World Naval News Archives

30 September 2008

Russia to start delivering MiG fighters to Indian Navy in 2009

Japan's navy exercises hit by cost cutting

Last lament for Superb

First Chinese Carrier Aviators

U.S. ship keeps tabs on China

Russia is Not Planning to Deliver Nuclear Subs to Anyone - Defense Minister

N-submarine, what N-submarine?

Russian submarine makes 30-day trip under Arctic ice

MIT Submarine Is Most Autonomous Ocean Robot Yet

Navy says it prefers sonar site off Florida

For U.S. Navy, high stakes in pirate standoff

29 September 2008

Cavalla status on news TV

Russia to release `interim` funds for Gorshkov refit

World shipping "amazed" at naval failure off Somalia

Democrats reject Iran blockade resolution

Russian warships to hold drills in northern Atlantic

Jitters over China's military muscle

USS Howard Monitoring MV Faina

US tightens vigil on arms ship hijacked by pirates

Giant warship makes waves in South Africa's seas

Keel-laying of India's indigenous aircraft carrier in December

Bid to stop scrapping of French aircraft carrier

Royal Navy to recycle battleships

US Navy Competes With Whales For Proposed Sonar Testing Site

N Korean navy fires on Chinese fisherman

HMS Exeter destroyer retired early amid Navy budget fears

Warships surround Somali pirates

28 September 2008

Intrepid's all cleaned and ready to set sail for Manhattan home

Navy’s sonar has a killer sound

Whales may bump Navy sonar training field out of Florida site

U.S. Navy Shadows Ship Hijacked off Somalia

Islamist plunder weapons from hijacked ship in Somalia

27 September 2008

NATO closely monitors Russian warships on route to Caribbean

Fledgling Missouri reaches keel-laying milestone

Navy Pursues Pirates Who Grab Arms Shipment

Superb submarine's final service

26 September 2008

Boxer scores ‘direct hit’ with new missile guidance system

Somali pirates seize ship loaded with Russian tanks

Ocean back on the oceans

Medvedev Promises New Subs For Russia's Navy

Ahmadinejad Says U.S. Too Weak to Attack Iran

Nuclear aircraft carrier to aid stability in Asia

Submarine Hamza’s induction into Pakistan Navy fleet today

Navy expects delay in General Dynamics' LCS ship

India seeks six more diesel submarines after Scorpene

U.S. Navy Sec concerned about China naval build-up

Russian navy to combat piracy off African coast

25 September 2008

Russia may have to pay Ukraine $2 billion/yr for Sevastopol base lease

First T45 Destroyer, HMS Daring, Completes Sea Trials
HMS Daring

India to make final decision on Gorshkov price hike in Oct

India likely to buy more carrier borne Mig-29K Fighters

Russia could order aircraft carriers from Ukraine

US nuclear carrier docks in Japan to protests

France to help Brazil build nuclear submarine

Congress agrees to delay cost cap for LCS ships

US Navy Fires Warning Shots Off Coast of Somalia

24 September 2008

Misinformation campaign on growing Indo-US defence ties

Defense Minister nixes expansion of India-US Malabar naval exercise

Gorshkov 'price-hike' to be taken to India's cabinet

Russia's Northern Fleet joins Russia-Belarus war games

Is South Africa's sub a dud?

Raytheon protests U.S. Navy move on Aegis modernization

Iran warns it is prepared to confront US Navy

Admirals outnumber warships in Royal Navy

Navy looks at building sonar range off Florida coast

US Navy: Shipping companies must tackle piracy

Video: Russian warships head across Atlantic

Somali pirates get on Russia's nerves

Syrian Port Too Small for Pyotr Velikiy

Norwegian navy monitoring the Russian fleet

23 September 2008

US Navy photo: Beached sub and destroyer escort at Seawolf Park

Smart Robots Versus Predictable Submarines

Anti-Submarine Warfare In The Eastern Pacific

Russia's fist in America's belly

Lord Nelson's 'coffin' up for sale

Lockheed Martin, Air Force defend F-35

Authorities seize another 'drug sub' off Mexican coast

Patrol Aircraft Key to Spotting Drug Running Semi-Subs

Arctic sea routes opening up with climate change

France to help Brazil build first Latin American nuclear sub

Sea dogs of the Russian convoys

Pakistan ready to commission another Agosta sub

Texas Sailors Return to Assist in Hurricane Ike Recovery Efforts

22 September 2008

Accidental death reported on Navy sub Nebraska

Bermuda Triangle UFO lures Putin's Navy to Venezuela naval ops disaster

Video: On board Russia's Peter the Great warship

Navy Retreats from Shoreline Warfare

Military can't guarantee safety off Somalia: US Navy

Indian submarine visits Malta

Russian warships embark for manoevres near US

Russian Warships Sail to Venezuela

21 September 2008

Russian fleet moving into Syria

Russia demands additional $200 million from India for aircraft carrier

China begins training first batch of aircraft carrier fighter pilots

Moscow Will Boost Defense Spending to $50 Billion

Super sub: Virginia class on front line in global war on terrorism

20 September 2008

Mystery ship washes ashore in Alabama after Hurricane Ike

Danish navy fends off pirates in Gulf of Aden

Warships ply African coast in hunt for pirates

Indian Navy awaits go-ahead to patrol Somalian coast

19 September 2008

Arrrgggh, Matey! Let's talk like a pirate

Navy Rolls Out New Anti-Submarine Warfare Mission Package

Navy Donates Research Sub to San Diego Maritime Museum

Galveston Mayor, USS Nassau Coordinating Hurricane Ike Relief Efforts

Video: High-Tech Submarine Trainers Unveiled

Japan's MSDF must improve sub detection

First Littoral Combat Ship joins the fleet

U.S. Navy reveals unmanned sub hunter

Dolphin submarine returning to San Diego – as museum piece

Indian govt rules out 'hot pursuit' of pirates

Russian Navy to adopt new Bulava ballistic missile in 2009

After Ike: Seawolf Park Satellite image

18 September 2008

Russians start work on major Syrian port

The Italians are coming! The Italians are coming!

Somali pirates seize two ships

Russian sub launches next-gen missile

Russia successfully test-fires new Bulava missile

Fire on Russian destroyer kills 2

U.S. Navy revamps training in wake of 2005 sub collision

Tension Rises as Iran's IRGC Navy Increase Activity In Persian Gulf

Iran navy commander announces full defense readiness

Indian Navy seeks nod to pursue pirates

Tribute to RGS Victoria Cross hero

17 September 2008

Lieutenant-Commander Ian Fraser passes away

Danish warship nabs pirates

Iran promises to safeguard Strait of Hormuz

Russia: U.S. could use Georgia as bridgehead to attack Iran

Russian Navy to remain off Abkhazia until U.S. ships leave region

Secret special forces boat undergoing trials

Iran Scoffs at US, Israeli Military Threats

Medvedev Wants Russia To Set Arctic Seabed Borders

Experts puzzled by mystery sub

U.S. Navy tests new "Giant Submarine"

Robot submarine dives deep for first mission

16 September 2008

U.S. Navy, Coast Guard Capture Drug-Running Semi-Submersible Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

French troops storm yacht, rescue hostages

Iran boasts its forces can control the Gulf

Iran's Revolutionary Guards to 'defend Gulf'

Submariners killed by MoD complacency

Japan ends hunt for mystery submarine intruder

20,000 kilos under the sea?

Crimea plays host to Russian warships, Ukrainian pride

Russia eyes Mediterranean as alternative to Sevastopol naval base

Russian navy top brass want to keep Ukraine port

15 September 2008

Galveston smacked by hurricane Ike

Navy defence system engages rocket in Iraq

India moves closer to US to balance China's rise

Indian, Chinese navies to hold joint exercises

U.S. Hopes that the Russian Naval Squadron Fails to Arrive in Venezuela

US Navy ship back in Black Sea

U.S. Navy revives airship interest after 5-year gap

New submarine survival technology

14 September 2008

Somali pirates wreak havoc with maritime traffic

BAE to review troubled submarine project

Japan hunts mystery submarine

13 September 2008

Russian navy returning to Mediterranean

Russian ships can hardly reach Venezuela - U.S. State Department

HMS Intrepid makes final journey

Will DDG 1000 Produce Any Ships at All?

Navy readies ships for hurricane response

Astute submarine suffers further delays

12 September 2008

Russian submarines to test launch ballistic missiles in Pacific

Russia scared by NATO's "paper tiger" in the Black Sea

Historic warship HMS Victory may be given to charity

Australian Navy's chief vows to fix sub crews crisis

Japan welcomes deployment of US aircraft carrier

Coming to a Sea Near You: Giant Russian Nuke Cruiser

US Navy fleet commander dismisses Russia bombers as US threat

11 September 2008

Navy to Decommission Tarawa After 32 Years of Honorable Service

Auroras abandon the ocean

Modernizing Canada’s Halifax Class Frigates

Canadian ships arrive to exercise with Indian navy

10 September 2008

Russian Navy Coming to Caribbean for War Games

Russian strategic bombers in Venezuela

Another Aussie sub forced to dry-dock because of crew shortages

Northrop gets U.S. carrier deal worth up to $5.1 billion

09 September 2008

Commissioning problems hit Astute delivery

Russia says its Navy ready to thwart any threat to security

No beer for submarine

08 September 2008

First East Coast DDG With Ballistic Missile Defense System Deploys

Russian Navy to adopt new carrier fighters

Coming to your desktop: virtual submarine that will allow access to Europe's sunken wrecks

Russian nuclear warship in Venezuela manoeuvers

Carrier ‘Ouija boards’ finally going digital

Unidentified warship captures 14 Somali pirates

Russia to base anti-submarine aircraft in Venezuela

Russia confirms sending warships to the Atlantic, Caribbean

Russian navy teams up with Venezuela

06 September 2008

Russian Prez Puts West On Notice

Russia accuses West of Georgia warship provocation

Russia to carry out naval maneuvers off Venezuela

Search for lost WWII sub now turns to hunt for victims' stories

Sub disaster action hero

Australia's navy told to stop whining, get tough

New Zealand Navy can shoot at $200,000 a pop

Medvedev Condemns U.S. Use of Navy to Send Aid to Georgia

South Africa's navy celebrates first-class fleet

U.S. Navy Conducts Second Test of SM-6 Missile

05 September 2008

Russia angry as US ship arrives in Georgia

All hands on deck to save sunken historic galleon

Navy's Newest Submarine Class Launches Tomahawk Cruise Missiles

S. Korean Navy Launches New Destroyer

Submarine crew chooses AppleJack

Russia to deliver Admiral Gorshkov to India after 2011

Russia's Navy to Have New Amphibian Aircraft

Did BMD drive Navy decision to axe DDG-1000?

Somali pirates demand $1m ransom

U.S. warship docks in Russian-patrolled Georgian port

04 September 2008

Russian Bears over the Arctic

Pacific Will Drive Future Navy Investment

03 September 2008

Somali pirates hijack French ship

Putin warns against NATO navy boost

A robotic tuna for the Navy

Navy UCAS Demonstrator On Track for First Flight

Third US Navy ship heads for Georgia

02 September 2008

Putin: Russia to React to NATO Ships

Photos: Kitty Hawk past and present

Russia’s new submarine monster

Naval expert scuttles HMAS Sydney theory

Behind the Navy's Stealth Destroyer Shuffle

01 September 2008

China concerned about India’s defence measures

Aussie warship exercises with Thai navy