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31 March 2009

US warships creep into North Korea's backyard

North Korea Threatens War If Japan Tries to Shoot Down Missile

ICEX 2009 Offers Submariners Unique Training Environment

Flying in to mark 100 years of naval aviation

Russian Subs To Have Nuke Cruise Missiles

Giant on the high seas

Indian Navy's destroyer project sets sail

30 March 2009

A time to be Audacious

Indian navy will have 160 warships by 2022

Gorshkov to arrive in India in two years

”Kursk” tower sold as scrap metal

Russia to Build Six New Submarines

28 March 2009

Warships Dispatched as N.Korea Rocket Launch Nears

Investigators: USS Hartford rolled 85 degrees in collision

First Russian Nuke Faces The Breakers

Virginia's Kid Brother

Raytheon missiles hit mark in two-pronged test

US Navy deploys warships ahead of North Korean Missile Launch

Japanese navy prepares for NKorean rocket launch -- Video

Russia to build 6 nuclear subs with cruise missiles

27 March 2009

Environment alert after US sub collision
Nuke sub

France Builds A U-Boat

Hunley replica on display for Civil War weekend

Trident submarine moving to Kings Bay base in Georgia

Navy Submarine Trains in the Arctic

What's it like to live on a submarine?

26 March 2009

Chinese navy has new sub base in Pacific

WW II U-boats off the Florida coast

Aussie Navy Submariners Participate in Arctic Ocean Exercise

The Irishman who invented the submarine

25 March 2009

What's it like to live on a submarine?

Britain apologises over submarine deaths

23 March 2009

Military scrambled over foreign sub sighting

Indian Navy to get 4 new destroyers

USS Hartford limps into Bahrain

Photos -- USS Hartford after collision with USS New Orleans : 1, 2, 3, 4

Collision Alley

China tells Japan it wants aircraft carrier

U.S. posts videos of high-seas encounter with China on YouTube

Report: Russian navy to rely on tactical nukes

20 March 2009

Russia continues air surveillance over Sea of Japan

U.S. Navy ship, submarine collide in Gulf

Somali pirates give Chinese navy self-serving cruise

Russia to conduct 3 tests of Bulava missile in 2009

Up to 10 Russian subs at sea around world

U.S. Navy Stabilizes Force As It Nears End-strength Goal

British Nuclear Deterrent Depends on Timely U.S. Help

Russian planes again fly over U.S. Navy aircraft carrier

US admiral condemns China's 'aggressive' actiions

China says not boosting South China Sea naval presence

19 March 2009

TAURUS 09, the Royal Navy's biggest sea deployment of recent years

Sevmash shipyard to lay down modern nuclear submarine

Ukraine having its only submarine repaired

Russia's submarine fleet has 60 vessels in active service

Pentagon may sink DDG-1000 destroyer

Flag casts doubt on submarine theory

UK to reduce missile payload of Successor SSBNs

Warning over nuclear submarines

18 March 2009

U.S. to pick admiral as NATO commander

Key Resolve and Foal Eagle Joint War Maneuvers in Their Height

NKorea May Wage Sacred Retaliation

Russia to begin large-scale rearmament of Armed Forces in 2011

Russia begins mooring trials of Yury Dolgoruky strategic sub

Harriers - 40 years old and still jumping

Japan's largest helicopter-carrying warship commissioned

Navy chief sorry for sub deaths

U.S. Navy Certifies Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System with 'Terminal Phase' Capability

Aussie comes to San Francisco to see sub that saved him

17 March 2009

Tensions growing in South China Sea

Russia backs off from sale of Su-33 carrier-based fighters to China

Massive cocaine haul discovered in homespun submarine

Royal Navy missile systems delayed

Robot sub in Antarctica finds clues to rising seas

For the U.S. submarine fleet, it’s still a Cold War

New submarine to restore "Missouri" to fleet

US To Sell Anti-Submarine Planes To India For $2.1 Billion

16 March 2009

Russia's first nuke-sub may be scrapped

Same ship, different decade

Russia may base long-range bombers in Venezuela, Cuba

Royal Navy's Type 45 project progressing well

Indian Navy's frigate plan hit by US ban on engine supply

New Delhi approves Navy plans for four new warships

China sends large patrol boat to Spratly Islands

Chávez Tells His Navy to Take Over Key Seaports

13 March 2009

Royal Navy flexes its muscles under the Med sun

Submarine collisions: Not so rare at all

US ship in scrape with China now has armed escort

China condemns US warship deployment as tensions mount

Navy to cut carrier fleet to ten?

Japan sends navy to join Somalia anti-pirate patrols

Royal Navy Destroyers Delayed by Weapons Hitches, Crew Shortage

12 March 2009

The Submarine K95 Waterproof USB Drive

A Talent for submarine warfare

U.S. destroyers deployed forward to waters near DPRK

China's Hu urges military to "staunchly defend" sovereignty

Obama seeks to ease US-China row

China tells US Navy to back off

Rising navy, assertiveness behind US-China flap

11 March 2009

U.S. Will Continue to Sail in International Waters, Official Says

Malaysia's First Submarine To Arrive In July

Obama hunts U.S. Navy's supercarrier force

Russia cancels sale of Su-33 carrier fighters to China

Senior navy official: China can build own aircraft carrier

Chinese admiral: Navy's anti-piracy escorts not a short-term mission

U.S. lawmakers warn Navy on ship costs

China navy officers harangue U.S. over ocean spat

10 March 2009

US forgets how to manufacture Trident missile warhead component

SUBMARINES: Virginia's Kid Brother

Top secret English sub base no longer so secret

China sending a message to Obama?

High cost could derail Navy's new littoral combat ship

China uses naval showdown with US to flex muscle

US-China spat raises tension

US-Chinese Anti-Submarine Cat and Mouse Game in South China Sea

09 March 2009

China to renew Somalia anti-piracy mission

Navy cargo ship named for Wally Schirra, astronaut

China says Navy expansion "no threat to others"

08 March 2009

India rejuvenates aircraft carrier INS Viraat

Navy: no damage to grounded ship's weapons systems

Ashes of Royal Navy veteran blasted into sea

07 March 2009

Bulava missile to enter service in 2009

Russia to beef up Black Sea fleet

Second Fleet Ships Conduct Irregular Warfare Training

Talks on Gorshkov deal next week

Chinese navy urged to go from coastal waters to oceans

Navy’s Effort Against Somali Pirates Pays Off

Indian navy officer to sail solo around world

USS Port Royal Repairs To Cost $25M-$40M

06 March 2009

Shed light on Deadlight

Speculation grows on China aircraft carrier plans

Winged luxury submarines 'fly' underwater

Military deputies urge building of aircraft carriers

China navy planning major celebration for April

05 March 2009

Russian Navy To Monitor US Submarine Exercises in Arctic

Video: USS Tucson deep-hull modernization

For Sale: 45-Passenger Submarine

Legislator: China should build its own aircraft carrier

Experts Mull Significance of Chinese Naval Mission

Trident crews a tight-knit group

CNO announces new missile defense command

Navy Destroyer's Missile Defense System Damaged in Reef Accident

04 March 2009

Subs head far north for ICEX 2009

USS Ohio Earns Battle "E"

Russia's new aircraft carriers will be nuclear powered

Navy explores use of robot boats

Barrow submarine gets shunted together for welding

US professor recommends Gotland-class submarine

Memorial anchor to be dedicated to submarine sailors at ECO Park

US Strength Crucial to Peace in Asia

03 March 2009

USS Texas To Be Home Ported At Pearl Harbor

US Navy award keeps Lockheed LCS afloat

02 March 2009

Automation Kills Submariner Spirit

India eyeing micro-submarine

Indian Navy to get Advanced anti-submarine rocket

Russian Navy Admits Aircraft Carrier Spilled Oil

Russia plans to rotate warships off Somalia

Navy freezes surface ship maintenance funds

01 March 2009

S. Korea Eyes Fighter Jet for Landing Ship

India joins elite warships club

India a step closer to making own carrier

Iraq Navy trains to defend Gulf oil platforms

Indian Govt makes Navy responsible for maritime security

Arctic-bound submarine slips out of San Diego