to air missiles successfully

26 December 2010

Navy submarines going smoke-free

Taiwan anti-sub aircraft in service next year

Thai navy prepares to rescue 27 crewmen captured by Somali pirates

In my Vietnam-era Navy, no one asked

25 December 2010

When Santa met the Nautilus

24 December 2010

Ivory Coast Christmas for Dutch navy crew

More delays for HMCS Victoria retrofit

Home For Christmas - A Navy Officer's Surprise Visit

Navy frigate aids French carrier over Christmas

Congress authorizes two submarines, one Strike Fighter engine

Possibility of submarine dismantling at Rosyth not welcomed by all

23 December 2010

Ambush: British Navy’s New Submarine
British Navy submarine Ambush

Navy authorized to buy two littoral ship versions

Navy helicopter pilots busted for Lake Tahoe prank

Navy's Kauffman due home today in Norfolk

Navy takes electromagnetic tack for carrier launches

22 December 2010

Pentagon Said Likely to Back New Design for Ballistic Missile Submarine

U-Boat Worx starts work on C-Explorer 5 submarine

Navy to acquire more vessels

Blacks, women, now gays: Military to adjust again

Marinette Marine contract to build Navy combat ships approved

21 December 2010

Navy ships bill awaits approval

US Navy's electric plane-thrower successfully launches an F-18

Submarine Boise due home to Norfolk on Wednesday

Strategic submarine recalled for inspection

20 December 2010

The Hunt for Red Octob.....December???????

Russia to develop new heavy ICBM by 2020

USS Maine Blue Crew Recognized for Long Patrol

India Bolsters its Navy to Face the Growing Chinese threat

'Navy has no wish to play 'super-cop' role in Indian ocean region'

18 December 2010

U.S. admiral: We are 'very ready' to counter Iran

Contract for Navy ships hits a snag

U.S. punts on F-35 fighter engine controversy

Russia to join NATO drills

Russia begins building new frigate for Black Sea Fleet

Veteran Deep-Water Sub Alvin To Get Face-Lift

17 December 2010

China reveals aircraft carrier plans

Mighty Bush is born

North Korea threatens retaliation for South Korean military drill

Russia urges Seoul to skip military drills in Yellow Sea

China's navy takes charge on the high seas

Navy's unmanned strike jet nearly set for 1st flight

Upgraded Submarine Could Reach 98 Percent of the Ocean Deep

The unmanned submarine that will survey Antarctica–from below

Colin Lloyd darts have nuclear submarine missile technology

16 December 2010

Seoul Plans Another Drill in Contested Seas

Poland Christens Its Newest Submarine

Russian shipyard seeks $100 million to complete Indian contract

Britain to make major changes in Royal Navy's surface fleet

Water-less launch for second Astute-class nuclear sub

Carrier and frigate respond to injury on sub

LCS Measure Approved by U.S. House

LCS plan inches forward, but opposition looms

15 December 2010

US Navy preps flyswatter for Muscovite 'Mosquito'

Nevsky and Novomoskovsk: Two submarines for Putin

Ocean saved, Illustrious axed as defence review details revealed

Russia delays next Bulava missile test to 2011

Indian Navy on high alert after intel input

Submarine-launched Brahmos in advanced stage of development

LCS plan attacked, but gains support

14 December 2010

The Submarine Chair: Making of

New Russian Ballistic Missile Sub to Join Navy in 2011

US Navy urges Senate to approve LCS warship plan

The Royal Navy's nuclear Leviathan

Putin unveils Navy modernization plans

New nuclear submarine starts mooring trials

The Navy's 'sci-fi' super gun: A guide

13 December 2010

Severodvinsk shipbuilders to launch modernised Novomoskovsk sub

French whistleblower points finger at Royal Navy submarine

Fuses blew submarine out of water

12 December 2010

Grounded nuclear submarine HMS Astute 'breaks down'

11 December 2010

Russia halts aircraft carriers building

The Harrier takes its final bow

Keen Sword 2010: US, Japan hold joint military exercises

U.S. Navy Rankles Iranians for Calling Persian Gulf 'Arabian Gulf'

Futuristic Railgun Weapon Sets US Navy Record [VIDEO]

10 December 2010

Russian navy jets disrupted US-Japanese military exercise

India's first P-8I moves into production

EMALS hopes for first shot before Christmas

Cracks plague Ticonderoga-class cruisers

Indian Navy retires last of its Foxtrot-class submarines

07 December 2010

December 7, 1941 'A date which will live in infamy': Pearl Harbor Photos

Four Bulava tests scheduled for December

N.Korea deploys torpedo-carrying midget subs

India to acquire AIP technology for Scorpenes

06 December 2010

S. Korea Proceeds With Navy Drills, Despite Warning

Indian Navy considers mods to make Scorpene subs more lethal

Ark Royal enters immortality

05 December 2010

Sunken sub saga from Cold War comes to light in new book

Indian Navy ad shows US carrier as own

Diving belles! Wrens set to serve on Navy submarines... and they'll get their own bunks

04 December 2010

After delays, India's Scorpene subs now on track

Iran to mass produce new submarine

US, Japan begin war games; China denounces drills


Countdown to Ambush launch

China's ASBM Programme Matter of Concern

Lawmakers working to help Navy with new combat ship strategy

02 December 2010

Iran protests "Arabian Gulf" in U.S. Navy directive

Battle looms over historic Ark Royal name

Arihant to sail on deterrent patrol after commissioning

India's Arihant Nuclear Sub to be ready in 2 yrs

01 December 2010

A flight deck view of war games in the Yellow Sea

Historic ‘Top Secret’ Bermuda Nuke Docs Online

US, South Korea End Naval Exercises

Hero navy commander takes command of HMS Astute