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30 September 2007

Come take a ride aboard a mighty Navy submarine

On This Day: Nautilus is commissioned

Submarines Help Keep Our Potential Enemies At Bay

Defence chiefs draw up plans to slash Royal Navy

28 September 2007

Russia and U.S start joint naval exercise

27 September 2007

Russian engineers want to lift sunken submarine

Navy Prepares To Release New Maritime Strategy

26 September 2007

Lifting veil of secrecy, China shows off new class of nuke attack subs

Think pedaling a bicycle is hard? Try pedaling a submarine

25 September 2007

Victory at Sea

Hockey rescues submarine base

24 September 2007

Nordics rethink soft diplomacy toward Russia

Block Island History: Submarine sinks off Block Island

Budget Includes Cold War Weapons

23 September 2007

Submarine job inches ahead

N-submarines will make India’s deterrence credible

Old submarine vets appreciate the welcome

'Any Mission, Any Time,' One Last Time

22 September 2007

Price tag for Navy's new aircraft carrier on the rise

India's nuclear submarine not a distant dream

Navy Commander: Iran will Target Invaders' Interests Everywhere

Navy seeks fixed price on General Dynamics' LCS

Navy looking at South Carolina site for anti-submarine training range

Navy awards $1b contract to create combat systems for new destroyer

21 September 2007

Phalanx Turns On Terrorists

Navy, General Dynamics to discuss LCS next week

Another Russian cocaine submarine seized

Global Warming Stinks Up Canadian Navy

20 September 2007

Study Panel Eyes New SSBN

New soil samples prove the Arctic is ours: Russia

Raytheon Delivers To Keep Zumwalt On Schedule

Chinese, Spanish navies exercise together in Atlantic

Winds of change for Russia's Black Sea Fleet?

Exploratory dives to Australian AE2 submarine completed

19 September 2007

Yarr, It's Talk Like A Pirate Day

Pirate Speak Translator

Video: LCS Mine Mission Warfare Packages

Head of Russia's navy says it should have permanent naval presence in Alaskan waters

Texas Navy On Surprise Maneuvers

Russian Submarine Carrying 5 Tons of Coke Seized off Guatemala

Naval group urges refit for Canada's Victoria-class subs to patrol Arctic

18 September 2007

'Batman boat' poised for record attempt

BAE Systems' stealth ship concept to operate unmanned systems at sea

Concept Submarine, Stealth Technologies

Poland, Sweden begin joint naval manoeuvres

India-France war game underway in Gulf of Aden

China's newest sub surfaces

South African sub outwits Nato force

17 September 2007

Taiwan continues series of `open' military exercises

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Whiskey

US takes final step towards P-3C sale to Taiwan

China protests US weapons sales to Taiwan

Navy seeks blanket consent to use sonar around Hawaii

Team in U-boat recovery dive

Taiwan halts deploying missiles against China under US pressure

Army to help navy put new ship through its paces

Navy investigates torpedo enlargement claims

Canadian Navy must learn to fight terrorists and pirates

Environmental rules relaxed for Arctic operations

15 September 2007

Ticonderoga may return to Pascagoula as a Navy museum

Australians pay up front for bigger, more attractive torpedos

Taiwan shows off new warship in Strait maneuvers

Hope found in submarine legacy

Camilla views underwater rescue bid

14 September 2007

How to Kill a Diesel Boat

Navy Recommends Raytheon Submarine Combat System for Fleet

Submarine USS Cod to honor returning crewmembers

Effort to boost production of new subs gains support

Landing docks on Indian Navy’s periscope

Putin fires Russia navy commander

13 September 2007

Taiwan holds unprecedented naval drill

Anti-submarine fliers recall Cold War missions

Illustrious Has All Eyes on the Future

Test your knowledge of Commodore Barry

ARK ROYAL and Chinese warships perform joint operations

INS Jalashwa joins India's Eastern Fleet

Russian Navy commander dismissed

Arctic patrol ships won't be designed to detect subs

Panel Votes to Cancel LCS Order

12 September 2007

Daring's seatrials success continues

India's Navy Holding Maritime Patrol Aircraft Competition

Senator: Proposed LCS Cut Likely To Stand

Taiwan flexes muscle amid fresh tension with China

’CONCEPT SUB’ shows latest stealth technologies

China, UK navies hold joint exercise

Funding For Subs Moves Ahead

Secret Russian Submarine Surfaces on the Internet

11 September 2007

Video: A P-3 Orion on the Hunt

U.S. Hands Over Video on Soviet Sub

Looking beneath the surface of the Gallipoli campaign

Indonesia-Russia Arms Deal Raises Concern

Decommissioned Navy ship being eyed as homeless shelter

Ukrainian Navy stages shooting exercise in Crimea

First Russian submarine ever to visit Norway

India building nuclear sub, says top scientist

India denies testing sub-launched missile

10 September 2007

IAF Jaguars ‘sink’ USS Nimitz, F-18s return the favour

Raytheon's New AQS-20 Mine Detection Sonar

Indian Navy to receive a nuclear submarine in 2009

New Japanese budget to include first P-X maritime patrol aircraft

Video: The Zumwalt destroyer in action

U.S. gives Russia archive material on sunken Soviet sub

PLA war-hackers can switch off US navy

Chinese Warships make Goodwill Visit to Portsmouth

Australia: Missile firing shows new navy air defence capability

Russian Navy on the Fast Track

San Francisco Board of Supes vote on Ban of Navy's Blue Death Flights

India has a missile that can be launched from a submarine

Submarine sandwich for Canada's Arctic claims

Model and photographs of Chinese Shang-class submarine go on display

Official confirms India building nuclear submarine

09 September 2007

Raise the U-boat: plans to put Nazi sub in maritime museum

PBS will devote Monday's episode of "History Detectives" to the Thresher disaster

Third Time Could Be the Charm for LPD Program

Gallipoli's valiant sub poised to surface from the depths of history

Navy Wants Railgun on New Cruiser

SA submarine outwits NATO

US says wargames not aimed at China, Iran

British sailing team in spying row with China

A New Generation of Pre-Positioning

Iran's spying operation heightens tension

Navies take stock as Indian Ocean war games end

‘Kill’ a friend, get ready for mystery enemy

What the Navy learnt from Malabar

08 September 2007

Behind banter, an Indian Ocean axis

Sorry Sam: India draws the line at submarines

"No threat yet but we ignore it at our peril"

Japan concerned at new subs for Indonesia

07 September 2007

Norway and Britain intercept Russian Bears

U.S. sees India as partner in global naval alliance

U.S. spy ship a big draw in N. Korea

Largest Navy War Game

Making waves in the Bay of Bengal

06 September 2007

Boat Mods for BrahMos

Russian sub test fires ballistic missile

Submariners recall life, brushes with death in WWII

India to Launch BrahMos From Russian Sub

India says 'not yet' to another assault ship from US

Five nations in Exercise Malabar off India

5 country war games seen as new Asia alliance, buffer against Chinese power

05 September 2007

India's Indigenous Aircraft Carrier May Be Delayed

India develops sea-launched cruise missile

Chance to bomb warship auctioned

Sunken Sub Becomes Training Ground for Military Divers

Five-nation naval drill enters second day

Japan concerned at new subs for Indonesia

Focus on Malabar, Trenton sneaks in

Putin to tour submarine base

India develops underwater launched missile

Indian navy training Iranian sailors

Navy man turns trawler into £6m pirate ship

Pakistan Navy to pick U214 German Sub?

04 September 2007

NATO fleet hunts South African ships

South African sub outwits Nato force

Top US admiral to visit India during wargame

Jitters as Indonesia buys Russian subs

China looks to boost control of its maritime resources

Five-nation naval exercise begins

03 September 2007

Naval war machines from five nations nearing Bay of Bengal

India to host five- nation naval exercises close to Chinese naval base

Sunken sub still keeps many secrets

Chinese warships to make rare visit to Portsmouth

Digging into naval hero's history

02 September 2007

Indian Navy committed to keeping Indian Ocean safe

India's Largest Naval War Game in Bay of Bengal

Taiwan developing new anti-ship missile

Danes mark anniversary of Battle of Copenhagen

Work on carrier entering final lap

India seeks expanded naval ties with Gulf countries

Russian Navy drill poses no threat

Whales get blown off

Life aboard HMCS Corner Brook

India begins talk with Russia for 2nd nuclear submarine