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30 April 2008

Navy Announces Commissioning of Submarine North Carolina

Battleship N.C. passes torch to submarine

Google diving into 3D mapping of oceans

Navy's ScanEagle UAV surpasses 50,000 combat flight hours in Iraq

Sub, Battleship share historic radio call

29 April 2008

New U.S. carrier in Gulf a "reminder" to Iran

Boeing P-8A deliveries to start next year

Submarine 'North Carolina' arrives in Wilmington

The first North Carolina

Surface force pauses amid readiness worries

Life on a submarine is chaotic, crammed and 'awesome'

28 April 2008

Gallipoli sub to be left on sea floor

USS North Carolina to be commissioned this week

Russian Nuclear Missile Submarine Patrols Decrease Again

Italian navy foils pirate attack

All hands are on deck to build Boeing sub hunter

Australian Submarine Corp. Sale May Be Delayed

Oops! Unexploded bomb 'lost' by Royal Navy

25 April 2008

Iran Denies Confrontation With US

Ship carried 1051 Australians to their graves

Torpedoes: Back from the Dead

Anzac Day: Good day to remember those US submariners

All hands on deck for PBS' new series 'Carrier'

US ship fires on Iranian speed boats

Navy re-establishes U.S. Fourth Fleet

Lesson on How Not to Build a Navy Ship

24 April 2008

Somalia's pirates face battles at sea

23 April 2008

'Carrier' a warts-and-all look at life at sea

Satellite images reveal nuclear sub base

Russian Navy conducts missile drill in Barents Sea

China's secret new submarine base revealed

Submarine played a pivotal role

On TV: The Gallipoli Submarine

US Navy picks Northrop for $1.16 bln patrol plane

22 April 2008

Sonar, so far for Somerset


German Navy scares off Somali pirates

21 April 2008

Pirates Attack Japanese Tanker

Spain Next to Deal With Somali Pirates

U.S. Navy Finds Glaring Flaws in 2 Surface Ships

U.S. and Gulf allies in exercise to block ships carrying WMDs

At Pearl Harbor, carriers old, new will rendezvous

"Half our subs out of action"

India, US to ink biggest defence deal

20 April 2008

Terror threat on the high seas

Proposed Indo-US defence pact raises eyebrows

19 April 2008

Another delay for Astute sub

Indo-British naval exercise to begin April 21

U.S., French ships to join Indian war games

Linux upgrade for US Navy weapons systems

Russian Navy to support trawlers outside Spitsbergen

Navy Confiscates F-14 Cockpit From Florida Museum

Canada's Incredible Shrinking Fleet

Royal Navy denies sonar stranded whales

17 April 2008

New wrinkle for submarine skin?

Russia To Expand Naval Capabilities

16 April 2008

Video: Submarine wreath-laying ceremony

Northrop Grumman stock hurt by delays on new Navy ship

Iraq's new navy tests its sea legs

15 April 2008

Phoenix Express 2008 Underway

Hunley holds keys to more than sinking mystery

French judge rules UK submarine 'caused' sinking of trawler

14 April 2008

Submariners hail a special royal visit

360-degree vision for submarine periscopes

DDG-1000 on Congressional Target List

Russia to develop antiterrorism cooperation with foreign navies

Sub New Mexico passes its first milestone

Where nuclear subs come to roost

Australia offers bonuses to keep sailors on subs

11 April 2008

April 10, 1963: USS Thresher plunges to its doom

Hole found in nuclear submarine

WWII sub mystery revealed

Ex-sailor wins fight to have submarine he sank declared a war grave

India to build nuke sub

Royal Navy's most powerful attack submarine returns to the fleet

07 April 2008

Royal Navy's newest Tomahawk ready to strike

Gunners' courage foiled mine hit

Old Cruisers Kept To Kill Missiles

06 April 2008

New Russian nuclear submarine to go to sea this year

China to launch first of 4 warships it is building for Pakistan

Australia’s submarines - the next generation

Coalition watches for pirates of the Persian Gulf

French navy trails yacht seized by pirates

05 April 2008

China-made frigate ready to set sail for Pakistan

Pakistan to host naval exercise

French navy tracks luxury yacht seized off Somalia

Submarine Force Milestone Celebrated In Sea Of Sand

Mini Warship on the Way for Navy

INS Kesari commissioned in Indian Navy

04 April 2008

Remembering a lost submariner

Brothers find wreckage of father's submarine

US carrier group stops in Hong Kong

Libyan navy to join NATO exercise

Boeing starts P-8A Poseidon assembly

U.S. Navy Secretary visits India

New additions to the Indian navy

Russia to have 5-6 aircraft carriers by 2060

A One Frigate Navy

HMS Torbay Returns To Royal Navy Fleet

Russia to finance Venezuelan submarine deal

Navy releases extensive marine impact study

03 April 2008

India Test-Launches Submarine Missile


02 April 2008

Former Russian naval chief denies sale of N-submarine to India

India Left Naked

China approves USS Nimitz visit to Hong Kong

USN refutes Indian claim about sale of vessel


British navy protecting Iraqi oil installations

Philippine Navy will ‘fight to last man’ for Spratlys

01 April 2008

China's strike may be coming soon

N. Korea Slams 'Preemptive Attack' Remark

Defence chiefs all at sea over aircraft carriers

Russian sub found in Lake Bala

DOJ Asks High Court Review on Navy Sonar