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30 May 2007

Navy to Christen Guided Missile Destroyer Truxtun

Boise home from 37,000-mile voyage

Deepwater rescue system ready to surface

Local pride in Ďamazingí sub

Australian navy finds 'submarine' rock

29 May 2007

RN carriers would 'face delay' if French brought in

US Navy ups pressure on Iran

10,000 to see Astute launch

US Navy requests enhanced P-8A

Audacious move by submarine service

Lightweight torpedo passes acceptance tests

Taiwan military lifts veil over secret anti-sub drill

Defense plan boosts submarine building

Sub crews' cost cutting criticism

Australian Navy heads into deep water over choice of new destroyers

Submariners Honor Those On 'Eternal Patrol'

US Navy tests sub-launched Block IV Tomahawk missile

28 May 2007

Holiday fun as navy delights crowds

New Zealand Navy May Struggle With New Ships

China Disputes Defense Assessment

27 May 2007

France Shows Off Amphib

Mumps keep Canadian navy crew home

Keeping sub program afloat by sinking costs

The truth about INS Khukri

26 May 2007

Underwater 3-D tracking reaches milestone

Senate bill doubles sub production in 2010

Singapore's stealth attack boat

Trident Fury coming to a living room near you

Pentagon China Report Ignores Five SSBNs Projection

25 May 2007

North, South Korea Flex Naval Muscles

US navy begins war games on Iran's doorstep

US concerns as China builds nuclear subs

Pentagon details China's new military strategies

Video: The origins of the Virginia-class

Swedes to say farewell to San Diego

Senate panel OKs sub funding

Disneyland recommissions submarines

Northrop set for Navy UAV recon testing

S.Korea Launches Aegis Warship

North Korea Tests Short-Range Missiles

Russian Pacific Navy is 276 Years Old

24 May 2007

U.S. developing anti-ship JSOW smart bomb

China building five ballistic missile submarines

Japan's Aegis leak investigation broadens

US Navy frigate towed to Argentine port back at sea

Effort to secure two subs a year gaining support

Largest U.S. Fifth Fleet exercise focuses on threat to Straits of Hormuz

Display of US might

India Begins Construction Of Scorpene Submarines

Former U.S.S. Cole commander to retire today

NATO navy force shows muscles in Mediterranean Sea

U.S. navy begins war games on Iran's doorstep

23 May 2007

Indias Carrier Fleet Comes Together

Iran will counter 'any threat'

Oldest U.S. Carrier Making Last Voyage

U.S. Flexes Muscles Off Iranian Coast

Stennis, Nimitz and Bonhomme Richard Enter the Persian Gulf

22 May 2007

'We've saved the Cutty Sark before and we'll do so again'

For the First Time, Navy Will Launch Weapons From Surveillance Drones

Royal Navy to Get New Attack Sub

Japanese WW2 submariners to remain in wreck

The English Submarine: Reflections by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro

P-3C Orion Not-Quite-Secret Radar

NKorea Navy accuses South of border incursion


US Navy Missile Data Leaked in Japan

21 May 2007

U.S. Navy warns ships off Somali pirate coast

Sub discovery suit rejected

Navy Names New Destroyers

USS FLORIDA conducts successful tests

Many challenges to anti-submarine warfare

NKorea warns SKorea over sea-border dispute

UK orders fourth Astute submarine

Alexandria Puts Mission On Ice

Shrinking Submarine Force Tied To High Cost Of Iraq War

Japanese midget submarine damaged, but intact

Historic clipper ship Cutty Sark ship gutted by blaze

20 May 2007

Video: USS Hue City sinks target ship

Navy Disappointed With Lawsuit Against ASW Training

Get By With A Little Help From The Enemy

INS Vikramaditya (ex-Admiral Gorshkov) on schedule

Navy mulling more nukes, SecNav says

S. Korea endorses $2.7B sub project

New subs will keep Pearl busy

Tribute paid to drowned crew of British sub

Retired admiral may head India's nuclear submarine project

18 May 2007

'There was no Japanese sub'

Defense bill authorizes new sub and carrier

US House Approves Defense Spending Bill With Money For 2 Subs

Naval commander pulled from duty on sub Helena

16 May 2007

Korea to Launch New Attack Sub

Simulator helps sailors tackle disasters

S. Korea moves on long-delayed naval base

Navy warships sitting ducks at sea

15 May 2007

Dutch Defense Ministry Shelves Plans to Buy Tomahawk Missiles

Mines, Small Boats May Pose Threat to U.S. Ports

Asian navies strengthen ties at maritime exhibition

It's the 1930s All Over Again

Arctic patrol vessels approved by Canadian committee

Korea to Launch New Aegis Destroyer

Friendly barrage sinks Huron

S. Korea to launch new submarine, destroyer

14 May 2007

Indian Navy wants more UAVs

Indian Navy's IL-38 aircraft have no firepower

South Floridians create mini subs

and get to see a secret world

Fighting the battle of Britannica

Sub dismantlement trudges on

Submarines star as Asia Pacific beefs up maritime defences

Spy sold submarine secrets to China

India to increase surveillance to monitor Sea Tiger activity

SLN to press two more UAVs for patrolling in Palk Strait

Ottawa to proceed with plan to acquire six Arctic patrol ships

Exercise The Noble Mariner to be held in the Baltic Sea

Photos: Return of the Jeanne d'Arc

Royal Navy are all at sea

NATO holds largest naval exercise in Baltic Sea

Singaporeís Navy Cruises Toward Blue-Water Force

U.S., Canadian navies to sink warship

Submarines star as Asia Pacific beefs up maritime defences

12 May 2007

Turkish Navy holds exercise near Cyprus

Blue Angels Regroup for Show After Crash

Trident sub joins Colbert Nation

10000 sailors in Baltic exercise

HMS Karlstad undergoes engineering trials

Historic sub flag unfurled in Colorado

USS Oklahoma City deploys to Middle East

Chinese frigate leaves for multilateral exercise in Singapore

HMS Gotlandís Stirling propulsion

basis of success in the USA

11 May 2007

Sub deploys with paperless navigation system

Indonesian Navy examining stray submarine torpedo

Bahrain preparing for a U.S.-Iran war

Cheney Warns Iran Sea Lanes Must Be Open

Royal Navy ready for noble deeds

Australian Navy Bids Farewell to Fremantle-class Patrol Boats

Navy fires commander of USS Constitution

War of words over destroyer decision

War dead on HMS Vandal remembered

Chinese-American convicted in submarine spying case

House panel backs more submarine funding

10 May 2007

Diesel-electric subs gain range and lethality

Aboard the French Mistral

Australia buys 24 F/A-18Fs from U.S. Navy

RAF fighters scrambled to meet Russian jets over Navy exercise

U.S. House Committee Upholds Cuts to FCS

India's lone aircraft carrier still going strong

Video: Yuri Dolgoruki launching ceremony

09 May 2007

Photos: USS Hawaii commissioning - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Fury in the skies and on the seas

US submariners train in Australia

Video: Midway and Coral Sea

USS John S. McCain Arrives in Vladivostok

Wait is almost over for Astute

Video: RN unveils submarine

Decommissioned USN submarine arrives in Bremerton

Tour the RN £1.2bn super sub

RN stealth submarine

will rule the oceans

08 May 2007

USS Nimitz arrives in Gulf

Congress panel boosts U.S. Navy

Russian Sub Stuck In The Mud

30 Day Countdown Begins For Launch of First Astute Submarine

Chatham sends her birds away

Ark gears up for action

Pirates and trade behind China's defence build-up

BAE puffs troubled submarines

Submarine in the paddock

Russia hands over upgraded Indian submarine for sea trials

BAE to participate in Spain's S-80 submarine program

RSN turns 40 and commissions first Frigate

Get smart on ballistic missiles

INS Tarangini to dock

at port Canaveral, Florida

RN submarine breaks technical barriers

Russian yard to float upgraded Indian Kilo submarine

New subs needed to prevent USN brain drain

RN may mothball HMS Albion

07 May 2007

USS Scorpion:

sunk by the Russians !?

Yet another conspiracy theory: Local author exposes Cold War cover-up

Collins boats left stranded as crews quit

'Arms race' leaving our subs all at sea

Sailors lost on submarine Lagarto honored

The ghost of Chesapeake Bay

U.S. House Panel Pushes Nuclear Surface Ships

Young and old remember Battle of the Atlantic

USN replaces Persian Gulf carriers

Navy Maintains Persian Gulf Presence

Navy Commissions USS Hawaii

USN argues against marine variant of JSF

06 May 2007

Marine animals can be effectively used in anti-terror operations

'Arms race' leaving RAN subs all at sea

Chile sub seekers impatient

to confirm Flach discovery

Rolls muscles into race to control submarine industry

Russia navy chief vows to build more warships

USN has a nw boat as Hawaii joins fleet

PLA navy training on rescuing war-damaged ship

05 May 2007

Video: Don't Drink and Sail !

US rescue sub gets trial run

USS Hawaii ready to join the fleet

Commissioning of U-34

(German language)

Nautical fashion rules for summer

Azerbaijani Navy to be equipped with laser marksmanship devices

Sri Lankan navy sinks rebel's boats

Singapore Navy receives its first frigate, RSS Formidable

SAS CHARLOTTE MAXEKE is home at last

USS Lassen comes calling

Norwegian missile torpedo boats

return home

03 May 2007

Protests against nuke sub visits to Gibraltar

Two USN subs soon to call Kitsap home

Submarine arrives in Simon's Town

BAE beats off competition to secure Spanish submarine deal

No delay in delivery of Russian aircraft carrier to India

Columbian navy nets ocean of cocaine

Jolly day for captain Jordan

02 May 2007

Breathing Easy On Board The USS Memphis

'There was a bang..a cheer..then I thought Christ what have I done?

A Brief History of the GENERAL BELGRANO

'Gorshkov will be part of Navy by 2008-end'

Underwater hide-and-seek

01 May 2007

Navy patent reveals underwater sound weapon

Services Chart Course for New Vessel

U.S. admiral confident of missile shield effectiveness

Missile defense moves ahead

No delay in Admiral Gorshkov, says Navy

Indian Navy to Commission 40 New Ships in Next Few Years