World Naval News Archives

31 October 2008

Navy names second Zumwalt-class destroyer

India to work with world navies to check piracy

China Ready to Buy Su-33 Shipboard Fighters in Russia

Speculation mounts about Indian lease of new Russian nuclear attack sub

Navies must target pirate 'mother ships'

Gunboats in battle to fill Santa’s sack

Photos: Russian naval task force completes exercise in the Atlantic

Russian Navy to hold exercises in the Mediterranean

More analysis needed on destroyer plan - Pentagon

Japanese navy ship to intercept missile off Hawaii

30 October 2008

Life on a nuclear sub

Gorshkov in knots

Get your Halloween scare aboard a Navy destroyer

More on the pentagon's flying sub project

U.S. Navy establishes anti-piracy command

Indian Navy to acquire anti-mine fleet

Deep Siren Addresses Gap in Submarine Communications

Commercial Ships Repel Pirate Attacks Off Somalia

New Hampshire's namesake readied for the sea

Fast track for a fast-attack submarine

29 October 2008

Dutch submarine surfaces in America

USS New Hampshire Joins Fleet

Iran Opens Naval Base Near Routes for Gulf Oil

US hopes to make 'flying submarine'

Caspian Sea Monster: Moscow’s Fascinating Submarine Museum

Raytheon to Launch UAV from Submarine

Royal Navy defends world oil prices in the Gulf

EU to Send Warships to Pirate-Infested Waters

28 October 2008

Russia's new nuclear attack submarine starts sea trials
New Russian sub

India's warships sitting ducks at sea

Russian Warships: Little Guys For Low Budgets

China considers next-generation Su-33s for aircraft carrier programme

Korean Submarines Make Guinness Book of Records

Raytheon demos new submarine-launched UAV

Australian Navy targets next-generation submarines

Somali pirates living the high life

Russian frigate begins anti-piracy patrols off Somalia coast

NATO escorts shipload of supplies to Somalia

Sub named for Granite State sails away from shipyard

27 October 2008

Hundreds protest at nuclear site

Indian Navy issues RFIs for six next generation submarines

Sea rescue saves African refugees

24 October 2008

World's biggest warship in India (video)

Russian makes progress with aircraft carrier for India

Photos -- US-India naval exercise Malabar 2008: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Remote Controlled USS Seawolf Brings Cold War Fun to Your Hot Bath

Bandai Japan’s remote-controlled micro submarine

US military launching high-tech flying submarine

Navy’s top officer sings praises of submarines

Navy's TOPGUN flies high with new Super Hornet

23 October 2008

More Naval Vessels Heading for Somali Coast to Ward Off Pirates

French navy arrests pirates

Navy Commissions Submarine New Hampshire

A look inside the USS New Hampshire

Russia submits revised schedule, cost escalation for INS Vikramaditya

British warship heading to scrapyard

Pakistan Navy gearing up for battleships

Court Restricts Navy's Use of Low-Frequency Active Sonar

Russia's Pacific Fleet completes anti-submarine drills

22 October 2008

Venezuela to build Caribbean naval base

Russian Destroyer Enters Red Sea

NATO would defend Baltics: U.S. military chief

US want 'James Bond' flying submarine

England expects... for the 203rd time

Chinese Subs Stalk George Washington

Navy's Global Hawk May Head To Middle East

Somali pirates 'hard to defeat'

US keen to partner with India to fight pirates

Russia wants to extend lease on Black Sea navy base

21 October 2008

Russia denies talks on purchase of missile cruiser from Ukraine

Russia has over $5 billion in foreign naval orders

Waiting for the Neustrashimy

Raytheon vs the U.S. Navy

US Navy Launches Raytheon Tomahawk Block IV From Virginia Class ...

Roatan's Only Homemade Submarine in Limbo

Submarine technology wows visitors, veterans alike

Camilla tours nuclear submarine

20 October 2008

Veterans celebrate Trafalgar Day

Thunderbirds are Go!

Yemen agrees to host Russian warships

Indian Navy hunts for hi-tech submarines

Submarine New Hampshire has arrived

19 October 2008

India's SSN: A Nod And A Wink

Navy vets reunite aboard USS Texas

Pentagon plans carrier-launched ‘spaceplane’ to reach hotspots fast

NATO warships arrive to deter Somali pirates

Indo-US bilateral naval exercise ”Malabar 08” begins

US okays anti-submarine frigate for Pakistan

End of the road for stricken Navy sub

Ships Named After Living Heroes

18 October 2008

Destroyer Named For 'Father Of Aegis'

Russian Warships Visit Tripoli

US warship visits Georgian Black Sea port of Poti

Indo-US naval war games to begin October 20

Repair of Gorshkov’s hull completed

Oceanic Indians

US Navy cancels combat ship contract

Scientists have new clue to mystery of sunken sub

17 October 2008

Nigeria: Pirates Hijack Eight Local Vessels

South Korean firm pays Somali pirates for sailors’ release

Private Contractors May Protect Against Somali Pirates

India sends warship to pirate-infested Gulf of Aden

Japan concerned over Chinese subs near maritime borders

International flotilla to fight Somali pirates

India launches first navy mission against pirates

Pakistan Navy being equipped with modern weapons

Royal Navy forced to scavenge for parts

16 October 2008

Soviet Subs In The Sunset

India splashes out on six super subs

Russia to build missile frigate for India

USS Ohio visits Yokosuka, Japan

Pirates Withdraw Threat to Blow Up Ukrainian Ship

Somali pirates release crew of SKorean ship

US Navy to add 3 LCS ships in fiscal 2010

Signals from naval base 'caused Qantas passenger jet to plunge'

Russia could resume naval presence in Yemen

15 October 2008

Indian gov't allows Navy to patrol Somali waters

North Korea: 'George Washington is not a sightseeing ship'

Effort on to save USS Ticonderoga

Indian-U.S. Naval Exercise To Commence Oct. 17

Iran: Enemies won't dare to attack

US N-powered ship to join naval exercise with India

NATO warships sail through Suez for Somalia

Chinese warships visit Russian port

Astute loaded with nuke fuel

Dawn of the Vigilant age

U.S. Navy Staff Embarks HMS Ark Royal for Multinational Exercise

'Pak Navy capable of deploying strategic weapons at sea'

Pakistan possesses potential to emerge as important Naval power

Indo–US Bilateral Naval Exercise – Malabar 08

Survivor of U-boat attack laid to rest in sunken battleship

14 October 2008

Royal Navy may get stronger power to arrest pirates

HMS Vigilant begins refit

Somali troops free cargo ship held for 5 days

Submarine Blueback sails onto national history list

Russia to build aircraft carriers soon

Keel laying of India's indigenous aircraft carrier in December

Shipping turns to private guards to combat pirates

Somali pirates may extend deadline on ship's fate

US Navy: Pirates haven't destroyed Ukrainian ship

13 October 2008

Medvedev: A job well done

SECNAV Sends Birthday Message to Fleet

Nuclear submarine “Tula” test fires “Sineva” missile in the Barents Sea

Protest over sub planned

Medvedev: Russia to Build Aircraft Carriers

Submarine in distress? Call us...

12 October 2008

Heritage Foundation: Questions to Ask re: DDG-51 vs. DDG-1000

Lego Battlecruiser Can Probably Sink Oil Tankers on Impact

Somali Forces Raid Newly Hijacked Ship

US Navy, Canadian Air Force Strafe San Francisco

Russia test-fires long-range missiles

Russia conducts large-scale drill

11 October 2008

USA claims victory - again

Russia test-fires ballistic missile to mid-Pacific

Medvedev observes Barents Sea drills

10 October 2008

Russia denies that warships bound for Venezuela are carrying nukes

Russian navy patrols Mediterranean Sea

UN Security Council backs force against pirates

Royal Navy chief wants civilian ships to hit back at pirates

Korea missiles crisis alert

North Korea warns South on warships

Navy's Blue Death Terrorizes San Francisco 3 weeks before election

09 October 2008

Power deal is signed for electric carriers

Supreme Court Hears Navy Sonar Case

Construction of Bush Carrier Behind Schedule

Norway sends frigate to show the flag

NKorea navy warns of possible sea clash with SKorea

Queen launches country's second submarine

Kenyan navy to storm hijacked ship in forceful arms recovery

Russian warships to visit Libya

08 October 2008

South Korea considers joining Somalia pirate fight

Indian Navy awaiting government's nod to take on Somalian pirates,

South Africa's navy ready to tackle Somali pirates

Malaysia's Second Scorpene Submarine Launched

Spain, France Invited To Help Develop Malaysia's Submarine Maintenance Industry

Pakistan's Navy to be made superpower, says new chief

Supreme Court hears case on Navy sonar, whales

07 October 2008

EU to launch naval escorts in Gulf of Aden

Sailors to get double pay as Gulf of Aden declared a high risk area

Report: Fire On Aircraft Carrier 'Entirely Preventable'

U.S. Navy Charters Kite-Powered Cargo Ship

Navies faced with tricky rules in bid to punish pirates

Russian Navy "to work with US, EU" against pirates

Somali Pirates: We'll Fight to the Death Before Surrendering

06 October 2008

Flying Sub? DARPA Working on a Submersible Aircraft That Can Go From Air to Sea

HMS Victory will not be given away

RN carriers to be electric powered

Somali pirates stare down global superpowers

US to attack pirates' bases?

Mega yacht armed with missile shield

Russia's warships head for exercise with Venezuelan navy

U.S. carrier in South Korea, likely to irk North

South Africa's navy pledges its readiness to defend seas of Africa

05 October 2008

Ted Briggs – The last survivor from the sinking of HMS Hood

Steve Fossett's secret submarine project

04 October 2008

Sub-versives on campus - Photo

Paul Newman: A decorated WWII sailor

Taiwan Welcomes Proposed $6.5 Billion U.S. Arms Sale

US Navy: 4 failed pirate attacks off Somali coast

03 October 2008

Fanfare greets Intrepid upon return to Manhattan

Men of Talent live up to their name

Russia to build eight nuclear submarines by 2015

Stennis Puts New Growlers to the Test

U.S. approves F-35 Joint Strike Fighter for Israel

Russian firm optimistic over Indian fighter tender

China embarks on naval fighter training programme

One of our aircraft carriers is missing!

New Submarine Rescue Asset Joins U.S. Fleet

India enhances anti-submarine warfare capability

India to develop an AIP submarine in 4 to 5 years

Navy confirms wreckage is WWII sub Grunion

Pirates warn against rescue bid

02 October 2008

EU vows action against pirates

Britain considers joining EU force to battle pirates

USS Intrepid Returns to Manhattan

Russia hopes to deploy new nuclear missile next year

What is the future for Russia's submarine fleet?

Four Russian warships to stop in Libya

A grand welcome planned for USS New Hampshire

Submarine Missouri Reaches First Major Milestone

Indian Navy Not to Shift their Base from Goa

Sonar range concerns remain

Why We’re in Gulf of Guinea, By French Navy

Navy Christens Littoral Combat Ship Independence

01 October 2008

Russia rejects use of force to free Somali pirates' hostages

Somalia asks for Russian warships to fight pirates

The Dangers of America's Underwater Junkyard

Navy seeks public comment on testing ranges for underwater vehicles

Navy chief won't be drawn on Victory's future

Troubles weigh down Navy ship

US Navy plays waiting game with surrounded Somali pirates

Russia's navy plans Mediterranean show of strength