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31 August 2010

Search is heating up for Bonhomme Richard

U.S. Navy Envisions Many Unmanned Platforms

Britain and France 'to share naval power'

In bid to save crew, commander of submarine is killed

S.Korea and US to stage joint naval drill

30 August 2010

UK's most powerful submarine joins the Navy

China to Hold Live-Fire Naval Drill in West Sea

China's expanding 'coastal waters'

29 August 2010

India’s sub rescue facilities primitive and inadequate

China announces navy drill ahead of U.S. show of force

28 August 2010

Upgraded Aegis BMD System Passes Functional Assessment

Russian subs stalk Trident in echo of Cold War

27 August 2010

Bizarre Adventures Aboard A Royal Navy Submarine

New Reports Warn of Chinese Naval Buildup

Come On In! Secret Soviet submarine base on tourist radar

26 August 2010

Lost Navy UAV Violates Washington Restricted Airspace

Admiral emphasises urgency on carrier-based attack UAVs

China's "Dragon" Sub Dives 3,759 Meters below Sea

China plants flag in south sea amid disputes

Shark Bites Submarine

25 August 2010

USS Texas Returns from Deployment

Submariners Give Rare Glimpse Into ‘Silent Service’

Royal Navy may need to borrow US fighter jets

Navy delays LCS decision

22 August 2010

China Reveals its Underwater Weapons Tests

China to build nuclear carrier

China Trains Naval Aviators

More Iranian Minisubs

Nuclear Submarine 'Handed Over' to India

Iran unveils first bomber drone

20 August 2010

Russia increases diesel submarine production

US, South Korea to Stage War Games in September

US aircraft carrier won't join anti-submarine drill with South Korea

Russian Akula N-sub handed over to India

19 August 2010

Terror theory backed by tanker ‘black box’

US urges more vigilance for ships transiting Strait of Hormuz

Japan, US plan naval drill near disputed islets

Coalition floats submarine design plan

Singapore hosts submarine exercise

U.S., South Korea to conduct anti-submarine warfare exercises

18 August 2010

Sea Viper missile hits its target

U.S., Japan Worry About China's Naval Buildup

China’s Bulava?

A Big Anthology of World War II U.S. Submarine and Historic Stories

17 August 2010

Fancy a ride in my shark?

Pedal-powered submarine is built for racing

16 August 2010

China Seeks Military Power in Indian Ocean, Western Pacific, Pentagon Says

US insists on gunboat policy

Worries over US aircraft carrier overstated

U.S. drill bolsters case for stronger China military

Hollow Talk in the South China Sea

15 August 2010

Flagship Ark Royal returns home

14 August 2010

Tales from the Cold War

Navy Drills Boost Tension

Chinese general criticises US navy exercise

Navy approves low-rate production of Boeing P-8 Poseidon

13 August 2010

Remembering the Kursk

Deep Sea Sorrow: Kursk sub tragedy marked ten years on

12 August 2010

Russia Marks 10th Anniversary Of 'Kursk' Disaster

11 August 2010

Deep Trouble ... Astute has been jinxed

Danish Navy’s quincentenary celebrated with pomp and circumstance

Future Navy Submarine to Stick With Nuclear Mission

12 torpedo cruisers join IRGC Navy

Iran navy produces armed copy of Bladerunner 51 speedboat

10 August 2010

China's New "Carrier-Killing" Missile Is Overrated

Scientists Seek Answers To Hunley Sub Mystery

Escaping a Submarine (video)

UAE confirms terror link to Hormuz tanker attack

New Iranian Submarine Threat Could Send Oil to $200 a Barrel

N. Korea threatens 'real war' as tension heightens at sea

Navy Warns of Threat from N.Korea's Coastal Artillery

09 August 2010

USS Georgia Returns from Maiden Deployment

S. Korea ends anti-submarine drill

Iran Unveils New Submarines and Makes More Persian Gulf Warnings

08 August 2010

'Terror blast' hit Japanese tanker in Gulf strait

Security review urged after Gulf tanker ‘attack’

Nuclear subamarine HMS Sceptre set to be recycled

Ding Dong, Dong-Feng!

S.Korea stages night drills to detect N.Korean subs

Iran adds new submarines to navy fleet

10-year anniversary of the raising of the Hunley

Mysteries remain as Hunley project celebrates its 10th year

07 August 2010

Russia tests two 'ballistic missiles'

Russian submarine successfully launches ballistic missile

New anti-submarine test aircraft heads for Pax River naval base

S. Korea holds anti-ship missile drills on Day 3 of naval exercise

South Korean maneuvers draw threat from North

Dangers on the high seas of East Asia

Confederate Sub to Get Fresh Look (video)

06 August 2010

Dong Feng 21D Could Destroy US Aircraft Carriers, Says Report

U.S. to Send Aircraft Carrier Into Waters Off China for Drills

S.Korea holds second day of anti-submarine drill

No-show for Aussie subs

Russian missile cruiser to visit India

U.S. Navy needs geography lesson

Canadian Navy’s ships risk being banned from foreign ports

05 August 2010

The Navy's next-generation destroyer

U.S. Navy Calls for Responsible Behavior from China

Tensions Rise As China Launches Show Of Force

South Korea begins massive anti-submarine drills

02 August 2010

Help save HMS Alliance for future generations

Portugal Receives First of New Submarine Fleet

Submarine's upgrades completed early, under budget

Boeing P-8 aircraft passes tests

Navy Works to Laser-Proof Its Drones

Navy poised to pick builder of new Littoral Combat Ship

01 August 2010

North Korea attacks Hawaii

Advanced warship ready for action

USS Missouri leading way for new wave of submarines