World Naval News Archives

31 March 2010

Russian Navy launches major exercises

N.Korean Submarine 'Left Base Before the Cheonan Sank'

N.Korea 'Runs Naval Suicide Squads'

Video Clips Show Sinking Navy Ship

30 March 2010

Kursk film is unmissable

Admiral Guy Reynolds, RIP: A generational moment for submariners

Missing US WW II sub found by film crew

U.S. Navy Submarine Smoking Ban

Nuke sub to visit SA

29 March 2010

Malaysian Submarine Takes to the Sea

French warship to participate in Russian Navy exercises

28 March 2010

Laser warfare takes to the high seas

Navy brings new submarine to life

Sunk South Korea naval ship Cheonan 'split in half'

27 March 2010

`Mafia sailors' bullied females

26 March 2010

South Korean Ship Sinks After Explosion

Navy prepares to commission newest submarine, the New Mexico

Submarine Commissioning To Be Streamed Live Online

Indian Navy to acquire fighter planes, subs

Navy wants carrier-based drone by 2018

Pak Navy to acquire seven submarines to meet challenges posed by India

Russia to help Vietnam build submarine base

First look at new Navy frigate

24 March 2010

Typhoon Clas Submarine

Endangered whale birth photos taken near Navy site

Russia conducts Navy anti-submarine drills in Sea of Japan

USS New Mexico, nation's newest nuclear submarine

22 March 2010

Woman smuggled into Trident base

UK Navy's Astute, Dauntless vessels begin sea trials

India successfully tests Brahmos cruise missile

20 March 2010

Russia needs minimum 50 nuclear subs for fleet

A submarine nuclear reactor in your backyard?

Move to settle submarine spat

19 March 2010

Submarine quest ends in the depths of the Baltic Sea

France asks to share Royal Navy subs

18 March 2010

Estonians to honour British WW1 submariners

Boeing Completes Design of Shipboard Superlaser

New details emerge in sub skipper’s firing

17 March 2010

India to get 10-year lease on Russian nuclear submarine

Royal Navy submarine sent to patrol Falklands

Submarine Commander Fired for being Drunk with College Students

15 March 2010

HMS Astute makes her inaugural dive

Number error led to British sub accident

Navy told to scrap 200-year-old tradition to save cash

Russia to launch new nuclear submarine

Commander reprimanded for crashing submarine

12 March 2010

A Triumph of engineering sails

Spanish and US naval ships test Aegis Combat System

Pakistan navy tests missiles in Arabian Sea

10 March 2010

Mixed-sex submarine crews 'would not be useful'

LOST isn't done with badly-CGI'ed submarines

Fears for female submarine crew

08 March 2010

French Destroyer Surrenders to Somali Pirates

Cylon Torpedoes Rule The Deep

Navy Commissions USS Dewey to Destroyer Fleet

USS New Mexico to join fleet this month

Chinese naval fleet nears Somalia

China Needs Multi-task Naval Force: Commander

07 March 2010

Ten of the greatest British naval victories

Newport, R.I., trove of naval history

Al Qaeda targets Royal Navy

06 March 2010

Singapore Navy On high alert for possible attacks on oil tankers

Navy has fired 6 commanders since January, triple its usual monthly rate

05 March 2010

Norway to postpone plan to raise German submarine wreck

Too good to replace

Russia test-launched ballistic missile from the Barents Sea

04 March 2010

The Rise and Fall of a Female Captain Bligh

Navy ships drag race at sea

Shipbuilders testify on Navy 30 year plan

Singapore warns of threat to tankers in Malacca Strait

01 March 2010

Critics worry over attack sub force plan

France defends talks on sale of warships to Russia

Can Britain afford not to build aircraft carriers?