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30 November 2010

Iran to Deploy Submarines to the High Seas

Just In Time For The Holidays!

Islands, crabs and skirmishes: the Koreas' maritime mishaps

Iran Launching Its Biggest Ship Yet in Caspian

Iran to Indigenize Naval Equipment in 10 Years

Russia offers Amur class submarines to India

29 November 2010

Next Bulava missile launch in December

Sub Class not ready, ‘silent arm’ stays in Russia

George Washington Strike Group Begins Exercise with Republic of Korea

S. Korea, U.S. stage 'high-intensity' naval drills in Yellow Sea

NPCK Blasts US-S. Korea Combined Military Exercises

Defense Ministry Declines to Commission HMS Astute

USS Olympia Given another Six Months to Live

War Games Response To North Korea Attack

Commander Calls Iranian Navy "Major, Influential Force"

28 November 2010

North Korea Threatens Missile Launch as U.S., South Korea Begin War Games

N. Korea Deploys Missile Systems near West Sea Border

Book on Soviet sub reads like a techno-thriller

Russia to choose submarine for new Bulava missile tests

Navy's Trident Nuclear Warheads Hit the Highway, Bound for Texas

27 November 2010

Yours for £2m... HMS Invincible for sale on website

N.Korea issues warning ahead of US-S.Korean exercises

US-South Korea war games a signal to North Korea

Harrier jets take off from Ark Royal for the last time

Iran Makes First Mobile Simulator for Home-Made Submarines

Armed Forces Hail Iranian Navy as Powerful Force in Region

Astute submarine boss loses command

26 November 2010

N. Korea threatens 2nd and 3rd attacks against naval drill

Tension high ahead of drill in West Sea

Gorshkov Carrier: Good Things Are Worth Waiting For

25 November 2010

USS George Washington to the Korean Peninsula

USS Enterprise turns 49 on Thanksgiving

24 November 2010

Super-Silent Jimmy Carter Ready to Spy on North Korea

Five Somali pirates convicted of attacking US Navy ship

Triumph of the will-power as pingers go hunting

USS Enterprise Turns 49 Years Old Thanksgiving Day

UCAS-D to Taxi Early Next Month

U.S. ships to Korea for exercises

USS Carrier to Conduct Exercise in Yellow Sea This Weekend

23 November 2010

Ark Royal to end final visit today

Navy dismisses rumours about Astute commander

U.S. Navy creating robotic warship to tirelessly hunt submarines

Brazil unveils massive navy buildup plans

22 November 2010

Next Generation Missiles - LRASM

The Next Generation AEGIS Missile

Top Admiral calls North Korea’s actions "very dangerous"

Subs on the prowl off the Australian coast

Brazil's navy plans fleet of nuclear subs

21 November 2010

First Chinese aircraft carrier nears completion

Sailing into the sunset

U.S. Navy receives new Joint Standoff Weapon

Captain of stuck sub HMS Astute to lose post but avoid court martial

Canadian, US navy ships collide at sea

19 November 2010

Video: Anti-Ballistic Missile Testing

Daring in the Big Apple

China's New Drones Raise Eyebrows

A former Soviet carrier’s Chinese odyssey

HMS Ark Royal to make farewell visit

Navy Looking At Drones For Underwater Forces

18 November 2010

China’s Military Ambitions: A Walking Tour

Aircraft carrier plan shows China naval ambitions

Latest Type 45 destroyer enters service

Navy races to move plan to buy combat ships through lame-duck session

'Scandalous' submarine deal highlighted ahead of Nato summit

17 November 2010

SA Navy short of submariners

Navy tells Parliament the extent of submarine’s damage

First Aircraft To Launch From The Deck Of Navy Ship

16 November 2010

Marines destroy another pirate mother ship

Senate debates whether Canada belongs in the Navy

'No Falkland talks' over carriers

Iran to dispatch more warships to international waters

New Submarine Homeported In Hawaii

15 November 2010

Sun sets on the S-boats

U.S. Navy Amphibs 'Combat Ineffective': Pentagon Report

Seeing the U.S. Navy’s Two Most Powerful Weapons in Action

Navy’s Super-Laser to Hunt for ‘Dark Energy’

14 November 2010

Navy Celebrates First Flight Centennial

USS Jason Dunham Commissioned

Head of Navy made last minute plea to save Harriers from scrap-heap

13 November 2010

Aegis Ascendant and Amphibious

Competition begins for next-generation Aegis missile

12 November 2010

Rusting ships at France's main naval base

Pentagon Readies New Ship-Killers for Pacific Showdown

10 November 2010

Thunder in the Deep: Submarine movie to be filmed at Sonalysts

US Navy chief urges China cooperate in S. China Sea

Korean Navy Ship in Deadly Collision with Boat

HMS Ambush is a sight for Soar eyes

US Navy overcomes mass P-3C grounding scare

US Navy receives first F-35C fighter aircraft

Navy’s Super-Laser Won’t Just Be a Weapon

Admirals urge rethink on Harrier and Ark Royal cuts

09 November 2010

Filming of "Thunder In The Deep,'' sub thriller to begin next year

Axed Ark Royal on farewell tour

NOAA sets conditions for Northwest Navy sonar use

Mysterious missile lights up the sky over the Pacific

Can Navy Afford ‘Death Ray’ It Wants?

Navy Chief Presses Nerds To Power Up Undersea Drones

08 November 2010

USS California closer to sea trials

LCS Competition Ends In A Tie

Vietnam offers navy base to foil China

07 November 2010

Revealed: MoD admits to 16 nuclear submarine crashes

Is The Astute Cursed?

06 November 2010

U.S. says ‘stay tuned’ for Yellow Sea drills

Historic Sea Voyages Buoy Climate Science

Go-ahead given on LCS mission packages

China navy focused on Taiwan

New sub California ready for christening today

05 November 2010

Navy Seeks To Build More Littoral Combat Ships Sooner

Fear over decision to scrap RAF Nimrod fleet

USN to keep P-3Cs flying beyond 2019

Pentagon Dismisses Reports of 34 Warships for Obama Trip Security

Queen bids farewell to carrier Ark Royal

04 November 2010

UK/French Defence Plans Drawn Up

Russian Navy will continue patrolling off the Horn of Africa

U.S. Navy to Christen Submarine California

Ukraine’s only submarine to enter service in 2011

Revealed: Rescue tug crashed into stranded submarine

Grounded nuclear sub HMS Astute damaged during rescue

03 November 2010

Indian air chief dismisses UK’s ‘iffy’ Harriers

Treasures of the East: Blackbeard's ship rises again

Vietnam's Cam Ranh base to welcome foreign navies

Russian Navy to standardize its warships and submarines

US Dispatched its Fourth Submarine to The Persian Gulf

San Antonio crew faced obstacles, former leader testifies

S. Korea's Navy Fires Warning Shots At N. Korean Boat

02 November 2010

Russia's new frigates to become one of world's best ships

A New Generation Of Russian Warships

Russia succeeds in test firing of missiles

More Bulava Missile Tests Needed, Russia Says

Roll out date announced for UK's latest nuclear sub

01 November 2010

Iran Attacks U.S. Aircraft Carrier

Iranian Navy to Boost Operational Range of Vessels

Norwegian Navy receives second Skjold corvette

Navy ships told 'go slow' to save money

Carrier status unclear for S. Korea exercises