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30 June 2010

Submarine crunch hits Indian Navy

The Chinese Navy Air Force

China's navy to match S Korea-US war games

29 June 2010

China to hold six-day military drills in South China Sea

China denies military exercise aimed at U.S.

Russia starts large-scale war games

Sinking to new lows

NATO Sends In Stealth Sub to Combat African Pirates

28 June 2010

PLA's navy drill draws speculation

S. Korea, U.S. to decide on naval exercises in step with U.N. action on N. Korea

Duff French missiles for Royal Navy finally fixed

26 June 2010

Scubster – A Pedal Powered Submarine

How to build a nuclear submarine

Inside a Nuclear Submarine

25 June 2010

Wartime submarine commander and adventurer turns 100

South Korea Re-enacts First Sea Battle Against North Korea

Russia admits it needs to modernize its Navy

24 June 2010

Iran Has Special Solution in Reaction to Inspection of its Ships

Russia launches second stealth warship for India

Second P-8A Moves To Pax River Testing Site

23 June 2010

An au-some photo opportunity for task force

Man who sunk Belgrano to retire

U.S. carrier group clears Suez Canal

Dutch Submarine to Eavesdrop on Somali Pirates

Indian Navy to decommission 40-year-old submarines

Iran Changes Course on Ship; Israel Trains for the Worst

22 June 2010

Indian, Malaysian Navy to hold joint maritime exercise

Iran warns against cargo inspections

Iranian Navy Ready to Inspect Foreign Vessels

Dutch submarine to tackle piracy

Int'l Naval Exercise to Be Staged off Busan

China says "concerned" about South Korea-U.S. drill

Warship Sinking: Russia Demands N Korea Be Not Named In G-8 Summit Draft

21 June 2010

Red November, Inside the Secret U.S.-Soviet Submarine War

Germany taking 6 of 10 subs out of service

Sub Makes Unexpected Find Under Floating Ice Shelf

IRGC Navy to Boost Missile, Subsurface Power

China seeks to neutralize Japan-U.S. security treaty

U.S. rethinks a Marine Corps specialty: storming beaches

US, Israel Warships in Suez May Be Prelude to Faceoff with Iran

South Korea brings out big guns for battle re-enactment

Royal Navy to allow female sailors on subs

19 June 2010

Ceremony marks submarine tragedy

Students to test historic submarine lanterns

18 June 2010

War of 1812 schooner back in the thick of battle

What It Will Take for the Navy to Deploy a ‘Green’ Carrier Strike Group

Steel-cutting underway on fifth Astute submarine

Indonesian Navy to scrap old war ships and airplanes

Korea-US naval drills to begin in late June

17 June 2010

Shipyards Speed Up Submarine Production Amid Concerns About Navy’s Future Budgets

In the Navy’s Forecast, a Shrinking Attack Submarine Fleet

Indian Navy Pursues Fixed-Wing Carrier AEW

Russia ready to help Ukraine put its only submarine into service

U.S.S. Freedom Departs for World's Largest Maritime Exercise

Russia launches nuke attack submarine Severodvinsk

Video: New gen nuclear attack submarine launched in Russia

16 June 2010

Successful first firing of SCALP naval missile

NKorea warns of military response on ship sinking

S Korea, U.S. again delay joint naval drills

Navy Test-Fires Trident Missiles

Major naval exercise set for Atlantic region

USN 2011 shipbuilding program: 9 ships, $13.7 billion

S. Korean, U.S. navies agree on closer cooperation against N.K. subs

Iran to build submarine-controlled UAVs

New Russian nuclear submarine will not enter serial production

15 June 2010

New nuclear sub Severomorsk to be launched today

S.Korea to re-enact Korean War naval battle

Dolphins finds one missing underwater vehicle

Turtle takes lost video camera on 1100-mile ocean odyssey

Taiwan navy offers reward for AWOL torpedo

14 June 2010

Yacht for billionaires transforms into a submarine

Improved Sonar and Stealth With Nanotubes?

Russia to test Bulava missile in 3rd quarter 2010

Sparkling Diamond sails through her trials

Monster Boomer Returned To Service

Fixing The Empty Cell Blues

The Disappearing Droids Of Chesapeake Bay

12 June 2010

SSGN Force Reaches Historic Milestone

Midget Subs: Finding The Tiny Terrors

Australia Doubles Submarine Force

Audit Critical of S. Korean Military's Reaction to Warship Sinking

Russia wants high-tech plus French Mistral

Navy test range growing

Royal Navy to continue protecting the Falkland Islands...and their oil

11 June 2010

Boeing's P-8A aircraft completes mission systems test

The general, booze and the Cheonan

S Korea investigates military officers over warship sinking

Russia presses for French warship technology

Pakistan begins submarine procurement talks with China

Indian Navy creating a new base for nuke submarines

10 June 2010

US, Japan navy leaders discuss security alliance

09 June 2010

Keep U.S. Aircraft Carrier Out of Our Backyard, China Warns

US Navy dolphins, sea lions hunt rogue robo-subs

Navy asks for industry ideas on submarine technology

North Korea denies sinking South ship in letter to U.N.

08 June 2010

HMS Daring comes under air attack

'U.S. Navy: Pirate Hunters'

S.Korea-U.S anti-submarine drill conducted night of Cheonan sinking

Iranian navy threatens to break Israeli blockade

India's MoD to address sinking submarine fleet

Oops! Where'd they go? Navy hunts for missing underwater vehicles

US Navy F-35 JSF Version Makes First Flight

07 June 2010

Unarmed Royal Navy destroyers: French missiles blamed

Russian experts finish look at probe of S. Korean warship sinking

Iranian speedboats versus Israeli nukes

06 June 2010

Iran's navy offers to escort Gaza ships

05 June 2010

Video: Remembering the Battle of Midway

Sub attack came near drill

China Creates Pirate Copy of Russia’s Su-33 Carrier Jet

Nuclear submarine starts and finishes with cider

Fidel Castro claims US sank South Korean ship

Axing DDG 1000 radar could save money

The Revolutionary War's Other Naval Hero

Rough seas for Canada's navy

04 June 2010

Cheonan sinking: top ten conspiracy theories

Joint US-S.Korea drill delayed

Argentina To Build Nuclear-Powered Ships For Its Navy

03 June 2010

Royal Oak tragedy enters the classroom

U.S. Sending Aircraft Carrier Near North Korea

DDG 1000 could get new radar

How To Reduce Navy Fighter Gap

Navy: Force structure needs more review

Submarine New Mexico arrives at new homeport

The Navy's New Corvette

Pyongyang: Cheonan was false-flag sinking

Israel Worried Turkey May Send Navy Ships With Next Flotilla

02 June 2010

Russia to transfer nuclear sub to India in autumn 2010

Israeli Nuclear Missile Boats Off Iranian Coast

First Steel Cut for Brazilian Submarine Programme

China's anti-ship missiles may make India's Gorshkov aircraft carrier unusable in war

Gorshkov refit on track

U.S. Navy Advancing Technology Aboard "Sea Fighter"

P3C Orion Aircraft inducted into Pakistan Navy

Navy uses laser to shoot down drone

US carrier to join S.Korea anti-submarine drill

01 June 2010

North Korean Submariner Breaks 14-Year Silence

Sceptre bows out after 32 years' service